Bat (Animal) Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Bat (Animal) Dream Meaning – You may dream of a bat when your head and heart are in turmoil causing a sense of total confusion. Have the words you hear not matched people’s actions? Are there promises made never fulfilled? Bat lives in the dark and its message may be that there are things you may not know so defer judgment before making final decisions. Are you making decisions blind to the real truth? Delve deeper to see what may be hidden.

Look at your life to see how the bat’s message fits into the essence of your waking life. Consider whether you are getting mixed signals from someone you find attractive, or maybe a terminal illness in remission but bat may signify it needs further treatment. A bat flying into you can be a warning of a close call with danger of some kind.

bat dreamBats are a symbol of shadow and night. They are an emissary of negative portents. They do not represent evil in particular, just that something that we would otherwise not wish upon ourselves is going to happen.

Bat Dream Interpretations

If you see a single bat flying, it represents that something negative, but within your control is approaching. If you dream of a swarm of bats flying, it represents something negative that you cannot change. If your dream is of bats that are not flying, it represents that something negative is going to happen to someone around you, but will not affect you directly.

To see a bat in a dream is to suggest certain dark thoughts and influences that might be coming from our subconscious mind. You might have some dark feelings that have been bottled up and are trying to come out. A bat will often represent something that is uncleanly, or unholy. Sometimes bats in a dream will represent being re-birthed and discovering your hidden potential.

It may be a sign that you should free yourself of things that are holding you back and search for new opportunities and growth elsewhere. Because blats are blind animals, they can also represent going into a specific situation blindly, without being aware of certain things going on around you. You might want to re-evaluate your life and see if you are making any decisions blindly.

If you see a white bat in your dream it can signify the death of a family member. The black bats can also represent the coming of a disaster into your life.

When Bat crosses your path

Bat quietly hanging in its dark cave gives you a heightened sensitivity to all around you to see straight through any illusions to get to the truth. Your communications skills are exceptional and you are highly intuitive with an innate ability to intuitively understand exactly what is happening and what to do.

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  1. I keep seeing bat dreams. Once I saw that there was a bat in my backyard tied upside down to a rope and the bat was a lever to start the hot water geyser. But then the bat was eaten by ants. In other dream, I saw an arm which moved in waves, and transformed into a bat. The bat opened its jaws at me and showed big white teeth.

  2. I just had a mixed dreams,i was attending wedding ceremony .suddenly i saw a bat flying above me and it flew away without harming anyone.

  3. Donna Fletcher on

    I dreamed I saw 3 white bats outside of a plastic-covered opening in a mall. I smiled at them as they were so pretty – and they flew to me. One had a pink bow and a little dress and the other two were not dressed. I petted and held them and prepared to bring them home – just knowing they had belonged to someone (thought of a Grand-mom perhaps) and they needed to be brushed/cared for. Then the phone rang and woke me up. Felt happy – they were sweet.

    • My bat dream was mostly pleasant too! I had found a baby bat (light grayish color). I was caring for it and nursing it back to health. The only time I felt anxious was when I was bathing it and left to do something and realized it almost drowned due to my negligence. It was ok though. Later, it was so happy to see me (just like when a parakeet or parrot likes a specific person). It’s pupils were dilating/constricting in happiness. I fail to see how this bat could represent anything bad/sinister/ominous in my life. I really like bats.

  4. I had a dream that I stop at this house with a few of my friends there was this black bar coming at me so I fell to the floor then I grabbed the closest thing to me it happened to be a spray paint bottle so I sprayed it and then it was white the bat kept flying into me.
    Idk how I’m suppose feel about this dram cause it says white bats can signify a death of a family member…,do does it mean that I kill the family member since I’m the one that sprayed it or am I going to die????!! And when it first threw at me the bat was black, says it represents something negative is coming towards me but it’s within my control…. omg I can’t go back to sleep cause of this damn dream.

  5. I dreamt that someone I know was doing their hair in their apartment. I was also there watching them. As I looked on a bat about the size of my palm flew across the room & perched on a clothes line right next to the person’s head. I got worried and asked if it was his pet since he seemed so unbothered. It was touching his hand but he kept fixing his hair unperturbed. It then flew towards me ofc I panicked. It latched on to my hand & wouldn’t let go. Then I found it was cute and it nuzzled my hand I got accustomed to it but I started to feel like something was touching my hand in real life so I woke tf up. Maybe because it is Halloween but I do dream about animals often and they usually have some symbolic significance that is true.

  6. I dreamt I was with my future husband getting ready to go to church. On the way to get in the car, there were dead, black bats EVERYWHERE on the ground. And their faces were not attached to their heads! Gross. And scary.

  7. I just had a dream of a injured humming bird that let me pick it up. It would sit on my shoulder and be friendly. And ll of the sudden in turned into a bat and tried to bite my finger. Any idea of the significance?

  8. I saw a dream of a bat last nite in my backyard at my old house who is hanging on the wall.. He is flying towards me and i kill him with a sharp pointed object which is later filled with his blood. And there are 3-4 dead bats already lying on the sides.. Does it make any sense or it is just a weird dream That comes in pregnancy as i am pregnant..

  9. I just went sleep for about 20 mins and I do not remember my whole dream but I do remember me getting in my car and a single bat flying around my head. Seemed as though I was parked and I could head people saying its a bat but it was really dark out and I didn’t recognize it til a little later. When I did I tried to get out my car but couldn’t that’s when I forced myself to wake up…what could this mean?

  10. I had a dream about several black bats trying to get thorw a air vent in the ceiling of mine what does that mean ????

  11. I dreamt I was in bed and a big bat attached it’s self to me I went to hosiptal but if was still attached and kept faltering it’s wings

    • Roxy Torres on

      Wow…I had a similar dream…in my dream a bat attached itself to me and I tried calling out for help but no one could help me

  12. A man of God came for a family breakthrough in dream, suddenly i saw myself battling with a single bat.

  13. I dreamt that I was walking out through my bedroom door when I turned around and saw that the window was open and a bat was on my ceiling I looked again because it was quite dark and then I saw that the whole of the ceiling was covered first I thought they were slugs but then thought they were bats but my heart rate rose with fear and then I quickly closed the door then I woke up.

  14. I had a dream about black brown bats, who’s trying to stuck on me like if I was a magnet for them, and I was fighting them back to get away from me.. and I was arround people I love, so this is freaking me out!

    • I had a dream that I was at a lake and it was dark. There were people taking in my dream but I couldn’t understand them. I remember I felt a bat land on my back and start making its way up to my face. As it got closer to my face it opened its mouth to bite me and I but my finger it’s mouth to prevent it from happening. I then forced my other fingers in its mouth and with my other hand I ripped its top jaw from its bottom and threw it in the lake. I then woke from my dream. I do remember there was a snake in my dream but only for a brief second before i woke up. This dream freaked me out and I’m trying to interpret it myself

  15. Nikita,
    What about if you need a push to the right direction and maybe you would go on the wrong one by yourself. I hope it makes sense. 🙂

  16. I just had a dream with a bat. I entered in the attic in a house I stayed in my dream and saw many bats fly away as soon I we t in, but one little could not fly with them, even tried the front door to fly after his mates, but the door closed. I opened it, but the bats were far away, that one stayed. I lifted my arm and the bat did fly straight on my arm like a little bird and stays on my left hand until I woke up.
    I remember to go on a long journey with the bat who did not even tried to runaway just holding to my hand strongly, it was just sooooo cute. I remember crossing a river that first felt like a huge lake, but the water level went up, I could hardly stand and had to defend the bat, but after a little while the entry-level dropped, felt like a huge wawe. The second time when I started to see clearly from the water I saw someone standing front of me but far away, but after I did not see in the clear picture anymore. The feeling was negative and I felt it related to the bat so I comfort it and stroked it and hold it tight to make sure it safe.
    Later on I realized that the bat has just little things on his back and no wings, disappeared.
    Unfortunately before I could investigate in, or understand, or even do something I woke up for the phone….

  17. I saw a bat flying then I came at my back but he didn’t bite me or anything like that… In fact, that bat was pushing me whilst flying …and that is when I woke up…. I really don’t understand the dream … Can you please interpret it for me ..

  18. I had a dream a bat has bitten my hands, and i killed the bat afterall.

    Is that a bad sign? Please answer me 🙂

  19. I had the dream of three animals that is a bat, black panther, and a grizzly bear and I saw them grow from their child hood and they are very friendly to me the fend for me and care for me ……… I can’t get their images off my mind and these animals were like very huge the bare would keep me very close to him and the panther will scout the area for any danger while the bat kept an eye from the sky……..what can this mean

    • But I thought bats are blindly creatures. I don’t know, Who am I ? I’m sorry I don’t mean to rain on your parade. I had a bat dream as well and I’m trying to make sense of it all. Please forgive me. I hope you find the meaning to your dream, Sweetie…


  20. I dream that a flock of black bats were flying above me, I held up my hends and a baby bat flew into my palms I held him and pet him with great love, he looked at me and smiled with love.

  21. I had a dream this bat came into my room and I smacked it under my bed ( I was with my brother who got bit twice ) and this bat ate three of my baby cats and so I pulled it out from under and as my sister held it down I quickly chopped away at its mouth cutting into the in between to cut his jaw off and it began saying things to me which now idk what it was. Either way I killed it and the dream was horrifying.

  22. I had a dream that the one I love (whom im separated from with absolutely no contact) had some ability to turn to a bat, in which during an accident of some sort, i was given the ability. Then we were heading towards some place called Hebrew River, which plans changed and we never went.. i was upset about it… it was weird.

  23. Karen Fairweather on

    I dreamt I touched a tree’s soft bark and noticed there was something alive in it. A large bat flies out and up in the sky then comes down and bites me in the face. It scared me.

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