(Black) Magic Dream Meanings and Interpretations


(Black) Magic Dream Symbol – Black magic is always bent on evil. Dreaming about black magic is indicative that our soul is in dire peril of falling into the great abyss. Black magic represents selfishness, which is the root of all evil including anger, resentment, jealousy, greed, malice, hate, spite, lies, fear, pride, sloth, and gluttony.

Dreaming about black magic means that you or someone close to you has fallen into the trap of selfishness. It is important that you or they practice forgiveness and generosity in order to counter the negative powers that are encircling you.

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  1. Ya I have seen a dream just now about black magic. Well I don’t believe but in dreams I was shocked but still I became fine and I made myself strong. It’s like I have seen that dream bfr 3,4 years . And so I was knowing what’s gonna happen next so I didnt allow myself to fall innthat black magic trap. But I saw d dream more cleosely wen I changed the dream from the previous. It showed a new type . I don’t understand but I saw negative.like someone is trying to murder,kidnap,abuse or do bad to me.. what’s dat mean ,?

  2. I had a dream in which i at NIGHT in an empty room which usually has a table and a chair and i study in the room.
    In dream, i put HOLY PEACOCK FEATHERS against a CANDLE sort of thing, chanted some CHANTS and the feathers moved away and went shivering. I am writing one more dream i saw on the same night in a reply.

  3. I don know if it was a dream or nightmare so im invited to clean this house by this family and i do for a while untill one day there all mad at me but its a ruse and the family chased me then corned me i tryed fighting back but was overwhelmed and nothing i seamed to do did anything i think they cursed me all i saw is the gold cresent moon before i went under after in the dream the head guy told me that my dad ” practically handed me to them” after i whent to new Orleans to get help i was explaning to the women in the shop what happened then i woke up bad blood was written in cursive in my dream.

  4. Today in morning I watched that my aunts which lives in my neighbor come in my sisiters wedding and she tells me to do some things on my father and sister and she hates us in real life I am so scared 🙁

  5. Just had a dream where a witch with black magic was trying to kill me and a house full of random people i just met in the dream.i could predict her presence because things around me would decay such as a baby lamb in the back yard.we all grabbed hands at a table and prayed and on the table her face appeared in it as if magic….it was so real and scary i started to pray in my dream so loud i heard it and woke myself up.

    • I had a dream in which something like a packet came out of my mouth (lays type packet) with a safety pin and one of my relative who is very religious told me its a black magic. Can anyone help me understanding the meaning of this dream?

  6. I had a dream of a witch who has taken me in deep inside the earth and I have been hold by a carnivorous plant and it throws me in a star drawn in a circle.I at that time I got up from my nightmares

  7. Edmee Valentín on

    I just had a dream and for some reason I can’t sleep (it’s 2:45AM) It was night and everyone was asleep (it was pretty late, I think my sister was up too, I can’t remember, I don’t remember if I had woken up or was already asleep) I went to eat a piece of bread, my sister appears and we start talking until I saw that the front gate and door were open and I went to lock them telling her to do something (again, I don’t remember all I know is that she left). I hurried and locked it but when I did I saw a man in black outside hurrying over to me and I hurried back inside and lock the door (it was a glass door) and when I look up out the door he was there with a hammer and was about to smash the door, I remember staring at him and him stopping, and that’s when I wake up.

    Please tell me what this dream means I’m so freaked out. I don’t dream a lot almost slim to none.

    • Edmee Valentín on

      Oh and I also dreamt that i was wifi a bunch of girl all making a circule. I remember a girl telling us that no matter what not to open our eyes. And then she started shanting something. I opened my eyes and there was this huge demonic thing without it’s eyes. One of the other girls also had there eyes open and I remember her being in shock and the thing broke the circle by grabbing the girl and slamming her to the ground and started acting like a dementor (it was sucking something, I remember the feeling like I was sophocating (sp?) and the girl cying. Then the one chanting started screaming a name really high pitch. And that’s where I woke up.

      Please tell me what this means.

  8. I had a dream a lady was tryna feed me black magic she had voodoo to eat to so she gave me black magic cause she said I don’t want voodoo Weird huh so my ex popped up right after that he sent me a message but he was in front of me in spirit but I can see his flesh telling me he want to love ❤️ me and he want me to ❤️ him and all and smiling and stuff like wtf is this dream about somebody help me

  9. I dream that my grandmother (who is now a widow) she and I had gone on a trip there we hear knock on the door my grandmother warns me not to enter that room as it is black magic ed by his brother

    I don’t remember the most of the dream

  10. I had a dream ,I m with my family on a vacation, when we chose a twisted and bended lone banyan tree for staying at night which will never happen. It’s like a spend an ilentire night there and at dark night I touch a bloody bone that was on the ground mistaking it as a stick,I am not able to get than bone off my hand and a black magic person who eats human is trying to kill me for which my family members and my mother is not helping me and turning their backs at me.. I felt like i trapped and then all of a sudden I woke up.

  11. I’m looking for somebody to help me get my dreams back. Because someone put a curse on me with black magic.

  12. I keep on getting dream about a lady doing evil spell on me but feels like she is trying protect me from something……. And iam not sacred of her

  13. I dreamt that a lady who is a maid at home knows all the black magic which she does for others and calls me again and again that u also come and get it done ,,u will have a happy life after it,m saparated

  14. i dreamed abt myslf, nd “felt as if i am in danger, sm1 wants to kill me, i dnt knw who the person is, but i feel lyk, der is some black magic on me. i try to explain my mom, but she didnt understnd what i was trying to xplain her, and thought that i was sick and dts y talking all this.”
    this was all in my dream.

  15. aashna shah on

    I dreamt about a witch seemed lady telling me that I have not done right with my gurus. He checks on all my relatives if we are the prey and finally when it checks on me . I have fallen into the prey .

    • Two days ago,it’s almost 6 a.m when I dreamt of about black magic has in with me. It says I had a black magic. After a while I saw the dead body and when I checked it,it is my aunt which is she is alive in real. But in on my dreams is dead. What is all about? I was totally conscious now. Please reply

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