Bat (Animal) Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Bat (Animal) Dream Meaning – You may dream of a bat when your head and heart are in turmoil causing a sense of total confusion. Have the words you hear not matched people’s actions? Are there promises made never fulfilled? Bat lives in the dark and its message may be that there are things you may not know so defer judgment before making final decisions. Are you making decisions blind to the real truth? Delve deeper to see what may be hidden.

Look at your life to see how the bat’s message fits into the essence of your waking life. Consider whether you are getting mixed signals from someone you find attractive, or maybe a terminal illness in remission but bat may signify it needs further treatment. A bat flying into you can be a warning of a close call with danger of some kind.

bat dreamBats are a symbol of shadow and night. They are an emissary of negative portents. They do not represent evil in particular, just that something that we would otherwise not wish upon ourselves is going to happen.

Bat Dream Interpretations

If you see a single bat flying, it represents that something negative, but within your control is approaching. If you dream of a swarm of bats flying, it represents something negative that you cannot change. If your dream is of bats that are not flying, it represents that something negative is going to happen to someone around you, but will not affect you directly.

To see a bat in a dream is to suggest certain dark thoughts and influences that might be coming from our subconscious mind. You might have some dark feelings that have been bottled up and are trying to come out. A bat will often represent something that is uncleanly, or unholy. Sometimes bats in a dream will represent being re-birthed and discovering your hidden potential.

It may be a sign that you should free yourself of things that are holding you back and search for new opportunities and growth elsewhere. Because blats are blind animals, they can also represent going into a specific situation blindly, without being aware of certain things going on around you. You might want to re-evaluate your life and see if you are making any decisions blindly.

If you see a white bat in your dream it can signify the death of a family member. The black bats can also represent the coming of a disaster into your life.

When Bat crosses your path

Bat quietly hanging in its dark cave gives you a heightened sensitivity to all around you to see straight through any illusions to get to the truth. Your communications skills are exceptional and you are highly intuitive with an innate ability to intuitively understand exactly what is happening and what to do.

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  1. So, I was the bat… Never to start out, but as the dream progressed, I would turn into a bat and have to fly away, but not the full form of a bat, it was always a combination of human form and bat form, sometimes I wouldn’t even get the bat form, but I would still have to do exactly the same as I had every other time with the bat form. It’s a recurring theme I’ve had since I was a child. Sometimes I would be aggressive as the bat, other’s scared and flying away from the situation, but as soon as I was in the air it was total freedom and I could feel the wind on my face, the weight of my body as my wings/arms flapped to gain more height or speed. And I always had to make a running start to it, and sometimes that was a very difficult thing to do as my feet would feel like lead and not want to go fast. I think only once did the ‘thing’ that I was running from ever get me before I could take off, and I woke up suddenly and in a cold sweat breathing very hard.

  2. I dreamt I was driving in my car with my sister during the day. No idea where we were going. A bat flew in my car window and landed on the back of my neck and crawled down my shirt. I woke up screaming. It was terrifying. A side note, my fiancé passed away almost a year ago. When he movded into my house, we were sitting on my porch and he opens up my patio table umbrella and a bat actually flew out at me and chased me around the yard. He laughted so hard he had tears in his eyes. I would like to believe that it was a sign that he is watching over me and that I need to start to live my life again and laugh like he did. What is your opinion?

  3. What am I suppose to do. I dream about a group of albino/ white bats trying to attact our me and my group as we are trying to cross the path. They tried many times but failed then it suddenly rain . I told them to take the opportunity because bats can’t fly with heavy rain but they didn’t listen .That’s why I did it my own and pass the group of white bats.
    Please anyone interpret this?

  4. Last night I dreamed I was lying out in the open when hundreds if not thousands of bats started dropping to the floor and these were black bats…. I jumped up and ran into the house and shut the door. I woke up then

  5. I dreamt of being at a drive in movie theater playground area, and cloudy,lightning flashed and a swarm of bats came down in front of me and went around my right arm . I asked if they bite, and someone said YES. I tried to get them off , thats when I woke up.

  6. Had a dream that bats were swarming around my head I was trying to bat them away it woke me up not sure what time it was but later that morning I found out that my husband had passed away what could it mean?

  7. I dreamt that I was learning how to be a vampire and part of that was turning into a bat and practicing flight. I don’t think I’ve ever flown in a dream before. It was exhilarating but also dark.

  8. i’ve dreamed of a bat . im on our terrace and then a single bat approach me try to bite me but i hold it and tear it apart but its still alive then i clip it on the hanger ..

  9. I just recently had a dream where three giant bats just wanted to snuggle, really. They were hanging in a tree outside an old apartment of mine and when they saw me they flew to me and clung on. They playfully bit and fought with me like dogs, but there was no sense of negativity coming from. They were actually one of the most comforting parts of that dream.

    • means there are 3 people from your past of bad character. however they bear no ill will toward you.but none the less are still toxic in your life

  10. I dreamt of two bats but only one was flying around me. It was trying to get my attention to warn me of something. There was also two chipmunks warning me as well. My daughter was in her car seat sleeping before. When I went to check on her a scavenger of some kind had her in its mouth. I cut it open to find my daughter still alive. In this dream the bats were positive in the sense that they were trying to help me become aware of what was happening. I do currently have a family member whom is close to death so I’m unsure as to what this may mean. I have the power to protect my family and home the rest is in the Creator’s hands.

  11. Inside my house a bat was on my shoulder. It wasn’t trying to bite me or claw me, its wings were closed, but I was scared and kept running around so it would fall off or fly away. I was scared to touch it . There were other bats in the house but they were “sleeping”.

    I am not sure if the bat on my shoulder was asleep.. just lying there..

  12. Annie Wambold on

    I dreamt a very large black bat clung onto my hand and dove it’s fangs into the back of my hand. It did not hurt, but I was not interested in letting it continue however I also did not want to hurt it or let it go inside my home. I waited until I got outside to forcefully whip it off my hand. I noticed the holes where the fangs had been and felt my skin trying to seal, but I new there was poison inside my hand. I squeezed and squeezed at the holes and forced the poison out. A person next to me said I got it all out, but I knew there was more and waited for them to leave and finished extracting the last of it.

  13. Had a dream that many bats were inside my house and quite a few clung on to me… I was trying to remove each one of body while I was trying to carefully pick each one and put out of that window.. It was very scary.. I was cleaning my house of the bats… just kept removing each one from my clothes.. my body and throwing them out of the window.

  14. Dreamed of tiny black bats in a weird kind of tree. They were just hanging there sleeping. I was taking pictures of them for a story as I found them rather fascinating. I even touched them and moved them for better positioning in the pictures. What kind of dream is this?

  15. I have had the same dream a few nights now . Its a beautiful black bat stuck in a lightbulb, inside of a real tinny cage bitting its way out. in my house i try to help of but it dosentnseem notice me there . ….iv had a lot going on lately ..what dose that’s sound like to you ?

  16. The bat flew to my face and I had a hard time removing her, then afterwards I told the bat that I need to accompany her outside the house. And the bat cooperated and leave the house.

    • I saw a bat in my dreams. Bat was sleeping beside me near my neck. What does it mean plz anyone tell me this.

  17. What if in my dream i saw many dead bat suddenlly appeared on the ground between the birds food while i walked around the forest watching birds ate their foods and after tht it sudddenlly rain when i was going to leave?

  18. I keep seeing negative relations to a bat, but i love bats & in my dream, it wasn’t trying to attack me or anything, in fact it was a friend in my dream & i was chasing the bat trying to make sure it was safe in a cage because there was a big group of people downstairs. it was upset that i put it in the cage but it stayed there anyways

  19. I had the strangest dream I’ve ever had. A bat ‘flew’ onto my face – and stayed there! I don’t know where I was but there was another person there – watching, but doing nothing.. It seemed I was trying to scream but couldn’t – and I don’t seem to to have even tried to pull it off my face… It’s as if I was being suffocated by the bat! It was horrific and don’t know what make of it.

  20. In my dream, last night, i deamt that i was outside of my dorms and talking to a friend. It was normal and everyone was outside eating. Randomly, a dark pink bat that has small feathers covering its body lands on my friends arm. I was scared and knew we shouldn’t mess with it. He assured me its fine and pet it and then the bat hops to me like a bird and sits on my head and trys to show me things. I dint remember exactly but it was black and white and there was rope

  21. My mother died four years ago but last night I dreamt she was on a bed, and I was accusing her of being a murderer as I had found a bloody knife. As I accused her the bedroom window suddenly became swarmed with bats on the outside. I feel so ashamed of the accusation. She wouldn’t let us kill spiders as children so she was hardly a murderer. Made me sad and confused x

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