Bureaucrat (Politician) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Bureaucrat (Politician) Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a bureaucrat symbolizes an inflexible, challenging person. Is this you? Do you expect everyone to follow your rules and the examples you set every day? Does pit upset you if your routine is interrupted in any way?

This could warn that you need to approach things with more flexibility and open-mindedness if you want to move your life forward.

Official Dream Meaning

When you dream of a government official this can mean you will soon get that promotion at work. Have you worked long and hard to get ahead in your waking life? Then this is your reward. It can also mean you are not working to your full creative potential in your career. You may have to step it up if you want others to recognize your abilities.

Seeing yourself as a government official means you will soon be appointed to an important position. This can be in the community or at work, where you may get that promotion. It can remind to use this power to do good for those in your community. A dream featuring faceless government officials warns you are apathetic and leaving your life to chance. It may be a time where you are completely indifferent to the people and the world around you. What can you do to change this?

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