Beetle Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Beetle Dream Symbol – Dreaming of beetles represents you respect, or lack of, for authority. It can also signify protection and raising standards for yourself and others around you. Beetles are strong, silent workers. Often working away in the background. Dreaming of beetles in a garden can mean you have the wisdom to learn the lessons that cross your path. You understand that challenges are about what you need to understand.

beetle-dreamsBeetles can represent being well off materially, which is a positive thing in human society. People are often judged by what they have, rather than who they are. This type of dream can mean to have faith in what you believe to prove what you need will materialize.

This may also be a reminder that being negative all the time will bring more negativity into your life. You always have a choice. You can choose to be negative. Or, choose to be positive through the hard times and the universe will deliver your heart desires.

Beetles can be omens of coming sorrow and turbulent times. A beetle falling can mean finances and projects may be delayed. Swarms of beetles heading in your direction is a sign there is wealth coming your way. A beetle stuck in your hair is a sign of love and business problems. A beetle flying brings luck to your love life and to your career. Beetles crawling all over you is a warning your finances may soon be in crisis. It is a time where you need to check them. Ensure your finances are in order. Seeing yourself killing beetles means your financial luck will return.

Beetles generally are about money so when you dream of them avoid making any big decisions. Avoid lending or borrowing money at this time. If you do, it can bring you more trouble.

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  1. Ismail Bello on

    At first i windered if Beetle’s appearance in a dream could mean anything. I had a dream seeing beetles of various attracting colours just walking around where i am, at first i ignored and later on i tried to kill them but it took me some extra efforts to kill them because of their protective shells. I did that and i left where i was to reposition my seat and i woke up. I cant really understand this much

  2. I had a dream that I seen a huge giant brown hairy coming down my chimney to make a web. It was catching a giant brown and round beetle. I fear spiders so I obviously freaked out in my dream as well. I was in my living trying to get away but the spider was throwing the beetle at me. What does this dream mean?

  3. I dreamt that 7 beetles were crawling in the carpet at a hotel i was at i counted them and could see them going in and out of the carpet so i stood up and looked around and knew that the whole place was full of them but not once was i afraid and not one ever touched me i said i cant stay here and i left then woke up

  4. I had a dream that my boyfriend sent me flowers that exploded into a swarm of beetles. Not quite sure what that means.

  5. I dreamt that a white beetle (an insect not a car) was chasing me through my house and trying to attack me. Then I woke up after it bit me.

    What does my dream mean???

  6. I had a dream that beetles came out of my belly button. It wasn’t scary but I was watching and was like “well that is kind of strange.” I wasn’t bothered about it.

  7. I dream about a huge stag Beatle around maybe 3 to 4 inch as a reward. I bag it, it didn’t craw on me or anything. What is that mean??

  8. I dreamed about flesh eating beetles that ate my mom and dad and friends? Any clue what could have caused this or what it means?

  9. I dreamed that two beetles had semi burrowed / made hole into my boyfriend’s skin. I was very worried him. The skin was not healthy and the beetles could be seen in whole

  10. I dreamed of finding a shoebox-sized golden-brown beetle in my home. It ate a piece of apple I fed it. After doing something and looking back at the beetle, it was gone.

  11. I dreamed a beetle was in my skin. I needed to pull it out but woke up before I did. Any ideas what this could mean?

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