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Baby Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a baby symbolizes new beginnings, purity, and innocence. But you also need to analyze what the baby was doing and its surroundings to get a true understanding of the dream. A crying baby can signify your recent creativity and that you have new creative ideas to take you forward into the future. You may have some new ideas or opinions that are different to others. This dream can mean you need to be protective of these before revealing this side of yourself to the world. You may be misunderstood.

There is much talk of your inner child and how you need to be in touch with this to help develop your creativity blossom. A new born baby is a symbol of purity and starting anew. Holding a baby can indicate you work in community or charity work of some kind. This can mean you need to get things done through a consultative process. A beautiful baby signifies joy and happiness, where an ugly baby can mean you mistrust the motives of someone close to you. And, a sick baby is a warning of tough times coming really soon.

If a baby goes down the drain hole in your dream, this represents any fears of not living up to your and others expectations. A baby that weeps can mean you are starved for attention and need someone to look after you. Giving birth in a hospital means that you may need to be more impulsive. This is a sign you may be entrenched in everyday responsibilities, and have become predictable and boring. It may be time to stand up for your beliefs. Make sure you take time for fun with friends and family.

A baby screaming in public indicates you are hiding your true beauty. You may dress down and take little effort with your appearance. This may be a message to let you know if you show outer beauty to the world you can feel more deeply connected with the universe. While outside appearances should not matter. They can matter. If you feel you look amazing, it can alter your whole demeanor. Similarly, if you dress in old, torn clothes you may not be feeling all that good about yourself. The world may shun the negativity you bring.

Dreaming of neglecting a baby can mean you neglect yourself. It can also mean you need to be better at protecting the young people in your life. A starving baby indicates your ingrained dependence on everyone around you. People are getting tired of you draining them of their energy. You need to cut some strings and be more independent. Holding a dead baby signifies the death of the old in your life and the beginning of exciting new things.

When dreaming of more than one baby this is an indication of the creative ideas or new ventures coming your way. And overdue baby indicates something you were expecting has not yet arrived and you worry about the delay. A premature baby is a sign you may not yet be ready to take the next steps on your path. You need more time to prepared for the future.

A crying baby indicates you will come across problems in your career or job sometime soon. This could mean projects are delayed or opportunities you expected do not arrive. Dreaming of a happy baby represents your feelings of gratitude for all you have in your life. It is also a sign of innocence, a peaceful time with no worries. It can also bring new opportunities with a new start.

A laughing baby symbolizes happy times, and your feelings of happiness at being well rewarded for your hard work. If a baby is sleeping, this can mean you are detached from the challenges in your life. You may need to reconnect to resolve them so you can move on. Dreaming of giving birth is a sign of a bright future. You have a wonderful imagination and you will use it creatively in some way to secure your future. Challenges are just that to you. You welcome challenges. You spend only the minimal time to fix them, and accept new tasks and responsibilities as new opportunities.

Baby dreams often indicate a change in your life – either one that you hope for, one that you fear, or one that you simply know is coming. Just as babies are a great responsibility for new parents, the change that you see coming may often be one with new responsibilities that you cannot fully understand until you have to undertake them.

Baby DreamsIt is common to have baby dreams before a change in life circumstances, such as going away to college, graduating, getting a job, or getting married. Many people who have baby dreams prior to getting married take it as a sign that they are going to get pregnant quickly. While prophetic dreams are indeed possible, there is also the possibility that the dream simply indicates the new life that you are about to build together.

A baby dream may also indicate a fresh new start, such as moving to a new town. If you can introduce yourself to people as a completely new person, without carrying in any baggage from already being known in the town or social situation, it is like you are a new baby, free to define yourself in any way you want. Your feelings about this new start may be reflected in the circumstances and emotions surrounding the baby in your dream. For instance, if you dream of a crying baby, it may indicate fears that you will not succeed in your new location or life. You may need to take some care to nurture yourself and to calm these fears.

Baby Dreams have Multiple Interpretations

Your dream about a baby may also indicate something or someone you are nurturing or need to nurture. If you dream of another person being a baby, this may indicate that you see that person as being helpless or needing your support, or it may indicate a true weakness in the person that you are unaware of. This is especially true if you dream of someone as a baby who in waking life is a very strong and confident person.

This person may be hiding insecurities or weaknesses which he or she is not willing to express to the world. Your subconscious may be tuning in to an aspect of this person which both your and their conscious minds do not realize is even present.

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A baby often symbolizes a project or aspiration that you are nurturing. We often refer to our special projects as our “babies,” and this is true in our subconscious minds as well as in our waking speech. To dream about protecting a baby, giving birth to a baby, or rocking a baby may in this context indicate your feelings about your project or goal, while seeing a baby crib may mean your hope for a project or dream that has not yet been “born” or concretely begun. Dreaming about danger coming to your baby indicates fears for the future of your project, which you have begun to feel protective and motherly toward. Watching the baby grow, play, laugh, crawl, walk, or talk likewise signifies your hopes for the project. Of course, these dreams may also be prophetic, indicating the future outcome of your project and the success it is destined to have.

Baby Dreams can Indicated Dependence

Just as a baby is completely dependent on others, a baby dream may indicate dependence, especially if you dream that you are the baby. You may feel vulnerable and at the mercy of others. The circumstances of this dream will indicate your feelings about this situation.

Are you abandoned and afraid in the dream? This is an indication of a lack of trust on your part, or a lack of trustworthiness on theirs. If you feel safe and taken care of, this is an indication of the trust you have in the people you rely on. You clearly feel that you can be vulnerable around them and that they will not betray you. This is a relationship to nourish, but be careful about being too needy, or taking more than you give. Scientists speculate that baby animals and humans are cute as a biological defense mechanism, to ensure that their mothers will take care of them.

As an adult, you do not have that same defense mechanism, and if you are a “taker” or an energy leech in a relationship, you will be a burden on your friends and loved ones until they begin pushing you away. If you feel that your baby dream is telling you this about yourself, it is time to take positive action in your friendship or relationship and change this. Show interest in their affairs rather than only talking about your own, come with ideas for activities or games, pay for dinner, or even make some more friends so as to not rely on the same friends over and over again.

Similarly, if you dream that your friend or loved one is a baby, this may indicate that you feel the power and energy of the relationship is unbalanced, and that the other person is dependent on you. You may feel overtaxed, similar to a mother with a small baby. Take some time for yourself and focus on your own self-care. You may want to talk to this friend and ask him or her to take a more active or contributory role in the relationship.

If you dream that you have a baby but cannot find him or her, or that you are hiding a baby, this often indicates that you have vulnerabilities which you are not willing to reveal to others. You may wish to examine the baby in the dream and find out what these vulnerabilities and insecurities are, because you might not even be aware of the fears inside you and the things that you are trying to hide.

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  1. Maribel Quiñonez on

    My grandmother , said she had a dream that I ended up having a baby girl . Which scares me bc when my aunt was pregnant with my cousin & didn’t tell my grandma , she had a dream about it & that’s how she found out Please help me I would like to know what this means …

  2. I dreamt that my child, who passed away 4 years ago, was babbling in my arms and said her first word, which was “okay”. I started crying in my dream, I was happy to hear her speak and say a word, because when she was alive she never made any sounds except when she cried. I don’t know what this means, but I need to know something about it.

  3. Hrishika Anand on

    I’d a dream of probably..2 years old baby calling me his mother and I was holding him , him much love as if he’s my son!..everything else seemed lyk I’ve been married and calling his father’s name! 🙁
    I dnt know what is this..I’m just 18 years old and soon going to be in college!
    Can anyone interpret this?

  4. Dreaming about a Baby boy come to my door to get hug… later on I bring it back to his house.
    What’s the meaning?

  5. ADEKEMI Ajibade on

    I had a dream dat i was nurshing a baby boy for a friend, d baby was crying n i pet d baby n hr slept off, later i took d baby back to is father. Pls help me out i need to no d meaning.

  6. I had a dream last night that it was me and a bunch of my family members at this house. My niece was holding a baby (she wasn’t my niece the whole time though).
    My brother came around and he was someone we had to get away from. I panicked, ran into the basement where I found this hiding place, a hole I can climb through to an extended part of the house, furnished and everything. I’ve had dreams before where this is my escape, I go back to that place whenever I want, been dreaming of it for years actually. This time it didn’t quite seem like I fit though, I had to force myself, because I knew I could get in.
    Anyway as soon as I climbed in there I thought of all the people out there and knew I had to hide them. I climbed back out and that girl holding the baby was there, I held the baby for her to climb in then handed her the baby.
    My brother was coming into the room so I moved a chair in front of the hiding place and say down. I distracted my brother with writing a list of ecig flavors we needed to get. My father was somehow sitting in the chair next to me. My brother went outside for something, I could see him in the window and I was going to check on the girl and baby when he seemed to notice me through the window and he started coming in again.
    The last thing I remember was looking at my dad and saying ‘ you know dad, Luke is smart, I think he’s catching on ‘

    Can anybody help?

  7. I dreamt as if a friends baby was in the mother’s car and he wanted me to carry him.. it was a beautiful baby boy and he was talking in that baby language. he was soo cute

  8. I had a dream I was walking and I saw a baby. He/she was playing with rabbits. The rabbits would jump from a hill across the path and land wherever the baby was. I went to investigate the hill to see where the rabbits were coming from.
    I walked some more & then an eagle perched on my head, but then perched up high on the roof and look at me. I kept walking & he did it again. I turned around & we stared at each other intensely.

    • My dream was about my granddaughter shes only 4 months old but in my dream she was a a little older. I saw her standing up all by herself a d I was suprised when I called her name she started walking towards me all by her self it was her first time walking everyone was surprised after I held her for a while I put her down standing up told her to dance and she did she had her lil baby dance was ao cute. I was so happy to see her be able to do such things at such young age. It was a beautiful dream to me Need to know what this dream means

  9. I had a dream about my father-in-law who has been deceased for 10 yrs. (My daughter has one child who is 5 and she and her “now” husband have been trying to have a baby but have been going through infertility treatments). My daughter, granddaughter, husband and I were at home, I was sitting in the floor on a blanket playing with a baby. The front door opened and in walked my husbands father, without a word he sat down in the recliner by the baby and I. My husband asked him how he was and what he had been doing, then told him to meet his “granddaughters.” I held the baby up for my father-in-law to take and the dream ended. Two days later when I told my daughter about this dream she told me she had been monitoring her ovulation cycle and the morning I had my dream was the day she had her “Peak ovulation/fertility” She hasn’t taken a pregnancy test yet. I’m not sure if one thing has anything to do with the other. But I did find it quiet ironic.

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