Bat (Animal) Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Bat (Animal) Dream Meaning – You may dream of bat when your head and heart are in turmoil causing a sense of total confusion. Have the words you hear not matched people’s actions? Are there promises made never fulfilled? Bat lives in the dark and its message may be that there are things you may not know so defer judgement before making final decisions. Are you making decisions blind to the real truth? Delve deeper to see what may be hidden.

Look at your life to see how bat’s message fits into the essence of your waking life. Consider whether you are getting mixed signals from someone you find attractive, or maybe a terminal illness in remission but bat may signify it needs further treatment. A bat flying into you can be a warning of a close call with danger of some kind.

bat dreamBats are a symbol of shadow and night. They are an emissary of negative portents. They do not represent evil in particular, just that something that we would otherwise not wish upon ourselves is going to happen.

If you see a single bat flying, it represents that something negative, but within your control is approaching. If you dream of a swarm of bats flying, it represents something negative that you cannot change. If your dream is of bats that are not flying, it represents that something negative is going to happen to someone around you, but will not affect you directly.

To see a bat in a dream is to suggest certain dark thoughts and influences that might be coming from our sub conscious mind. You might have some dark feelings that have been bottled up and are trying to come out. A bat will often represent something that is uncleanly, or unholy. Sometimes bats in a dream will represent being re-birthed and discovering your hidden potential.

It may be a sign that you should free yourself of things that are holding you back and search for new opportunity and growth elsewhere. Because blats are blind animals, they can also represent going into a specific situation blindly, without being aware of certain things going on around you. You might want to re-evaluate your life and see if you are making any decisions blindly.

If you see a white bat in your dream it can signify a death of a family member. The black bats can also represent the coming of a disaster into your life.

When Bat crosses your path

Bat quietly hanging in its dark cave gives you a heightened sensitivity to all around you to see straight through any illusions to get to the truth. Your communications skills are exceptional and you are highly intuitive with an innate ability to intuitively understand exactly what is happening and what to do.

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  1. I had a dream of falling inlove with a bat. It even whispered “i love you” to me.. The bat then turned into an eagle.. Then it disappeared. And the owner of the house where the bat resides told me something is unusual with it.. It seems so happy and inlove.If anyone knows what is the meaning of my dream, could you please let me know?”

  2. I dreamt of 3 bats but it was day light flying around me, then 1 enters inside the bottle that my aunt was carrying then my aunt closes that bottle then the other 2 bats disappear

  3. Prina mistry on

    Hi seen bats dead been prepared for cooking for people to eat. What is the meaning of this dream

  4. I had to dream with 2 sleeping bats… the first one was small and white and the second one was a bit bigger but black… i saw the white bat when I was speaking to my brother (who passed away) but I don’t know what the bkack sleeping bat means… I was scared in my dream when I saw them. Just a bit startled but more so curious. Can anyone help me

  5. I dreamt that a swarm bats flew through my attic window and all went straight for my mouth but a woke up, what could this mean??

  6. I had a dream that I woke up int the middle of the night to a bunch of loud scratching and flapping noises. When I opened the curtains I saw hundred of bats flying up against my window. They were all trying to get in. The walls around me began to rot, ooze, and leak worms and centipedes. I’m nervous this may be a bad omen.

  7. Kristen Bizzack on

    I dreamt last night that as I was walking down a hallway I passed a death baby bat on the ground. I did see a dead baby bat at my job the other day. Not sure if this is why I dreamt this. What does this mean??

  8. Alferius Victor on

    I dreamt of swam of bat flying after to extent some biting me, but I’ve killed them in my dream . And the funny is when I hit them and it touched ground, thus the end of them

  9. I had a dream of a swarm of black bats eating flesh off the ground and could only say a man’s names. Still not sure what it means.

  10. I dreamt of a bat flying around me in the house I thought of it as friendly . But as time went on it irritated me for some unknown reason I ended up stabbing the bat , beheading it and cooking the meat up in a soup.( I also wanted to do what ozzy osobrourne did)I was wondering if perhaps my subconscious was trying to tell me something. No I’m not kidding it was bizarre.

  11. I dreamt of catching a bat, I handed to my cousin, who then let it go. He passed away 3 weeks later. I had NEVER dreamt of him or bats prior. I knew he had cancer, but it was not terminal, he was only 60.

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