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When calendars appear in your dreams, this represents the cycles in your life. Things that are important for you to measure. It can represent your changing thoughts, ideas, behavior, and track your years walking your current path. This is a dream that shows you patterns and helps you see where you improve parts of your life.

A calendar helps you to keep track of special dates and events, and appointments. Some of these are annual occasions and remind you of the yearly cycles of life. Dreaming of a calendar could be a message that your life is predictable. Do you map out your life to make the most of your time? Do you leave time for spontaneity?

Take notice of the negatives in your life when a calendar appears in your dreams. Are there negative people or situations around you that you just try to ignore? Do you continually make the same mistakes? You may need to change your perspective. There is an old saying, “if you always do what you have always done then you always get what you always got”. You need to get to the bottom of where this negativity comes from and either face it head on, or eradicate it from your life so you can be free to move on.

When you dream of a specific date on a calendar, determine whether the date is in the past or the future. If it is in the past, that indicates you live too much in the past. Do you spend too much time dreaming of might have been, instead of focusing on today and your future? A date in the future represents that you look forward with plans for the future. There is success ahead if you stay on track.

Dreaming of posing for a calendar photographic shoot can symbolize that you worry you are running out of time to achieve your goals. You may be overwhelmed and stressed in your waking life.

Flipping through the dates in a calendar is a sign you need to slow down and enjoy those precious moments in time. You may have over committed yourself. You need to take time for relaxation. Time can pass you by. Spend time with your friends and family before it is too late. Treasure what matters in life to you most.

Bank Holidays

Dreaming of a bank holiday represents you looking forward to some relief from your everyday responsibilities. It is a message to remind you to use this day to spend quality time with family and friends.

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  1. Very interesting, thank you for posting this! The dream I had involved me being a graphic designer, recreating a calendar schedule for the upcoming monthly itinerary.

    The assignment was to reproduce “the official” calendar into a version for the company (ironically one that fired me in real life). As I got a third of the way in, and was programming in the company events, I began seeing errors and inconsistencies appearing.

    As I enquired others around me about the issues, I was received with ridicule and scorn… why was I questioning, just put down what they had and move on to the next task. This did not feel right and I began investigating the source of the problem. As I looked closer at “the official” calendar (posted online for reference) I began noticing errors in the dates shown.

    Overall on the surface the dates were fine; the month began with 1 and ended with 31 (I think this particular month I was looking at was March). However a closer inspection revealed inconsistencies with the numbering. Dates would repeat, correct numbers would be missing, and some higher numbers were lower in the sequence. Then as I would scan toward the weekend, the numbers would be right, giving an appearance that all was in order.

    I began going back and working through the sequence, marking the date corrections which were visible on screen for others to see. I was hit with fierce opposition and indignation from upper management and resentment from my peers. The deadline for completion was reiterated as being all important, not reading too much into the data supplied.

    I tightened my jaw, grit my teeth and continued on with the date correction mark ups and reflowing of the company itinerary accordingly. Upper management began harassing me and physically complicating my work. I had my four linked monitors I was using to work, moved down the end of the long staff table, 15 yards away from me! I was then told to continue. I figured out a way to link to the large overhead monitor to work and… awoke from the dream.

    So my question is, what does it mean when the dates shown on “the official” printed calendar are incorrect?

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