Basket Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Basket Dream Symbol – Dreams of baskets brings happiness and joy to your life when they are full. They symbolize the different seasons so you need to identify what is in the basket. The basket represents your ability to overcome any tough challenges as you work towards a better life.

An empty basket can mean tough times are coming to your waking life soon. The plans you made will not succeed or you need to change them to avoid failure. This can also warn to be careful when dealing with financial matters. Dreaming of a basket may be a sign you need to take better care of your health and wellbeing.

Shopping and filling a basket with what you buy is a sign you are building relationships to help you achieve your goals. If the goods in the basket are spoiled or rotten in any way, then this can mean you will face failure in the future.

Feeling frustrated at trying to fill your basket can mean something in your waking life frustrates you. Do you have enough in life so you can live decently? Does something elude you no matter how hard you try? This can mean your life lacks in some way or you have trouble making important life changing decisions. You may need to spend time reflecting on what you need out of life to change your perspective. Then work on these areas to help them grow.

Baskets filled with food signifies you will have material security. Baskets filled with flowers bring happiness and untold joy to your love life. Buying a gift basket can reflect your careful nature and how you approach your current relationships. Baskets overflowing with fruit signify a happy life filled with hope.

Seeing a beautiful basket means you will receive good news. If it is empty, someone you love does not share your feelings. Weaving a basket reflects your hard work and suffering on the journey to achieve your dreams. Small baskets bring financial problems. Your current affluent financial position will be shot-lived. Be prepared for more tough times. Many baskets used as decorations around your home will attract money and love into your life and your home. There is a good chance your financial opportunities improve in your waking life.

A basket lying upside down can mean a material loss of some sort. Seeing an old, ugly basket warns to be wary of how you behave as you walk through life each day.

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  1. I dreamt I was looking for beans in the market but I was getting few from several sellers. An old lady sold me a few fresh beans too until I realized I was carrying an old basket that made me loose all my beans. I started tracing them from where I had passed and panicking to put them back to the basket, yet I kept loosing them

  2. I dream about pushing a new empty blue basket to the market searching for my wife but I couldn’t find her before waking up

  3. Lisa charles on

    Dream i wenr to church and they were hand out baskets and i got one a nice tow coloured one please explain

    • Dreamt I was carrying an empty basket and a lady came and insisted she will help me carry it and i gave her then along the road she gave me some money.

  4. I dreamt that I was sharing plenty bread in a blue basket to people and I also ate from the bread what does it for tells.

  5. Fathima sana on

    I dreamt myself flying to wherever I want in a beautiful basket! Just like Harry potter flew the broom stick…some people tried to take my basket and gave me a key of a brand new Audi. But I refused to take the offer and flew with my cage….it was lovely. I felt beautiful. Can anyone tell me the meaning of my dream.

  6. Laura King on

    Dreamed of a empty baby basket outside my door. Food and clothes were beside it but it was empty?

  7. I had a dream of a small newborn baby girl in a basket full of fresh fruit.. She was sleeping very peacefully. I’ve looked this up everywhere and can’t seem to get an answer to what it could mean can someone help. I’m currently pregnant and very interested thank you for reading!

    • I had a dream of a big beautiful locally made basket with nothing inside. Pls can u help me with the interpretation pls

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