Cab Dream Symbol


Cab – Dreaming of hailing a cab signifies that you must ask others for help in order to achieve your goals. The difficulty or ease with which you manage to find a cab in your dream indicates how much you feel people around you give you support or help. If a cab driver is difficult or tries to extort extra money, this indicates that you cannot trust the people who ought to be there for you.

If the cab driver decides to drive in a different direction than you asked, this is a very dangerous sign someone is trying to hijack you and control the choices you make.

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  1. I was in a cab with my daughter and the driver was arguing with me for the price but suddenly I saw a big white bird in the sky and it spread its wings it’s a huge bird and white like a snow . Its just shows off and later flew away, although the drIver parked at one side the road immediately the bird left he started driving and we were still arguing.

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