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Butcher Dream Symbol – A butcher in a dream can be a symbol of hostility that is aggravated by jealousy and feeling inadequate in some way in your waking life. Because a butcher is known for killing or cutting up animals to feed people, this can be a negative sign. It can warn you are repressing your feelings for the people you care for. Do you have trouble expressing how you feel? Do you fear they do not have the same feelings for you?

This can also symbolize you may be killing off others (metaphorically) to get what you want. Do you ride roughshod over anyone who gets in your way? Are you being selfish? Do you cut those people off who you think is competition to you in some way? It can warn if you continue on this path you could lose all those who love and support you. Do you want to end up alone?

Dreaming of a butcher can also warn to stop your negative self-talk. It will not bring you anything but more trouble. Have you been doing negative things that you judge others for? Have you been doing something wrong you do not want others to know about? This is a warning or reminder you need to make amends for your mistakes or the things you have done wrong. There is no point running to hide from the situation. Stand up and be honest so you can move on in your life with integrity.

Seeing a butcher chopping meat can mean you are cutting out payments to others so you can make a profit. Whether you do this in business or in some other part of your life, this shows very low moral values. You may get what you want in the short term, but it may only last for a short time. This can end up being a period of frustration for you because of the actions you take. A butcher’s hands covered in blood can indicate that soon there will be news of someone passing. This will be a time of sadness.

Being the butcher in a dream symbolizes your aggressive character. This may be a time where your anger and aggression are out of control and are unable to talk rationally about situations. Is this true? This is a warning to get help before you hurt someone physically. A butcher chasing you with a knife in his hand is your subconscious trying to show you the pain you cause others through your actions and the things that you say. This may be a time to consider showing those around you more respect for the pain ad trouble you caused.

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