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Bird Dream Symbol – Birds in a dream are a positive sign. They can symbolize your career and social side of your life. A woman dreaming of a bird can mean you are either happy in your relationship or you will meet your soul mate soon. A colorful, beautiful bird in a dream signifies you will marry the right person. You will have a long happy life together. Birds missing their feathers can signify you will have someone who considers them better off than you attempt to dominate your life.

bird-dreamsAn injured bird may warn there are tough challenges coming soon. Flying birds bring messages this is a time where you can achieve anything you dream of achieving. The universe will answer your prayers in reality. You are free to choose from unlimited opportunities. Catching a bird is a sign you will always have enough. Your hard work will always see you prosper. If you are not well off, birds bring news of financial improvements. If you are rich, it warns there may be some financial losses or challenges to meet. You will be fine financially in the long run.

Fighting birds warn of arguments between you and your partner. Birds sitting at the window brings untold luck to your home. Seeing birds feeding in the garden is a sign that someone you have longed to have visit is on their way.

Dreams of bird’s eggs is a nest symbolizes successful friendships. An empty nest can mean you feel negative about something in your life. Black birds bring bad news from people you usually avoid.

Birds can indicate several different things. If your dream is about brightly colored birds, it represents female fertility or sexuality and is a strong positive indicator for engaging in sexual activities. If your dream is about darkly colored birds or birds of prey in flight it indicates a clearing of bad energy if they are flying away or a coalescence of bad energy if they are flying toward you.

Birds of prey flying from left to right are a good omen. If they fly from right to left, they are a bad omen. If you dream of darkly colored birds perched on a tree or on the ground, it is one of the worst omens of bad things to come. Lightly colored and white birds are good omens and the bringers of blessings and good news.

Additional Bird Dream Meanings

Dreaming of birds represents what you want out of life. Beautiful, colorful birds signify you are with the right person and will have a wonderful marriage. Dreaming of catching a bird is a sign of good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Hunting birds signifies you will suffer a financial loss of some kind.

Seeing birds without their feathers can mean someone more affluent than you will try to control your life. Birds flying across your dreams brings messages of abundance and prosperity. A flock of birds flying across the sky can remind that you are free to choose from the unlimited possibilities that cross your path. Seeing a bird with a big beak can warn you may find yourself involved in a scandal.

Dreaming of birds is a positive sign that can represent your social and career aspirations, and your achievements. A woman dreaming about birds can mean you will soon meet your soul mate or you will have a long, happy relationship. Seeing a bird fight can mean you will fight with your partner. A bird at the window fills your home with luck and happiness. Watching birds pecking in your yard heralds the arrival of someone that has long been absent from your life.

See Flying Bird Dreams

Water birds bring good news that you will have success. Blackbirds can signify there is bad news about people who have a life of trouble. A bird with a broken wing is a warning of a broken commitment to love. Eggs in a nest brings good news of meetings with people who can help you achieve success. Seeing an empty nest may mean you worry all the time about your job or business. Seeing chicks left alone in the nest, hungry and crying, is a sign you constantly worry about a family member.

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  1. In my dream, it was cold and the bird came through an opening and was unable to fly (snow was on it), so i basically picked up the bird and the snow fell off then it was able to fly. The bird was mostly dark colored and white, What does that mean?

  2. I was on a bus and as I looked out the window there was a crow perched outside. With his back facing us. He was looking over his left shoulder at me. I noted out loud what long nails he had. And the dream continued. Crows have been contacting me in my dreams and my daily life. Please let me know what you think about his long nails…

  3. I have been having an interesting experience of having “different” dreams and images pop into my head. My normal dreams and visualizations always have a dream quality. They have a lag time, or are the usual dreamy fuzzy look. But sometimes I have an image pop into my head that is crystal clear as though I’m looking right at it. It’s so clear it stands out. L A recent meditation a very clear image of a bald Eagle popped into my mind and the next day I saw a bald eagle in a tree, and two more within the next few days. Now some of my dreams are starting to be that way. I’ll have regular dreams and then one will be super vivid. I had one last night where I was looking to the North. The land had an eerie golden orange cast from the sun but the clouds were super dark blue like when you are in the sun but see a storm a ways off. Tons of birds were flying my way and I was looking at them with awe. Tons of crows flying towards me to the South. I felt in awe. Then, birds started falling from the sky. Large loud thuds, some were splatting. I was kind of horrified. I ran over to a few and they were snowy owls. They weren’t dead but the other ones I saw were. Songbirds and a heron. The snowy owl looked at me and it’s expressions were as if it was talking to me, it’s eyes little slits. It jumped up on the fence disoriented. But no real words were exchanged between us even though it was like it had. I grabbed a few birds and it was a repeat with the snowy owl. Other birds were smucked bodies. Most of my dreams lately have had intense feelings with them. This one wasn’t so focused on feeling. I was curious what you thought it could mean? I have been noticing synchronicities and trying to enhance my senses and psychic abilities and interpretations. I think what was strongest in this dream was a fascination with the subject matter, not so much feelings.

  4. I recently had a dream where I had been carrying a blue bird on my right index finger, upon entering a garden of an unfamiliar house, after spotting what I thought was a second blue bird just on the roof over the porch, I then coax it onto my other finger because I thought the other bird might like a friend, I soon find the previous bird had disappeared, but upon this other “Bird” hopping onto the same finger the previous one was perched, its shear weight drew my arm down nearly to my side, its weight was far too heavy for a birds, so i tried to flick it from my finger in a brief moment of panic, only to have it latch onto the base of my thumb and around my finger with what looked to be tiny claws,the creature appeared to have arms and legs, similar to a sloth, though that is when this “Bird” ceased being a bird, but instead this odd, mole like creature with a worm like tongue, wearing ornamental bird parts made of metal, as if pretending to be a bird feature from a garden in order to look like a bird, knowing it was too late to get rid of the creature, I accepted it and procceeded to leave the garden with this odd little monster, I took two steps and then woke up

  5. I have had a re-occurring dream of a bird, having trouble flying and each time, I would try to catch it but would fail at that task. Does anyone know anything about this?

  6. Dr. Shilpa Thakur on

    I dreamer that I m arguing with my 2 senior friends as they were try to cage a beautiful bird and finally I succeeded in freeing the bird from that cage and I smiled.

    • Dr. Shilpa Thakur on

      I dreamt that my 2 senior friends were trying to cage a beautiful bird and I was arguing that it should be free and finally i succeeded to let bird free and smiled.

  7. Hello I had a dream about a girl had a white bird she was over to NY house. Any who I’m not exactly sure what happened in the dream however I kept getting a phone call from her mom saying she needed her peroxide for a sore. All I remember saying I couldn’t find it and I would purchase more for her daughter once k go to the store. But in my dream I kept saying daddy can u catch the white bird in my apartment I said I’m afraid he would leave its droppings everywhere. I ask him to catch the bird and put it outside but then I was afraid that the white bird would get eating by an cat or something. It was a small white bird I’m not sure if it was the one belong outside of one that u kept as a pet. I’m curious what does the white bird exactly means.

  8. I had a dream that I had a small colorful bird in my hands in a restaurant where is was not aloud and people around me were talking about it. The bird kept on escaping. I kept on catching the little bird and I accidentally smothered it to death. I felt really bad and sad. Any suggestions?

  9. Hi well I had a dream just this morning about a lob-eared bunny and a group of four or five colorful beautiful birds that came to me and I had my garage insulated and all to keep them comfortable And happy.
    What do you think my dream of all of these animals signifies?

  10. I had a dream I was walking out of the living room where there was a bird cage that was open and a little parakeet flew over to me and landed beside my foot. Any suggestions

  11. Angel Davis on

    I dreamt of being in a big cage overflowing with bright/multiple colored birds and catching a lot of them.
    The last one i caught was the most beautiful of all to me, it was yellow and bright red around his eyes and on his belly, but then this mean man came and was burning all the birds making them all fly away out the top of the cage….some sticking to the top burned but still alive…. most vivid and crazy dream ever.

  12. Myna D. Santos on

    I saw a bird in my dream. A very tiny small white bird. I tried to catch it but it hoops and hoops and went up the roof and there I can no longer find it.

  13. I had a dream last night that my boyfriend and I were laying in the bed and we looked up and there was a pigeon that had come into the room from the window. it just walked in and stood in the window seal. it was a huge pigeon. we tried unsuccessfully to shoo the pigeon back out the window. the pigeon went to the window and a chicken appeared in the room and opened up the window with his beak and slid the window open just enough for the pigeon to get out and then it closed the window. I commented…its like the movie attack of the birds. my boyfriend and I laughed and then I tried to get the chicken out. I grabbed the chicken and was trying to push it out out the bedroom door when a white-headed bald eagle stuck his head in the crack of the door. the eagles head was at the same height as me. I’m 5’6″. I was startled and I tried to close the door but it pushed the door open and the eagle Came towards me and somehow I fell down and ended up on top of the eagle. the eagle was flopping around trying to get up and I was trying to get up at the same time and then I woke up out of my dream. What does this dream mean?

  14. I dreamt i awake to see a pegion fly in my window n pitch on a leaf green that over grow n come through my window looking on me what that meant

  15. I drempt that a little black bird landed on my arm as I was driving my car. I put my arm out the window and up to the roof for it to get off but he just stayed there on my forearm looking at me

  16. I had a dream where I flew to Epypt. Once there I went to a kind of zoo, where I found the bird cage. Every bird looked happy and well fed. This one light caramel creamy looking bird was perching on the ground mourning a cracked egg. When I got closer she went to sit on the other egg to warm it. It looked like the bird could almost cry… I woke up

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