Baseball Bats Dream Symbol


Baseball Bats – Baseball bats are a symbol of violence and fear. If you dream about a baseball bat, it indicates that some sort of physical danger is approaching. It could be as benign as you or someone close to you falling down and getting a bruise, or it could be more serious. It may indicate that you will narrowly avoid harm. This is a strong warning.

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  1. Mine was just recent.. Very consening and scary. I was driving down the stree, in my dream apperantly I was going a store I always go to, I was stopped at a stop sign when a car turned. The street seem bit darker than usual. Than my car would go slowly, I looked in my back Mirrow because it just didn’t feel right.. The guy that just had turned at the stop sign was approaching my car with a baseball bat in his hands. Of course I freaked out more and hit the gas but the car wouldn’t go, then he hit and brim my back window and said ‘ there we go’ I woke up.

  2. vince martin on

    I had one of theses dreams but it hasn’t really explained much, basically the dream I had was I was walking around at night out side a pub near where I live and near this fence along with some bushes I found a baseball bat and I picked it up and I walked into the car park with it and they’re was another person I didn’t recognize this with a baseball bat and we just ran at each other and I turn really violent just start hitting each other with the base ball bats. I think I won the fight but….. its weird I barely ever remember my dreams but this one was extremely detailed. if anyone thinks they have an idea of what it means please email me, because im really curious. thank you

    • Hey, just tonight I dreamt that i was walking into some fastfood place with my work pants on and my work bag (with my airsoft equipement inside, cuz thats what i use it for).
      The place looked like a Tim Hortons. I went to the bathroom and some weird guy approched me and offered me to join or to have a job in the Yakuza chinese gang. I was like “i dont even know anything about you guys” and he was like “but we know everything about you.” So i accepted the job or the invite offert. The weird guy then procceeded to show me a variety of baseball bats, of various unrealistic shapes and sizes, as if they were weapons. I grabbed more than my hands can possibly carry and i think i stuffed it all up in my workbag. Then i went back to the Tim Hortons cashier. Then i went outside, to meet the weird guy, with some others guys, near their vehicule. We were in a 1 row parking lot, like its next to the street. Then a random dude ran at me with a metal baseball bat. I got my fake airsoft plastic knife out of my workbag, and try to defend myself with it. The random dude ran a few meters away, then i got a bat out and we ran at each other fighting like fuck. There was about 7-8 bats on the street, we kept running back in and out of the fight, throwing the baseball bats and shit. In the end, i was disarmed, and i countered the radom dudes last attack and choked him out with my forearms, facing him while standing up, in a jiu jitsu move (i do jiu jitsu in real life).
      So he was choked out, i tought of finishing him off with a bat to the head but i let go of the choke before he dies, and walked away to the parking lot as he was sleeping, mostly unarmed (we never really hit each other, we blocked and dodged everything both of us.)
      Then i woke up.
      I read up your comment and tought, even if you posted this a while ago, that you were the guy that randomly attacked me. ­čÖé

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