Blood Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Blood Dream Symbol – Blood is a deeply archetypal symbol of life. Spilling blood is an omen of death in your future. Dreaming of blood inside veins is a sign of poor health. Dreaming of blood being drawn is a sign of worry or regret. Dreaming of being cut or shot or being hurt in any way in conjunction with blood is a symbol of bad decisions or depression.

A dream where there is blood warns that you need to face your fears. Blood is your life force and represents your very essence. It can also bring messages of passion, deep emotions and disappointment.

Blood in a dream may represent love and loyalty. Seeing the word ‘blood’ warns you do not have to power to change the situation. Seeing other words written in blood symbolizes the effort you will put into a creative project. A man bleeding in a dream is a sign your masculinity is questioned because of your femininity. Are you too feminine?

Blood sample in a test tube Vacutainer

A bloody tampon in a dream is a message to stop wasting your time worrying. There is nothing to worry about. Having your menstrual cycle in a dream signifies a release of tension. Something you are stressing over in your waking life will work out soon. Seeing a bloody sanitary towel can mean that any arguments among family and friends will soon be forgotten.

Dreaming of a blood transfusion can mean you will save yourself from a dangerous situation or you will learn to adapt too whatever holds you back. Losing blood symbolizes the loss of love. It can also mean you may need to spend more time with your spiritual side. Have you had a relationship breakdown recently? Is there a tough decision you need to make that requires you giving something up no matter what you decide?

Seeing clothes stained in blood warn there are those who would stop at nothing to prevent you achieving success. This could even be someone you work closely with in your career. People may not be what they seem on the surface.

Seeing blood on your hands is a sign of good luck. Washing it off warns to be careful of personal matters. You need to keep your affairs in order. Seeing someone bleeding is a sign that when a friend is feeling down you go out of your way to cheer them up. Seeing yourself bleeding in a dream means you feel drained of energy. You need to take time out to rejuvenate. Blood covering the walls warns that you need to change your business strategy before you lose everything. This can relate to either work or how you negotiate personally with others.

Blood on the ground warns to be wary of new and unusual people who cross your path. When you lose blood in a dream it is a sign you are feeling emotional and drained of energy. Take time out for regular rest and relaxation.

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  1. I dreamed that I was swimming in a large pool then I got out and blood started pouring Al over me and I started freaking out

  2. I dreamed I bled shortly from my nose after flying in an extremely high speed with somebody I can’t recognize.

    I had my eyes open and I was flying in a straight direction between buildings and mountains. The speed was so high that I crossed many countries in just some seconds. At some point I even went through a huge block of water which was like under the ocean, and I was still able to breathe normally without feeling the water choking me. Then we stopped right in the place where we took off and we were surrounded by other comrades which I don’t know in my waking life. And they were like curious to know how was our experience and what we saw. And at that right moment I felt something is dropping from my nose, I touched it, it was blood. I thought it was because of the speed we were flying in. And I also thought “So, that is the feeling of a nosebleed ! ” because in my waking life I have never bled from my nose.

    Can you please help me understand this dream ?

  3. I had a dream that my mom invited President Obama over to our house and he brought his kid (in the dream he had a young white boy for a child) and then suddenly me and the pres and his kid were on the run because we were being chased after and shot at – at first I kept close to the president but then somehow we separated and I think I had to keep his kid safe but everywhere we ran there were people shooting at us and the secret service guys or whoever was there to protect the president (and myself and the kid) were putting all their focus into helping the president and even though I kept getting shot over and over (non-lethal, though), the security guys wouldn’t pay attention to helping me and in the end all three of us escaped alive but everyone was fawning over the president to make sure he was okay and I said to them “guys, im starting to bleed out, I really need to get to the hospital” and in the last scene of the dream I think I eventually made it to the hospital and did not die.

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