Bully Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bully Dream Symbol – A bully is a coward and someone who takes advantage of people who are in weaker positions. They are often insecure and those insecurities are reflected in their actions to try and hurt and make fun of others. They do not want people to see their true identity, so they often put on a mask and put on a hard exterior.

Seeing a bully in your dream can indicate internal fears that are holding you back. Maybe you are putting on a mask to people around you because you feel insecure and do not want people to see the real you.

bully dream symbolBullying in a dream may reflect someone in your waking life that has been gossiping about you or talking bad about you. Perhaps a coworker is constantly talking bad about you or an acquaintance is trying to manipulate you.

If you dream about being bullied or having a bully in your dream it can represent people in your life who are holding you back from accomplishing your goals. These people may be doing this maliciously or they can be doing it simply because of their own selfish needs. Whatever the case, it is important that you recognize these “bullies” and try to remove them from your life.

Alternatively, if you see a bully in your dream it can indicate that you need to stand up to your own fears and confront them. Stop running away from your problems and start facing them head-on. Stop letting the bully get the better of you and focus on making yourself better.

To dream that you are revisiting a childhood scenario where you were bullied by other kids, can indicate that your subconscious mind is trying to confront some of the things that may be holding you back mentally. This could be a form of a healing dream that is taking place. How you deal with your bullies and interact with them can help you determine what the dream means to you.

Questions to Ask

  • Do you know the bully in your dream or is it an unknown figure?
  • Are you confronting the bully or are you passive and letting him have his way?
  • Is the bully symbolic of someone who is holding you back from achieving more in your life?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. Clare Norton on

    I dreamed of my hole famliy on my dad’s seconds wife’s side and my step sister’s and my kids anite on her dad’s side bullying me in to leaving my mum’s house who passed away with out being able to chance her Will wen my brother died 2013.that she cut me out of due to her ill heth.my sister died 2018.im thr only one left now. l didn’t leave with out a fight and they broke my phones so I couldn’t call for help.they all don’t talk to me my daughter is mean to me.i woke up cryin

  2. Adriana k Alvarez on

    I’ve had this dream before, but the bully had his way last time. The dream is My husband and I are coming out of the movie theater and the bully is standing by our car waiting for us. The first time I had the dream he spray painted our car and we just stood there and let him paint it. The second time when we came out of the movie theater he was going to do the same thing but I aggressively told him not to and he hit my husband on the head and then I woke up.

  3. NoobMaster69 on

    I was still a child.. and my stepmom and dad took me back to school and I guess dropped me off inside the campus I guess there is an event about children and parents, so anyways I saw my friend we were talking and my irl bullies showed up and started harassing my friend and I so I punched 2 of them and then 1 of them called their sister or mom idk if she even has a sister… so we also got in a fight and the cops came and arrested only ME! But one of the things I did say was “I’ll never be a boxer now” the cop said “yes, you will” like in an annoyed way I said “No I won’t, my criminal record” two cops were talking in the back idk what they were saying though and I woke up.
    I know this dream is crazy but can someone tell me what this means.

  4. Anonymous person on

    In my dream, Im at school and I’m being called horrible names and some cuss words, and I’m spinning in a circle looking at my entire class while they laugh and point and yell at me, then I see the teacher who is participating in this and yell at her asking why she isnt doing anything. Then I run past everyone and out of the room to the principles office to see if they will help, but they dont do anything. Then I tried calling my best friend on the phone, but they disnt answer. So in the dream I decided to kill myself and that part scares me the most. Then I woke up.

  5. My dream is set in my school. For some reason I was opening a locker that wasn’t my own. Inside was one of my “classmates” ( I didn’t recognize him). His head was sticking out through a false back and his body was tucked back through two lockers. There was a shotgun pointed down at his feet. He was alive, and surprisingly calm. I remember panicking and somehow getting him out. I remember trying to dial 911 but, the numbers would always come out wrong. I remember screaming at the two bullies I knew had done this, but they didn’t look panicked, like they knew they were going to get away with it. Then I woke up. I don’t remember anything before or after, but I didn’t recognize anyone in my dream.

  6. My dream is set in our grandmas house in Philippines which I lived for 19 years. The house is odd like it has different things and rooms that aren’t there irl.The bully’s face changes but in my dream I knew she’s the same person. I am alone in the evening when it happened this bully would just show up wherever I go in the house. She physically assaulted me but luckily I can get up everytime and in the end I have killed her. When I got out, I saw people in military uniforms that were killed and it’s that bully who killed them.

    • My dream was about my childhood bully. She was helping me in a sense. I’m 19 so it was kinda weird to wake up from a dream about her so I’d love it if u explain it to me . Um this girl used to be the daughter of the cafeteria girl in our school. I found my my self suddenly in my elementary school buying stuff from her and her mom. Her mom was asking me about my mom and how she’s been. Considering that at the time mom didn’t have the problems she had now so it’s kinda weird hearing that. Um then they told me to dress up and go with them to their village and that they have something valuable to offer me. I suddenly found myself packing and going with them. Ps I wouldn’t do that in reality. All i know is that i was telling them that i am going on a new journey of my own and the girl told me to change my closes cause it’s kinda muddy.
      I know this isn’t so clear but I’m explaining a dream that I don’t even get. So it’ll be great if you’d share ur opinion on it.

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