Bankruptcy Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Bankrupt Dream Symbol – Dreaming about being bankrupt is not always indicative of monetary issues. Oftentimes, bankruptcy is representative of ethical or moral decision that we are making. Making the wrong choices in ethical or moral dilemmas may be the source of this symbol in your dreams. Dreaming of bankruptcy is a call to reevaluate any major decision that you have made or are making in your life.

Dreaming of bankruptcy represents your self-doubt and stress levels in your waking life. This can indicate there is an urgent problem you need to address. It could be you are anxious about financial matters. Though it does not mean you will go bankrupt for real. It can be an indication you are working hard to get your financial affairs into better order. You will eventually succeed. Bankruptcy dreams can also symbolize cutting yourself off from all those you care about.

Bankruptcy can also refer to a lack of resources to meet your needs. There may be things you need to do or to learn to improve areas of your life or your personality. When you find what you are missing in your life you will fill that void in your heart.

Becoming bankrupt in a dream can often mean there is a positive gain to some part of your life. If you are truly bankrupt in your waking world and have this sort of dream, it is a warning to listen to the advice of someone you care about. If someone close to you becomes bankrupt, you will receive a surprise gift or donation.

Being bankrupt in business can mean there is mismanagement in an area of your life. You may be under stress from someone who pressures you that causes you high levels of anxiety. Dreaming you slowly going bankrupt can indicate you will soon have money regularly coming in. Facing bankruptcy can mean you currently feel overwhelmed and powerless in your waking life. Do you have a fear of failure? Do you feel you have no control? Try focusing on the positives to bring more positive energy into your life. This can help you regain control.

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