Buried Alive Dream Symbol


Buried Alive – Dreaming about being buried alive is very frightening and is a warning that all of the things in your life that are causing you anxiety and despair should be thrown away. You have let things build up to a point that you are no longer able to control anything and now you risk being completely destroyed. This is one of the most serious warnings that you can ever receive. As hard as it may be, now is the time to throw away your old life and start a new life.

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  1. I had recurring nightly dreams of being buried alive when I was a pre-teen living with the man who was sexually abusing me and I wouldn’t tell anyone. The dreams were so frightening and I still remember them. Sometimes, My sister would tell me I would sleep walk as well.

  2. I dreamt I was at an old job I had 20 years go with a coworker I didn’t know, she invited me back to her place to smoke a joint. When we arrived there were 2 other men there, one she said was her husband idk who the other was. The joint was laced, I got sick and they showed me a storm cellar like room full of starved people, some were already dead. The smell was beyond horrible and flies were everywhere. They were going to put me there too but I got away. Somehow my coworker got thrown in there though. I remember in the dream cops were questioning me about missing people and I lied and said I didn’t know anything. I was afraid they would come back for me. I remember going back during the day walking over the ground on top of the storm cellar and it was also covered in flies and you could smell death. I still feel guilty for not telling the cops what was going on.

  3. Neema gopaul on

    I dream about my husband and I are burying 2 babies alive. I also saw my aunts being hanged and many abondoned dirty puppies in my backyard and under ground….

  4. I had one that was not explicitly me being buried, but it frightened me as though it was.

    I saw a dark figure floating in the air above what I remember to be a swimming pool or maybe a skating ring. I got the sense that the person had died a few seconds or minutes earlier. Music was playing and they were celebrating something or other.

    Suddenly the scene changed and the same figure was in a desert or something sinking into the sand. The sand was puffing up around the figure, making room for it to fall in the opening and closing over it. (It was not like quicksand. It was more like the sand was moving aside and swallowing the figure in these “puffs”.) The sound in this scene was like being under water (although it took place in open air).

    The sense was that the figure would eventually be buried alive and that this was Hell. They would be buried *alone* and for all *eternity* in pain.

    I don’t know if I was freaked because of empathy for the figure or because of some sense that the figure was me.

  5. What does it mean when you dream you were being buried in a big hole then woke up from your dream scared & heart pounding

  6. I been having nightmares at least 3 times a week, its either about buried alive, drowning, fall and dieing. In all these my wife wakes me up the last dream i had i was actually cry. What does this mean?

    • sounds to me like u dont have control of something in life or something is overwhelming u but hey what do i know im just a 5 year old little girl

  7. Dreamt that i wa dreamjng inside of my dream and that i woke up to two girls thirowing sand on my etrtimg to bry me. But i got up and yelled for helpand someone helped me and i saced myself.

  8. I had a dream about being on the brink of being burned alive. I was trapped in a building that was on fire and I saw people around me screaming in terror suffering from the flames. I was holding a baby and felt the flames on my skin. Then , I heard myself say, “fuck this” and ran out to safety. And saw a bird that had several birds folded onto its back….

  9. I had a dream that I was walking my dog on a grave yard and a group of trees started to fall, nothing we could do.. My dog got crushed to death and as a tree fell on me the weight cracked the floor and I fell in, somehow it recovered me which left me buried Alive.
    I remember seeing a tiny hole where I tried to pick at to give me air… I then woke up.
    Freaked me out big time!
    Anyone know what this could mean?

  10. nomvuselelo on

    I have been dreamed by someone i love burying me alive and the following day he takes me out where he buried me i was dead then he washed me an took me home,left me outside the house an leaved me there while there was no one inside the house…what does it means??

  11. I dreamed of watching a man about to bury a woman into a grave alive and placing a python in the grave before he put the dirt in. What could this mean ?

  12. I just woke from a dream where my coworker boss was transported back into history. It was a public holiday and I feel like it must have been around WW2 and they, along with 2 of my closest friends (who live in Australia), we were inside of some pub/inn where a lot of people gathered to celebrate the holiday. There was a landslide or earthquake or some kind of natural disaster which swallowed the complex with everyone buried alive. It felt so weird since part of the story is reflecting on the story. None of it made any sense but the dream felt so real and I woke up quite frightened and upset. What does this mean?

  13. I dreamed that I was knocked out and I came back to conscience realizing I was buried alive in a casket I had my phone on me I called my son and told him I was buried but I don’t know where I’m at . I woke up shaking. It felt so real.

  14. What does it mean if I’m being burried alive (I just see dirt and ruble accumulating around me) and yet I feel completely serene about the whole thing?

    • I have recurring dreams that I am buried in a trench or foxhole during a battle. I am not hurt or afraid but must lay very still because enemy soldiers are passing nearby.

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