Camel Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Camel – Camels are desert animals that can travel for miles without drinking water. They have the ability to function with very little food and water. This can indicate the need to be efficient with the things you have in life. The camel is also known to cover long distances of land and transports good. Travelling on a camel for a long period in your dream can indicate the need to be more conservative with your spending and prepare for “rainy days.”

camel dream meaningThe camel is also a symbol of patience, perseverance, endurance, and long reaching goals. Dreaming about a camel can indicate that you need to develop some of these qualities in your life. Camels are hard working animals that always continue to move forward.

A camel dream can also indicate that you might have difficulties that lie ahead of you in your future. You might be entering a dry period in your life that will require patience an perseverance to survive.

If you are a Christian, a camel can represent your long journey of servitude and helping others. You might have the burden of a lot of other people on your back as you go through life.

Additional Meanings

Camel may visit your dreams in times of trouble. Maybe your trouble is magnified by the people around you with uncaring attitudes and all you want to do is escape. Camel may warn you will need the stamina to be in it for the long haul before there is a successful solution.

Maybe it is a time where you feel burdened with the responsibilities of work, family, and life. Camel can appear when you are close to breaking point – when facing serious financial and health issues, and relationship breakdowns.

You may tend to internalize your emotions, putting on a happy face no matter how you feel. Do you pretend everything is alright? Do you keep everything to yourself? Do you talk to yourself with negative self-talk (I can’t do that? I am not good enough.)? Are you impatient and self-effacing? Camel reminds that by sharing your thoughts and feelings with loved ones you lighten the load and boost your confidence to deal with life’s challenges.

Waking with a sense of release and calm after a dream where you patted a camel can signify you are ready to unburden yourself of emotions that no longer serve you.

When Camel crosses your path

With camel’s ability to store food in its hump to draw on in when it needs reserves, camel reminds you always have something in reserve if you dig deep.

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  1. Dreamnt I had sex with a camel like good mind blowing sex with a freaking camel…. What the hell does this mean….

  2. Last night I dreamt that some people were giving me stress. Then I suddenly found myself riding a camel. It was slow but it took me everywhere I wanted to go. Then the camel talked to me saying, “Do we really have to go there?” The camel told me that there were some places that he wanted to avoid because there were bad people in them. So I heeded the advice of the camel and enjoyed the journey avoiding some places he wanted me to avoid. It was a slow and peaceful ride.

  3. Emily Irvin on

    I had a dream that i am driving an old western type carriage led by horses that i stop at a lake to water them. A little while later i get back on to pull back and leave when I notice i am now at an ocean and i am trying to pull a very large number of horses out. I am yee-hawing and snapping the reigns to back this wagon out when out of the ocean comes my lead horse which is an enormous camel, and its frozen and sickly looking but i know if i get him out he will live. It shocked me in the dream and when i see this camel, the point of view is right up on its face and neck. What does it mean?

  4. Hi Stephen
    I had a drew about playing with a baby camel with lots of fur. I am tickling it’s tummy and enjoying the experience.

  5. Hi Stephen,
    I dreamt that I was sat on a camel in front of a house whose occupants are antagonistic towards me. I get off the camel, suddenly a woman gives me money in the highest denomination of my currency. I take it, and one of the antagonists from that house(a woman) tries to snatch it from me but I quickly put it in my mouth to leave my hands free. I start to fight with that woman, and awaken while beating her up.
    What does this mean please? I’m worried.
    Thanks so much for you help.

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