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Australia Dream Symbol – A dream featuring Australia symbolizes a mindset that persists in trying to helps others although it is difficult to do. Do you ignore others’ negativity or rudeness to help them through hard times? Australians have the saying ‘she’ll be right mate’ which can refer to your laid-back attitude about some important things in your life.

It can also represent deliberately turning a blind eye to your bad habits and mistakes, and those of others. Dreaming of Australia can also mean you notice that others turn a blind eye to your shortcomings and bad habits. This may mean these are areas of yourself in your waking life that need addressing.

An Australian person in a dream can mean you have to put on a positive attitude no matter how you feel. That you need to put others’ needs before your own no matter what it costs you. It can also reflect feelings of annoyance that you have to ignore something you know is wrong to keep the peace. Your sense of justice may make you feel guilty about your silence in a situation.

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