Bridge Dream Symbol


Bridge – Bridges are symbols of crossing obstacles. Dreaming about crossing a bridge represents that you will overcome a difficult situation in the near future. Dreaming about a bridge being broken means that there will be a serious problem that you will need help figuring out. Bridges are a symbol of team work and cooperation. Dreaming of a burning bridge is indicative of a ruined relationship that is beyond all repair. Dreaming of a dream being built means that you will soon forge a new relationship that will be very beneficial.

Crossing a bridge can also symbolize that you are moving forward in your life and passing hurdles that have hindered your progress. It is an action that takes place in a dream to help people who have faced difficult challenges in their lives to overcome, such as overcoming a death of a loved one the ended of a relationship. It can signal to your conscious mind that you are ready to move on with your life.

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  1. Good day, please kindly interpret my dream for me , I dreamt I was crossing a river and I got half way and a blind man came out of no where and took me back to the direction I was coming from.

  2. Athena Flemate on

    What does it mean when you come to a bridge over a river, and the are dead people floating down that river? I haven’t cried it yet.

  3. Hi,
    I had a dream in the morning in which I was driving a car, by my side there was a small girl about 5-6 year old. Suddenly the road turned into a bridge made of bricks and the bricks were tied together with jute ropes. There were cops who were holding the ropes so that the bridge can stay a little longer and people can cross. There was a bike which fell due to which the bridge collapsed when I turned to see if I could go back from where I have came to that bridge but, there was no road or bridge there it, was all broken and I was stuck in between with some other people and cops.

  4. Well can anyone tell me what it means to be in a broken bridge and almost die falling in the water cause that was the scariest moments had

    • Well can anyone tell me what it means to be in a broken bridge and almost die falling in the water cause that was the scariest moments had

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