Bra Dream Symbol


Bra – Bras are a very sexist symbol. They represent the constriction of society on females. If you dream about putting a bra on, it means that you are submitting yourself to the rules of your culture. Depending on how you feel about this in your dream, it could be a very comfortable thing or a huge burden that you desire to be rid of. If you dream about taking your bra off it indicates that you are liberating yourself from the pressures of society in order to allow yourself to be more fully you. This doesn’t have to be sexual.

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  1. I dreamed that my dress in not zip at the back and nobody is telling that my bra are on display. I never felt that my dress is not zip. There’s a boy who touch me in the back. Then one of my friend(boy) told me then I got mad at my other friend who is beside me at that moment, which is a girl. And she never bother to tell me that my bra are on display.

  2. I actually dreamt that my boyfriend had his own bras in secret. A women tryed to hand me one of his bras saying this should fit,” its your boyfriends bra he let me barrow it”. Lol I said no that I couldn’t wear it, I knew it was to small it being my boyfriends and all. It was a 34 c and I specifically made announcement I was a 36 c , she kept trying to get me to wear it and I refused. Don’t know what this means at all. There was way more to this crazy dream. But this really stuck out there.

  3. I had a dream where I found a bra in someone else’s flat, I don’t know what it means to find a bra, and if it actually has a meaning

  4. I had a dream that I was collecting my washed clothes and found that one of the bras that I use regularly in real life had 3 or 4 holes, another bra that I also use had 1 hole for each nipple. What does it mean??

  5. I can’t really find anything about my dream. I was not putting one on or off, I already had one on. I was in a storage room sorting out old bras and bagging the ones that were still in good shape.

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