Bird Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bird Dream Symbol – Birds in a dream are a positive sign. They can symbolize your career and social side of your life. A woman dreaming of a bird can mean you are either happy in your relationship or you will meet your soul mate soon. A colorful, beautiful bird in a dream signifies you will marry the right person. You will have a long happy life together. Birds missing their feathers can signify you will have someone who considers them better off than you attempt to dominate your life.

bird-dreamsAn injured bird may warn there are tough challenges coming soon. Flying birds bring messages this is a time where you can achieve anything you dream of achieving. The universe will answer your prayers in reality. You are free to choose from unlimited opportunities. Catching a bird is a sign you will always have enough. Your hard work will always see you prosper. If you are not well off, birds bring news of financial improvements. If you are rich, it warns there may be some financial losses or challenges to meet. You will be fine financially in the long run.

Fighting birds warn of arguments between you and your partner. Birds sitting at the window brings untold luck to your home. Seeing birds feeding in the garden is a sign that someone you have longed to have visit is on their way.

Dreams of bird’s eggs is a nest symbolizes successful friendships. An empty nest can mean you feel negative about something in your life. Black birds bring bad news from people you usually avoid.

Birds can indicate several different things. If your dream is about brightly colored birds, it represents female fertility or sexuality and is a strong positive indicator for engaging in sexual activities. If your dream is about darkly colored birds or birds of prey in flight it indicates a clearing of bad energy if they are flying away or a coalescence of bad energy if they are flying toward you.

Birds of prey flying from left to right are a good omen. If they fly from right to left, they are a bad omen. If you dream of darkly colored birds perched on a tree or on the ground, it is one of the worst omens of bad things to come. Lightly colored and white birds are good omens and the bringers of blessings and good news.

Additional Bird Dream Meanings

Dreaming of birds represents what you want out of life. Beautiful, colorful birds signify you are with the right person and will have a wonderful marriage. Dreaming of catching a bird is a sign of good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Hunting birds signifies you will suffer a financial loss of some kind.

Seeing birds without their feathers can mean someone more affluent than you will try to control your life. Birds flying across your dreams brings messages of abundance and prosperity. A flock of birds flying across the sky can remind that you are free to choose from the unlimited possibilities that cross your path. Seeing a bird with a big beak can warn you may find yourself involved in a scandal.

Dreaming of birds is a positive sign that can represent your social and career aspirations, and your achievements. A woman dreaming about birds can mean you will soon meet your soul mate or you will have a long, happy relationship. Seeing a bird fight can mean you will fight with your partner. A bird at the window fills your home with luck and happiness. Watching birds pecking in your yard heralds the arrival of someone that has long been absent from your life.

See Flying Bird Dreams

Water birds bring good news that you will have success. Blackbirds can signify there is bad news about people who have a life of trouble. A bird with a broken wing is a warning of a broken commitment to love. Eggs in a nest brings good news of meetings with people who can help you achieve success. Seeing an empty nest may mean you worry all the time about your job or business. Seeing chicks left alone in the nest, hungry and crying, is a sign you constantly worry about a family member.

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  1. Hi, I dreamt I was wearing a long sleeve whitish blouse and all of a sudden I felt movement in the sleeve, I began to scream and hold the shirt open, and baby birds began flung out of my shirt, seems they were nesting there?

  2. Hi I had a dream that was a flock of birds, but they way they flew formed one giant bird flapping it’s wings. The big bird they formed looked lot like a raven or crow, they where not agresaove but more inquisitive to what I was doing like I was being studied. Any idea what this could mean? Thanks in advance!

  3. I had a dream a bird swooped down to steal my candy. He was happy and I thought it was cute. But I was scared. Then I gave him some fruity flavored candy and he licked the palm of my hand, but it was an abnormally large tongue like a huge tongue. And then he fluttered around and everyone giggled but I stared at my hand. Is this bad? Or good? The bird was plain colored.

  4. Deborah Jones on

    I had a dream of a baby bird walking on the floor of a building I didn’t recognize. I went down to the floor and put my finger out and the little bird jumped on my finger. I looked at it and when I turned my head I saw two of what looked like pigeans perched on a seat. Can this really be bad omen?

  5. Maria Bianca on

    Hi! I dreamt of a black bird but its feathers reflect beautiful colors of green and blue. I gestured it to land on my finger and it did. It stayed with me. But the bird was SMALL, like really small–probably the size of a nail.
    I think I was preparing food for it but it got sick before I could feed it. I remember him almost drowning in a glass of water but I saved him..i went to continue preparing its food(egg yolk and extra virgin coconut oil) and I left it with my cousin. But when I came back, it was in a bottle cup with water and the bottle cup was really hot. They said it was sick. Then I woke up. What could this possibly mean?

  6. I had a dream that flocks of birds were flying own on my roof.( Something about strong winds, as I was in bed watching the news) The first birds i saw were large tropical birds white feathers with colorful beaks, the Hawks or hawk like. In any case the thing that impacted me the most was that one of the hawks? peck through the window. Soon many of them were breaking the window. I ran out if my room to find my roommate. we went back to my room and carefully opened the door. and no birds were in there. Just shattered glass over my bed. i cant remember in detail, but i don’t think there was any feathers left behind, and no birds of the roof.

  7. I had a dream that my two kids, one older and one younger were all the sudden twins, and then two birds came down and grabbed them and then dropped them while they were really high up. I told my parntner that maybe it was just a dream when my youngest appeared on the reclining chair of my house, drinking hef bottle. Wonder a bird picking up someone or something and dropping them could mean….any ideas? The dream kinda freaked me out.

  8. Dreamt a bird beak struck through the palm of my hand and the bird was alive still. I was scared to pull it out my hand

  9. I dreamt that I was sitting in my living room and I noticed movement in my purse. I thought it was a rodent and thought to get a baseball bat or something to hit it with. As I got up to look for something, I heard some neighbors in the hall and asked for their assistance but they referred me to the landlord. Just as I closed my door back, I noticed a little white bird poke its head out of my purse, and then jumped completely out. I called on my neighbors again to catch it and release it for me and one did just that.

  10. I had a dream that I was sitting down and a bird was sitting next to me I tried to get the bird to fly and found that the bird was wounded the bird talked to me I told the bird I was worried about him and asked if he would be alright the bird said he would i told the bird I can’t believe he was talking to me he told me to pray about it I woke up had the same dream but this tim it was night time what does this mean

  11. I dreamt last night that i was watching a caged
    adult pink Cockatoo pull all of its own feathers out, proudly displaying his own bloody feathers in his beak, then chewing them into shreds… Keeping his eye on me the whole time. In my dream i was kinda sickened, and afraid, and i had an anxiety attack and passed out cold.

    I’ve been scouring the internet all morning to find out what this could mean and i havent been able to find hardly anything at all…… What could my dream mean?

  12. Hello,I’m Sandra.I dreamed last night about a bird coming to me,eating in my hands,kissing me,what does that mean please?

  13. Gina Michalik on

    In my dream I found a beautiful bird with a plume on top of its head that would change bright colors. Then I found the same beautiful bird in my purse.

    I’m curious as to what this dream might mean.

    Thank you.

  14. Gaitree Ramlagan on

    My husband had a dream he say that he dream about a bird turn in to a person… So my husband wants to know the meaning of it

  15. Last night I found myself outside the pool area of the house I grew up in as a child in South Florida. Behind the pool at the edge of our yard sat a giant grapefruit tree and as I approached it (I used to pick fruit from it regularly as a child) I became aware that there were 3 brilliantly colored scarlet and gold macaws’ high up in it’s branches but sitting on a branch out in the open. One bird was so beautiful I could barely look away from it. The second, I thought had maybe been very old or was I’ll because most of it’s body was featherless (but the feathers it did have were perfect and it’s head was just as glorious as the first bird). The 3rd bird appeared to be as normal as the first, yet I could never completely see the bird. It was as if each time I attempted to look at the bird my eyes were focused away. As I love and adore macaws’ I went in my childhood home (which I noted had some differences from what it looked like growing up) and took some chewing rawhides from my dog (not the dog I grew up with but the dog I spent 16 years with and lost to her old age about 4 years ago, my best friend and beloved pet) to give to the birds. I carefully chose the rawhides to make sure there were perfect. Climbed a ladder and gave all three birds a chew toy. Later I found myself laying on the floor inside the home (I feel like I was waiting for prospective buyers, interested in viewing the prettiest much empty home I felt was for sale) and the most beautiful of the birds flew inside and straight to me. It perched upon me too close to my face so I care fully moved her to my chest were I began to pet and talk to her as if she was now mine. Yet she didn’t respond to English but instead became reactive to a few phrases in Spanish.. I took many years of Spanish in school 6th-11th grades, but as I haven’t used it often in the last 20 years I only remember fractions of the language. I would love for someone to read this and send me their interpretation of what they feel this dream could have meant. It felt so real and was so vivid. I woke up remembering almost every detail except who was with me in that house and why I was there.

  16. I just dreamt of a bodiless bird….he didn’t look too happy but was just without a body and in his cage

  17. I had a dream about flying away on a bird and that it could talk to me and then later on in my dream I came back to my parents and they had financial problems and so I gave them money.while flying I saw some people coloring swan eggs with blue paint and some baby swans had blue designs painted on them too.
    If anyone can help me understand the meaning it will be great.

  18. Melissa Ramos on

    Im a 42 year
    old woman.

    I had a dream that i seen a black bird and a white bird fighting in the sky with each other but that the black bird tried to attack me but the white bird came and attack the black bird! Came you please tell me wat this dream means..thank u

  19. Dede olivas on

    I dreamt that i caught a house finch in my blouse. It was flapping around and then it settled down and stayed there in my blouse.

  20. I m a 26 yr girl..
    I have had a dream that i am flying with my loved one on a bird. I have enjoyed the ride and its a pleasure moment for me.
    Please tell me the meaning of my dream.

    • I need help with this one I’m sure. It’s terribly heartbreaking and hurts my heart as I write. We have many domestic birds living with us . On Mother’s day, my precious baby conure bird she is 9 flew away because it was so windy. My husband and I tried to get her from different trees she was flying on without success. She got spooked out and fly so high into the air and off into the sunset then realized she was turning to come back then she went downwards. We have been searching the streets day and night calling her name putting up tons of flyers she is on the internet as lost. We spent every hour together so we are very bonded. I am a mess crying daily. She is my healing bird too and would lay in areas of pain in my body. So a couple nights ago I had a short dream about her that my brother who lives in another state found her at Rib Crib restaurant. He brought her back to me and she was right by my side. So the next day we went Rib Crib to post a flier for them and walked the area and did not find her. Then today we got a message that was left for us saying she had seen our bird and to call her back but left no number. So I’m in great pain and agony not knowing why God is doing this to me. We have prayed and prayed and prayed. We are exhausted. I know in my spirit she is out there still alive this is driving us crazy and I am so devistated it’s like loosing a 9 year old daughter. If you
      Have any advice for me on what to do that would be appreciated. Thank you so much. God Bless.

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