Bean Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bean Dream Symbol – Beans in your dreams can represent your need to accomplish a goal you have worked towards for some time. When the dream is happy it can mean, your love is an important aspect of your health and well being. When things are not right in your love life it has a negative impact on everything you think, feel, and do.

Beans can represent growth and your spirituality and can be a message from your subconscious. It could be a message to use your past experiences as lessons to help you deal with current and future challenges in your life. Remember, everything you experience, good and bad, become lessons to use in your future.

Bean Dream Interpretations

Seeing beans or picking them from your garden is a sign you will put in the hard work to reap the rewards. You have the ability to do and get whatever you want. You just have to make a commitment. Do you have trouble committing to things? Do you have a fear of failing? Are you looking to change your future? You have nothing to fear. This can be a message you need to tap into your potential to achieve better things in your life. Stand in your truth.

Dreaming of the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk can be a message to simplify your life. Not everything worth having or that brings happiness is about material things or about money. It can also mean you are relying on others for help dealing with a challenging situation. You need their wisdom to help you move on.

Baked beans in a dream represent things like work and personal relationships that fulfill you. Green beans mean there is a wedding in your life. If this is not you in real life, this can mean there is a great joy about to cross your path. Green beans also signify your innocence. It may warn you are being naïve. White beans warn of tough challenges about to cross your path. You need to be wary. Red beans are another sign of a wedding. This can be yours or someone close to you. Seeing runner beans represents your unconditional love for another.

Seeing a single bean is a sign you are unhappy at work. Cooked beans symbolize the abundance and prosperity in your life. Dreaming of a flowering bean plant predicts something you wish for is granted sometime soon. Eating beans can be a warning of tough times coming to challenge you. There may be arguments, violence, health issues, which lead to litigation. It can also warn to be wary of those who gossip about you behind your back. Do you know who this is?

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  1. I had a dream about uncooked white this dream I was with my boyfriend,I saw a bag full of white beans in his house the beans were falling out if bag cause it was too much so I was helping pack it….then it put some of it in his pocket….please what does it mean

    • I had the same dream today but what I have heard is that there is a goal what you want most ,,,, which you need to finish in your waking Life…..
      Am Myhudi,16, Uganda
      If you want to interact, send me an email ,thanks.

    • I had a dream of eating cooked red beans. I took some to taste and I was asked to go do something else

  2. I had a dream that I ate some cooked beans that were strawberry beans…. Along with black beans. My aunt cooked them and then told my grandmother that she( my grandmother) made those all the time years ago. My grandmother was confused saying “really, i did? I don’t remember that” but the beans were dark pink with darker pink spots on them at the end. It was only like 3-5dark pink spots on them though. But the strawberry beans were separated from the black beans by rice.

  3. I dreamt that my husband was washing n peeling off the skin of beans in a bowl n i stopped him that it wasnt his responsibility n i called out to my younger ones to continue washin n peeling. What does the dream mean

    • I was in the dream when my late husband colleagues came and poured red n whites beans into my palms , then telling me that I have a work with one of their colleagues.

  4. Oyama Enang E on

    I dreams seeing a very mighty milling machine milling Rice and beans at the same time.What does that mean?

  5. I dreamt my brother’s friend had come to our house and I served him the food that was available. But he did not eat the food . He asked me to show him where he could buy cooked beans. I felt like I really needed to go and buy it for him. Then my alarm sounded and I woke up.

    What does this dream mean?

  6. I dreamt that my younger brother was giving me bag of beans and he went to buy another one for himself, what does it mean

  7. I dreamth i ate a well cooked beans and meat and i was giving a huge bill after. Everything on the bill was 9k each with a total of 30k.

  8. phillip jhakobs on

    I dreamt of seeing my elder brother at work where he had prepared a well cooked beans eating and he asked me to join him but I didn’t later on I asked him to serve me mine because I found it to be delicious, in fact it was good to my taste. After then he gave me money.

  9. I dreamed i had a cut on my right leg above my ankle and i planted a single green bean in the deep cut and it healed over. Then a green bean plant sprouted from my leg and was fairly big. I then grabbed it and pulled it out and it had a big bulb like bottom that my skin had to stretch open to let out. What could this mean?

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