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Biscuits Dream Symbol – Dreaming of eating or making biscuits can mean there is a family dispute. It can also mean you have a talent for writing. Biscuits represent how you look to others for guidance in things that are new to you. This is a good thing. It shows you have respect for others’ wisdom. You recognize others have something to offer you.

biscuitsBaking biscuits in your dream indicates you feel trapped in some way. It could just be that you need to break free of your own fears. Dreaming of digestive and fruit biscuits indicates you change direction or make changes to how you go about achieving your dreams. Shopping for biscuits means you will soon acquire material goods. These may be something you have longed for a while and can now finally purchase them. It can also indicate you have less confidence than usual.

Baking shortbread means there is success coming your way. And, you will have even more success if you eat the biscuits you bake. Eating custard creams can bring issues with some aspect of your femininity. Have patience. This will resolve itself in time. Dunking a biscuit indicates having fun. Eating dry crackers eaten with cheese indicates you need to lighten up. Take time out to rest and enjoy yourself.

Eating dry biscuits in bed warns of family arguments. Dark chocolate biscuits indicate there are good times in your future. Children making biscuits is a sign to connect with your childlike side. Seeing someone making biscuits is a positive sign. It brings news you will make enough money and have fun at the same time.

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  1. egline gichore on

    Kindly assist interpret this dream I dreamt eating biscuit in my dream that was Saturday night.Then on sunday night dreamt I went with a friend we went to a supermarket and went shopping biscuit

  2. Maduwuihe Edmond on

    My younger brother gave me two biscuits and I left eating the biscuits on the road and on getting to a friends place I saw a lady locking the gate, she saw me and unbolted the gate and came in. I went to the room where I normally sleep and knocked and the door was opened and a baby (I know the child in real life) given to me to carry

  3. Ehinmodu Bolanle on

    I dreamed that I saw crowd of people eating biscuit kiwi! And my picture is drAw on each biscuit eash person is eating what is d meaning

  4. What about a dream of me holding a can of biscuits… then I drop them, they roll down a couple of stairs, I pick them up and they are busted… then music starts coming out of the can!

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