Bird Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bird Dream Symbol – Birds in a dream are a positive sign. They can symbolize your career and social side of your life. A woman dreaming of a bird can mean you are either happy in your relationship or you will meet your soul mate soon. A colorful, beautiful bird in a dream signifies you will marry the right person. You will have a long happy life together. Birds missing their feathers can signify you will have someone who considers them better off than you attempt to dominate your life.

Bird Dream Scenarios

bird-dreamsAn injured bird may warn there are tough challenges coming soon. Flying birds bring messages this is a time where you can achieve anything you dream of achieving. The universe will answer your prayers in reality. You are free to choose from unlimited opportunities. Catching a bird is a sign you will always have enough. Your hard work will always see you prosper. If you are not well off, birds bring news of financial improvements. If you are rich, it warns there may be some financial losses or challenges to meet. You will be fine financially in the long run.

Fighting birds warn of arguments between you and your partner. Birds sitting at the window brings untold luck to your home. Seeing birds feeding in the garden is a sign that someone you have longed to have visited is on their way.

Dreams of bird’s eggs are a nest that symbolizes successful friendships. An empty nest can mean you feel negative about something in your life. Blackbirds bring bad news from people you usually avoid.

Birds can indicate several different things. If your dream is about brightly colored birds, it represents female fertility or sexuality and is a strong positive indicator for engaging in sexual activities. If your dream is about darkly colored birds or birds of prey in flight it indicates a clearing of bad energy if they are flying away or coalescence of bad energy if they are flying toward you.

Birds of prey flying from left to right are a good omen. If they fly from right to left, they are a bad omen. If you dream of darkly colored birds perched on a tree or on the ground, it is one of the worst omens of bad things to come. Lightly colored and white birds are good omens and the bringers of blessings and good news.

Additional Bird Dream Meanings

Dreaming of birds represents what you want out of life. Beautiful, colorful birds signify you are with the right person and will have a wonderful marriage. Dreaming of catching a bird is a sign of good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Hunting birds signifies you will suffer a financial loss of some kind.

Seeing birds without their feathers can mean someone more affluent than you will try to control your life. Birds flying across your dreams brings messages of abundance and prosperity. A flock of birds flying across the sky can remind you that you are free to choose from the unlimited possibilities that cross your path. Seeing a bird with a big beak can warn you may find yourself involved in a scandal.

Dreaming of birds is a positive sign that can represent your social and career aspirations and your achievements. A woman dreaming about birds can mean you will soon meet your soul mate or you will have a long, happy relationship. Seeing a birds fight can mean you will fight with your partner. A bird at the window fills your home with luck and happiness. Watching birds pecking in your yard heralds the arrival of someone that has long been absent from your life.

See Flying Bird Dreams

Waterbirds bring the good news that you will have success. Blackbirds can signify there is bad news about people who have a life of trouble. A bird with a broken wing is a warning of a broken commitment to love. Eggs in a nest bring the good news of meetings with people who can help you achieve success. Seeing an empty nest may mean you worry all the time about your job or business. Seeing chicks left alone in the nest, hungry and crying is a sign you constantly worry about a family member.

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    in my dream i saw my immediate younger sister we both were up to some were then i received a gift and it a bird and in a package carton i gave it to my sister to hold for till we got home i will collect from her but she did one mistake the bird flew away from her and laded on fence wall but i tried to get the bird back but the bird flew away.please what does this mean?

  2. In my dream I saw a beautiful bird in black and white coloured feathers which sits in my garden and I was watching it from my terrace. Suddenly it changes into a girl then a bird then it changes into a little girl she was also beautiful she ran and played in my garden and I took a photo of the bird and tried to go down but someone I think it was my grandmother she chased me it was because I had that photo what this means

  3. Gift Morgan on

    I dreamt that I was plucking a ripe guava and one other fruit that I cannot really say what fruit it was and another man was also helping me to pluck the guava and while I was still trying to pluck more fruit two brown birds with light blue colors on their mouth and nails flied from a very high tree and peck in my hand and held them. What is the meaning

  4. I had a dream of a brown bird landing on my car side mirror while I was in it . I pushed the bird away three times then found myself out my car standing on an unfamiliar sidewalk. then the brown bird began to fly into my arms but I struggled out of fear not to get attacked. After I stopped resisting I then began to cradle this brown bird in my arms and felt at peace immediately. amazingly I felt how soft the feathers were the bird allowed me to do so before flying away .

    • I had a dream about the parrot we are boarding at work. In my dream he was in his cage feathers spread an was in pain and plucking his feathers out or they were all falling off. I can’t imagine why I would have this dream. Possibly cause he has been really loud with out other Amazon parrot and it’s been annoying me. Had this couple night ago on the Hunters Moon. I would like feedback cause I cant figure it out. Thx

  5. I was dreaming that im in the beach and near the shorelines are crows with beautiful colored wings. They were scared of the two giant owls surrounding them, i tried to make the owls go away and then suddenly i saw the crows taking my side. Lovingly putting their neck towards my hands as if thanking me. Several of them went to my side.

  6. I was dreaming that im in the beach and near the shorelines are crows with beautiful colored wings. They were scared of the two giant owls surrounding them, i tried to make the owls go away and then suddenly i saw the crows taking my side. Lovingly putting their neck towards my hands as if thanking me. Several of them went to my side.

  7. Piruben Gangadoo on

    my dream os that i saw many colourful bird on the floor in front of a temple and i am trying to catch the bird and putting it in a bag and a man who i do no know is helping me. i am already married and seperated i have two kids with me

  8. Miss Iftikhar on

    My dream was …I saw myself on roof with some ladies those are my colleagues..then some birds apears on sky flying at low hight ,colourful ,shining with green and red lights ,green lights were prominent..they were flying like as we see aircraft show …I see them and praise them ..then one of them birds came and sits near me was a colourful parrot I take him in hands ..I feel he was a little weak ..then I ask one lady to make him fly so that he could meet his flock ..but she says other birds are flown away so you keep it with you ..that bird changes into a beautiful 4 years boy with wings like angles ..and I ask him if he is hungry let’s eat something …he node his head for yes ..

  9. I dreamed last night that a beautiful bald eagle that I had met before in 2016, was flying towards me and landed on his masters arm but then about 4 or 5 feathers all of a sudden came loose and came right to me..I caught them but the guy looked at me and said, you can’t keep the feathers and I said but the eagle gave them to me and I took off running with them and told the eagle thank you and all of a sudden, I woke up. I was like wow…what does all this mean?

  10. Neelu Duggal on

    Hi, I dreamt of two leopards also along with beautiful bird . Leopards were sitting on a wall and then one leopard came towards me. Firstly, it jumped on me but later became friendly and started talking to me.

  11. Neelu Duggal on

    I dreamt of beautiful dark pink bird flying into my yard and also converted into small animal and again back into bird

  12. Twice I dreamt I was watching my male friend and many other people dancing with birds on their head. I think they were hawk type birds. Most were brown or grey but there was one that had a slightly different colour and I was wondering why my friend did not dance with that bird. This was a banquet hall setting. It was beautiful to watch. I assumed I was watching a video of the event. I told myself that I wanted to go dance with the birds . Everyone looked happy dancing with a bird on their head .

  13. My dream was i feed a black bird with yellow lips after that it chases me.. i was so feed up with this in my dream.. my home was broken so it comes very easily to me everytime.. i was crying in the very end..

  14. I just had a dream . That a bird broke into my house carrying somthing in his mouth and jist passed right back out through another window. The bird was fat grey with a large black beak there were other birds flying around oitside the window. My dad was in the dream me and i started praying for god to protect my family .

  15. Hi, so I dreamed about a little white bird with small black spots on the feathers. In my dream I went in my grand parents house. there on the TV I saw something small gray and moving. As I aproach it I noticed it was a small bird, grey to white (dirty) with black small spot and in ruffled state. As I got closer to to it, I said “don’t worry I will not gonna hurt you.” . Then slowly the bird aproached my hand then it got into my hand. As I started to carress it, it started to get cleaner and healthier (white with small black spots usually at the tip of the feather). After that I went trough the house asking if somebody have seen some tweezers wich I can use to feed the bird. Every one looked and me and said nothig, Meanwhile the bird keept playing with my hand and I keept carressing it, each time noticing she gets stronger and whiter ,rubbing against my hand ( like a dog when it wants to be carress more, with more force, a big force compared to her size). The dream ended with my grandmother telling me what kind of bird it was.

  16. I dreamt while on my way to church I found a bird of prey trapped by its wing feathers in a hedge, it looked like an owl or sparrow hawk, I wasn’t sure as it was in distress. As I released it it screamed in pain and it was very weak, I then lifted it to a pool of water to let it drink a little water. I held it gently and placed it inside my jacket.
    I went on my way into the church and left it on a pew inside my jacket.
    Moments later a group of women were trying to remove the now flying bird away, one middle aged blonde woman wanted it and was trying to coax it with food. She had a bird with no feathers and wanted this one.
    I raised my hand and the bird flew onto my fist and gripped my fingers tightly with its claws and sqauaked at the woman to clear off.
    I noticed one of its wing feathers was loose where it had been trapped. I looked again and saw that it was an owl

  17. What about saving a bird from drowning? In my dream two small cages fell into a pool. At first I couldn’t find them, but I finally found one. The bird seemed to have held its breath but was still effected by being under water. I opened the cage and it flew out, but I caught it. I dried it and got the feathers looking fluffy again.

  18. I had a dream that a bird had fallen asleep and fell off his branch and I caught it. As it awoke, I comforted it by saying, “It’s okay, I’m here, I got you” or something like that. And, I rubbed its feathers to comfort him. I then wanted to go to the nearby store to buy it a ‘bed’ or a big enough pillow. It was full of color, but i feel like it changed. Either, red, yellow or blue. Was a nice dream.

  19. I had a dream that a female blackbird landed on my hand and then was perched on my fingers while I fed it! I was very happy to in the dream. Any idea was this means ?

  20. My dream was a big white bird landed on my shoulder while my deceased grandmother just standing right next to me with a broom. We were both outside of our church. I was afraid in my dream and actually grabbed the feet of the bird and throw the bird away. I felt that the birds’ feet were cold and it feels really weird as if it was a worm on my shoulder/back. When I woke up I actually took off my shirt and tried to find if there was something on my shoulder.

  21. I dreamt of finding sleeping yellow baby bird, & seeing some kids with another yellow baby bird. Taking it from them, thinking it was dead, but on second look, finding that it was sleeping aswell. And then trying to find where they had come from.

    • Cyra Gift M. Bantayan on

      Hello,i had a dream this morning before i woke up, that i was inside of a room thats full of black birds and its funny that i happy catching it, and then theres this very unusual bird, its very different one, weird, big and very colorful one but the color that caught me is that golden color, i even forgot the rest of the colors, and it lands on the floor and i run and catch, it tried to bite my hand but i was very fast. When i woke up, i remember it. thats my first time i had dream like that,
      Please let me know what do you think about my dream? thanks you so much, Cyra B.

  22. I dreamt that a freak storm had hit, and there was a mated pair of birds that nested outside my window, the storm continued to worsen, so I opened the window and reached out to the nest to bring them into the house for safety to wait out the storm. As I did I nearly got struck by lightning, pulled back then reached out again, the first bird, the male, happily hopped up on my hand, and I brought him in, the 2nd bird, the female, was hesitant, though she did not lash out. I woke up from the dream after I got them to safety.

  23. I dreamed there were two birds that got stuck in my house, in my bedroom. I caught one, it fit in my hands easily, it looked like a sparrow. The other was smaller, I thought it might be the baby to the one in my hands. I walked towards the door to let the bigger one out, hoping the smaller one would follow. It did, but before I got to the door, the bigger one got free from my hands and they were flying in the kitchen. I then woke up.

  24. I dreamt of a bat. I was calling it out because earlier in the same dream on a picture a friend saw e clone of myself. And in this part of my dream I was calling out the clone in anger. I saw the bat appear on a branch of a tree at my fathers house. I tell it to come to me. I was angry and slapped the bat when it was flying towards me. It quickly turned into a bird then a bat again. I called it out again and gave it another slap while flying towards me and ended up like a very cute small light grey bird. I took the bird that was standing on the floor and looking at me and placed it on the palm of my hands. I was content and walk towards the backyard.

    • My dream was a big white bird landed on my shoulder while my deceased grandmother just standing right next to me with a broom. We were both outside of our church. I was afraid in my dream and actually grabbed the feet of the bird and throw the bird away. I felt that the birds’ feet were cold and it feels really weird as if it was a worm on my shoulder/back. When I woke up I actually took off my shirt and tried to find if there was something on my shoulder.

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