Audition Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Audition Dream Symbol – If you dream about attending an audition, it may indicate that you feel insecure about certain parts of your life. You might not be financially well off or you could be emotionally vulnerable to people around you.

Dreaming about an audition indicates feelings that you are being judged by someone you look up to and want to impress. It could also indicate the desire to impress others and try to live up to expectations that of the people around you. Auditions are common signs that you feel the need to try and prove something to people around you.

How the audience responds to you in your dream, can indicate your view of how people perceive you in your waking life. If the audience is engaged and responsive, it suggests that you have an impact when you speak and people take you seriously.

If the audience boos you off stage, it may be a sign that you are not getting your message across when you speak to those around you. Perhaps you need to look at how you communicate with others and see if there is a better way to communicate your words.

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  1. I had a dream about the near audition coming up in my waking life this octorber and in the dream i watched my close friends audition but the lady didnt even get to me and told us we failed so was i just watching them or did i fail my audition even when i didnt really do anything ? Is failing a bad sign about the upcoming audition ?. Or was i watching them audition ?.

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