Bird Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bird Dream Symbol – Birds in a dream are a positive sign. They can symbolize your career and social side of your life. A woman dreaming of a bird can mean you are either happy in your relationship or you will meet your soul mate soon. A colorful, beautiful bird in a dream signifies you will marry the right person. You will have a long happy life together. Birds missing their feathers can signify you will have someone who considers them better off than you attempt to dominate your life.

Bird Dream Scenarios

bird-dreamsAn injured bird may warn there are tough challenges coming soon. Flying birds bring messages this is a time where you can achieve anything you dream of achieving. The universe will answer your prayers in reality. You are free to choose from unlimited opportunities. Catching a bird is a sign you will always have enough. Your hard work will always see you prosper. If you are not well off, birds bring news of financial improvements. If you are rich, it warns there may be some financial losses or challenges to meet. You will be fine financially in the long run.

Fighting birds warn of arguments between you and your partner. Birds sitting at the window brings untold luck to your home. Seeing birds feeding in the garden is a sign that someone you have longed to have visited is on their way.

Dreams of bird’s eggs are a nest that symbolizes successful friendships. An empty nest can mean you feel negative about something in your life. Blackbirds bring bad news from people you usually avoid.

Birds can indicate several different things. If your dream is about brightly colored birds, it represents female fertility or sexuality and is a strong positive indicator for engaging in sexual activities. If your dream is about darkly colored birds or birds of prey in flight it indicates a clearing of bad energy if they are flying away or coalescence of bad energy if they are flying toward you.

Birds of prey flying from left to right are a good omen. If they fly from right to left, they are a bad omen. If you dream of darkly colored birds perched on a tree or on the ground, it is one of the worst omens of bad things to come. Lightly colored and white birds are good omens and the bringers of blessings and good news.

Additional Bird Dream Meanings

Dreaming of birds represents what you want out of life. Beautiful, colorful birds signify you are with the right person and will have a wonderful marriage. Dreaming of catching a bird is a sign of good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Hunting birds signifies you will suffer a financial loss of some kind.

Seeing birds without their feathers can mean someone more affluent than you will try to control your life. Birds flying across your dreams brings messages of abundance and prosperity. A flock of birds flying across the sky can remind you that you are free to choose from the unlimited possibilities that cross your path. Seeing a bird with a big beak can warn you may find yourself involved in a scandal.

Dreaming of birds is a positive sign that can represent your social and career aspirations and your achievements. A woman dreaming about birds can mean you will soon meet your soul mate or you will have a long, happy relationship. Seeing a birds fight can mean you will fight with your partner. A bird at the window fills your home with luck and happiness. Watching birds pecking in your yard heralds the arrival of someone that has long been absent from your life.

See Flying Bird Dreams

Waterbirds bring the good news that you will have success. Blackbirds can signify there is bad news about people who have a life of trouble. A bird with a broken wing is a warning of a broken commitment to love. Eggs in a nest bring the good news of meetings with people who can help you achieve success. Seeing an empty nest may mean you worry all the time about your job or business. Seeing chicks left alone in the nest, hungry and crying is a sign you constantly worry about a family member.

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  1. AZ Heart A on

    Sir Stephen, what does it mean dreaming of a giant bird and massaged by its beck?

    I climbed down the stairs and at the foot of it was a bulk stock piles of shoes. I saw nice pair of black sandals on top of the bulk files but as soon as I fit my feet in it, I get attracted to a pair of beautiful, branded (it doesn’t have brand on it or that I could read on it but in my dream, it is a branded shoes and an expensive one) red shoes that seems like a military boots. In my dream, I really loved it. It’s not new but it is in very good shape and well condition and I put it on without a sock.

    I was in the process of putting it on when I saw Lani Deleste (the eldest daughter and child of Mrs. Deleste, whom the eldest child of late Madame Laureana San Pedro Rosales too, the owner of my High School Alma Matter), coming towards me and she passes through me as she is going up the stairs. In my feelings, she was the owner of that shoes but she doesn’t mind it. The shoes was perfectly fitted to me and walk down the aisle towards the giant bird whom would fly me for a paid ride. Such giant bird was the one that massage my head with its giant beck (to which my head is just seems like a big ball inside its beck) prior to climbing down the stairs for a ride of such a bird.

    Before climbing down the stairs, I was in an open massage room where I lie down on my back and the giant bird standing at my head board side massaging my head by its beck, opening it as if it is going to eat my head, sliding both its becks to close it. While lying down being massage by such giant bird, I heard voices of people inside the room thought that the bird would eat me but relieved that the bird actually massage only my head. After that massage session, I go out of that room to ride the bird that massage me.

  2. Vani Arunasalam on

    I dreamt a black bird being very attached to me that its sitting on my hand and shoukder,poking on my leathee purse which i use to protect my fingers from.its beak. Overall.i was laughing and the black.bird was fiercely but calmly dlying ard searching fr me and dont want to get away from me. But I fins it very troubling.

  3. I had a dream. It felt like a giant bird walk over back as i was lyinh on my tummy. I could felt his claws. It felt like i was between awake and sleep. But i was definateky sleeping

  4. My dream goes like this! ” I was entering my big sist’s bedroom from the back door and when i entered,its either i shut the door or the door was shut on it own or the door was opened. When I took about 2 to 4 steps from the door,I heard a sound of a bird,immendiately i located where the bird was…@the window blind top,close to the bed.. I climb the bed to get hold of the bird,when I catched the bird I discovered that the bird’s wings was wrapped with a piece of clothe and I finally held the bird in my hand and came from the bed” waking up singing with so much Joy and hope…I had this dream in the afternoon 3:20 pm… Pls whats the meaning of this dream?

  5. I had a dream that birds were killing each other outside my house and the injured ones were trying to come in my house, their feathers were all dirty and bloody and was leaving all marks in my hallway, it was awful, and I was pushing them out of the house! What does this mean, I’m afraid something awful might happen

  6. I dreamt that I opened a door to an upstairs closed-in porch and there were several wild birds that had gotten in through a screen and were trying to get out. Some birds got out through the door before I could close it again. They were brown in color, some small and some medium size. They had destroyed the porch blinds and screens trying to get out. Then when I went downstairs there were several more birds flying around. I told my adult son he needed to help me get them outside. I caught two with a towel and set them free outside. When I came back in to get more, there was one lone beautifully colored bird (bright blue, yellow, orange and pink) perched on a beam in the kitchen. There were still some other brown ones too and all of a sudden I noticed a squirrel on the floor of the kitchen. My son and I kept trying to catch and release this wildlife back to the outdoors. How ever my brother refused to help. This is one of the craziest dreams I’ve had in a while. I am divorced so does this mean something good finally?

  7. Dreamt a big big bird like the size of human touched down. A white, large beaked bird. & It came & sat with me. Then it transformed to this very beautiful young woman, the most beautiful I have ever seen. We liked each other immediately. Next she flew into my bedroom where my husband was sleeping on d floor & I was on the bed. Somehow we both agreed she will pass the night & she choose to sleep on the floor, her legs over my husband’s legs. I covered both of them shielding them from the cold

  8. I had a dream about two people I used to know found and rescued a rare bird family. They had light black feathers with a blueish luster and were bathing and was very happy. Then I woke up and was happy and hopeful myself.

    • I had a dream about a beautiful colourful bird with a long bright red tail. I managed to catch it in my hands. I wanted to show it to my family. but the bird was about to escape from my hands. I was wondering if I should release this bird or not… then I woke up. a very clear dream I have ever seen. one thing I can mention is that I had asked myself a miracle question that night. the miracle question worked, I felt really happy and went to sleep.

  9. I have had the same dream at least twice that I am looking out the window, I think I’m in my office (I work at a cemetery if that’s significant) and as I’m bending down to pet my dog or maybe to pick something up, I see a hummingbird fly towards an empty feeder. It pauses and flies away. Both times I feel regret like I had meant to bring food for them and kept forgetting. Then I say “I’ll bring you food tomorrow little bird.” And that’s it. There isn’t a hummingbird feeder at my office by the way. I see all the interpretations about feeding birds but nothing about an empty bird feeder. Any ideas? I wouldn’t have thought of it as anything significant but since it’s happened at least two times that I recall, I’m curious.

    • I woke upin the night, saw a bird about a good foot in size “sailing”from my rt to left in front of my tv armoire. I called it a bluebird, his left wing was grey brown, top part of body was blue.Moving acrossfrom my rt to left toward a large window, wing not moving, just sort of gliding, and HIS left eye was looking at me…and it was like sort of shiny yellow gold. This was like a open vision, for I was awake, and it was so real I wondered how it got in. Please give me your thoughts.

  10. In my dream i was in my room and i was friends with 6 small and beautiful birds….they were so cute and sweet they used to come to me and kiss me and fly they were so happy and cute, they used to come and go whenever they wanted, and i saw a owl with two heads and a nest of owl’s babies…what does this mean

  11. In my dream, there came three birds beside my window, two was white and one was yellow but the other white was so beautiful and one of a kind, the three birds were so friendly and peaceful, then one moment they were gone only to find them caged, i was looking for a way to free them and it started raining then i woke up.

  12. I dreamt I went to my exes house but he wasn’t in I walked around the house feeling anxious. I found a grey young swan all fluffy but without its mother so I picked it up as it was far from water I carried it around and while big and clumsy it wasn’t heavy. I took it to my car to bring home to care for. There were other elements on the dream regarding my ex but this grey swan seemed so significant I woke anxious but the thought of the swan made me calm

    • I reach an extended finger up to a bird, not exotic but not dull in color. The bird is singing. It’s Inside, not outside, maybe on a fireplace mantle? The bird accepts my extended finger and sits on it. I walk off with the bird on my finger. Then, I’m suddenly holding the hand of a much younger man. Pretty vivid dream. Thoughts on meaning appreciated

  13. I had a dream I was in a garden during the morning, I found chicks who just hatched, no feathers, and hungry. I had them on my hand and I gave them food but one of the birds ate all of it and left the other bird to die and left. I then fed the other bird and revived it. I would love to know what this means.

  14. Trinity Secunda on

    I dreamt of walking in a field of flowers with my grandmother. We passed a bush, and on it were yellow breasted birds. I carefully reached out and caught one, but was afraid to grab it too tight. It fell from my hands down a dark crack in the ground. I went in after it, and found a pipe with clear water flowing from it, and a nest with baby ducks and the mother under it. Behind them, the bird I caught sat. I apologized and held it again, and it seemed happy and allowed me to preen it. I pet the ducklings as well, and I believe I woke after this. It felt important, and I had another strange dream along with it after.

    • I had a dream I was fishing but instead of fish I was catching a white birds. can anyone explain this

  15. I dreamed I had birds sitting on my extended arms. I cry and call out my mother’s name, who passed away in 2018. Every time I open my mouth to call her name the birds put their beaks in my mouth.
    I’d be curious to know what it means. I remember being very sad in my dream and don’t remember the birds as being colourful. Darker colours and it was also more autumn or winter season.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  16. Last night I had a dream that I had caught a beautiful purple green and white fantail. It perched on my hand and I carried it everywhere with me. I went to a gathering with many people and lost the bird and became distressed but found it again and felt relieved. I believe I felt somewhat attached to this bird and woke up feeling happy and full of love.

  17. I have had dream twice about this little brown birds and this time they were so many where I was I when I saw them I was amazed and I caught one in my hand and the others were still around and later I let go of the one that was in my hand.

  18. Fermina Quamruzzaman on

    I dreamed a white bird it’s a white parrot then someone will catch it and put in a box…. What does it means? Thank you and God bless….

    • I had a dream about two people I used to know found and rescued a rare bird family. They had light black feathers with a blueish luster and were bathing and was very happy. Then I woke up and was happy and hopeful myself. I try to figure out what it means. There is more to the story but I feel it gets to personal and lenghty if I tell all the detail, but there is sorrow and hope in them.

  19. Last night I dreamt there was a very small bluebird with another smaller bird on its back was flying around in my living room. I was trying to catch it but couldn’t. It was as small as a spider and I kept looking all over for it. It would fly around and then hide. I never did catch it.

  20. Lisa Gelineau on

    I dreamt of a feather less bird who was unable to fly. It seemed as though the bird was frail and sad.

  21. Laurel hope on

    I dream I was sleeping and a big black bird was flying with some other birds and got stray away and fly through my window an ended up under my arm like he was hiding and I was scared to remove it so I asked my mom to take it out.

    • I had a dream about an colorful bird which it’s wing broke off right in front of me. The bird had rainbow coloured wings but only on the inside of them, the outside was a darker colour, dark shinny blue I believe.
      So I’m quite confused now.. multiple meanings, but no answers.

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