Bus Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bus Dreams – Dreaming about a bus represents a long patience-trying journey. You are currently or will soon encounter a situation that requires long suffering and perseverance. However, the rewards will always outweigh the trials that bring you to your destination. Keep going until you reach the end and you will find a kernel of True Enlightenment and a large portion of happiness.

Bus Dream Symbol

Dreaming of riding a bus can mean you are going along for the ride. Maybe you do not take responsibility and are happy to follow where others lead. It may be time to take responsibility for the direction your life is headed in.

If you regularly ride a bus in reality, then this dream can be in reference to the social side of the bus ride and the people you meet. It may even refer to the way you behave on the bus. Are you polite to fellow travellers, or are you rude and arrogant?

This could be a prompt to consider the destination and where you are currently going. Compare this to where you travel on the bus in real life. If the destinations are not similar, then this could warn you to take a different destination or travel a new route to get to where you are going. It could also mean you need to change your destination. If you do not ride a bus in your real life, this could be a reminder of a time in your life when you did ride the bus. Did you ride the school bus to school?

Driving the bus indicates people see you as a leader. This is an opportunity to take a good look at your skills and plan how you are going to use them to achieve your future goals. Paying the driver can symbolize the price you pay for following others’ leads or not reassessing the path you are currently on.

Missing a bus represents missing out on opportunities. This could be because you were unprepared or disconnected from the world around you. Do you have a habit of procrastinating over making decisions? Are you afraid to move out of your comfort zone?

Dreaming of waiting for a bus can mean you have postponed some part of your life temporarily. Or, you could be sitting back waiting for opportunities to come along. Getting on the wrong bus can indicate your fear of making bad decisions and poor choices. There could be a difference between what you want to do and others’ expectations.

Being in a bus accident is a warning you are hanging out with the wrong crowds. You need to consider your friendships and see where they are leading you. Are you playing the victim in your waking life? Do you take responsibility for the things that go wrong in your life? Asking the driver the destination of the bus can mean you are looking for guidance about the direction your life is taking. It may be a time to reassess your short and long-term goals.

Dreaming of riding a school bus can be a reminder of something that happened as a child on the bus. It could be that you need the lesson you learned way back then. It can also mean there is a lesson you currently need to learn so you can move close to reaching your goals.

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  1. Please help i dreamt waiting for a bus is like we were going on a trip with a lot of people and later on the bus arrived , we did get inside the bus n the bus did continue to go

  2. Farah Berro on

    I dreamt of seeing from distance a really long huge bus packed with passengers wearing black from head to toe and the bus was supper packed that I couldn’t even see the bus color because of the passengers that many of them were on the roof of the bus.

  3. Hey Stephen, wondering can anyone help to interpret my dream please?

    I dreamt of hanging out of the bus while it travels around town (yeah, literary holding onto the window of the bus and hanging out) – I saw my feet hanging and my psychic protection anklet (which is loose) was going to fall and so does one of my slipper. I used my toes to manipulate the move and keep those in place.

    Then the bus came to a halt and the bus driver was giving away IT accessories such as mouse, cables.. and I thought to myself – Wow, this is such a kind driver.

    I am currently working in an IT field.

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