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Out of Body Experience – When you dream of having an out of body experience this can mean you have awoken to a new perspective. Are you feeling as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders? Negatively, it can symbolize your disconnection from the world around you. This can be physically or emotionally.

It can also mean you are well aware of who you are, but you may question this when something happens to make you see yourself in a different way. This may cause self-criticism and you may look at things about yourself differently.

You may dream of an out of body experience when you feel things are not progressing in some area. You may need patience. You may have a habit of attending to the less important things that you do rather than doing the things that really matter. You may need to look at how you prioritize.

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  1. I left my body in my dream, I was in a cold hospital, it was a long landing , rooms facing each other, I then left the hospital and found myself on a road like a motorway, I felt I was walking fast, but then I realized I wasn’t walking but flouting, once I realized this I felt my spirit was very strong, and I could go faster like the cars, I turned around on the motorway, and headed back to the hospital, when there I was looking at everyone, but no one could see me, as if I was invisible, but I had so much power, and I was lashing out at those who I felt was servings enhanced delay, chasing them from room to room, they couldn’t see me, but they could feel me, evidently by the destruction I left behind, I had so much power, I was then walking through the hospital and everywhere I set my eyes on, a flash of light hit, like lightning, leaving distruction, people moving all around,then one person let on to me, I said your dead, he looked at me and smiled, then I woke up, 3 o’clock, confused, my mind went straight to a program I had watched on TV, police border check, and a container was stopped full of composs, police felt it strange so searched, to find only composs, 2 years ago I was reaserching Cyanobacteria in Guatemala where it was being moved in tons, a poison that courses ALS, and other sickness,look it up wiki, what’s the foundation of vegetion, firtilization. M.C.A.

  2. Lupe Garcia on

    I was dreaming that I was sleeping on my bed and some one was like hugging me or on top of me and all of the sudden i woke up and felt like some one got off from me and felt the weight got off me like if some one pulled them of..I would like to know the meaning of my dream

  3. I pray this never happens again-I was asleep when I felt somebody pulling and tugging at my face,I felt like my tongue was being ripped out and all of a sudden I felt like I was pulled out of my body.I floated out of the bed and was going round and round hovering above my bed,I then floated into the back room where I was shouting my youngest sisters name,somebody was patting my husbands bed and I just kept shouting my sisters name and all of a sudden I came around and was lay back in the bed.i jumped up feared and my ears and tongue were paining me.
    I don’t know what this means or what it was but I didn’t like it and have never experienced anything like this and I never want to again?? Was I dreaming? It didn’t feel like it and I’m actually worried about going to sleep now or even being alone at night.

  4. I just had another episode at 3AM on 4/21/2018. I was watching a movie on my computer when suddenly I saw my computer laying on the floor and things were different. My inner conscience told me I was going to have another episode and fell right into it.
    I was out of my body like always but never seen myself sleeping.
    All the episodes I had was me trying to make it into the bedroom to wake my guy up so he can wake me up from it.
    When I made it in there to him this time in my episode, I was able to wake him up and I told him I was feeling tingly and it was hard for me to move my muscles he actually responded back to me like a normal one would after just being woken up from sleep.
    Then I snapped out of it.
    My first sleep paralysis began a few months before 2018, I had 3 and since 2018 I have had about 5 or 6 episodes within 4 months.
    What is going on and why am I having these OBE sleep paralysis episodes?


    • i had a couple recently as well but i have no idea how to help im thinking it has to be something held in maybe tension was never released, im not angry person i try to take the high road when someone pisses me off. theres probably other reason in a similar concept for u.

  5. I am working early morning shift. Start at 3am and finishes at 12pm. I am a person who always have deep proper sleep for 1 to 3 hours. It doesn’t matter which day (night or afternoon) how tired i am. I always have sleeping problem. But there is few times on my deep sleep, doesn’t matter night or day time. I was dreaming that my soul was out of my body and looking at my own body. There is once where i woke up and i saw my body in complete different room. I really got shocked that my soul id out of my body and start to kick my body. My body and me wearing different clothes. All of sudden my body woke up and thr clothes were same as my soul. My body and soul got shocked to look alike twins. Adding on a note every single sleep i can remember my dreams in details including colors, so do this dream.

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