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Attack Dream Symbol – There are many aspects to being attacked in a dream. You will need to take everything in the dream into account to get an accurate interpretation. Dreaming of being attacked in a dream can represent repressed emotions of some sort. This may be associated with your sexuality or you may fear the intensity of the anger you feel for someone or something.

Yaou may feel under attack or threatened by someone or something someone does. Or, others may be in disagreement with you and this may knock your confidence. This can be a direct attack you know all about. Or, it can be surreptitious gossip behind your back with the intention to betray you. It can also be a warning of being attacked by an illness that may be difficult to fight off. Take a trip to the doctor if you have been feeling unwell.

attacked-dreamBeing attacked by animal can indicate you may be on the defense. You may have conflicting emotions, ideas, and desires. Maybe you feel victimized in a relationship of some sort and you repress how you feel about what is happening and how it makes you feel. You may even be repressing your natural reactions to stand up for yourself. It can also mean you are repressing your sexuality and feelings of rejection. All this repression can lead to growing bitterness, and an explosion of anger.

Being attacked by a bird can symbolize fear of others attacking your thoughts, creativity, and ideas so you may keep them to yourself. You may have views that are alternative to many of your circle of friends, and you may be afraid of speaking your truth for fear of being ousted or considered a fool.

Being attacked by a shadow may be a metaphor for ‘beware of the boogey man’. It can bring back your old childhood night terrors and how you felt about any negative things in your life at the time. It is important you stand up to this type of attack, for, if you run away, it will remain latent. Underlying all that you think and do in your everyday life.

Dreaming of a sexual attack can be a replay of past sexual traumas or may express your fear of these things happening. It can also mean you fear your intense feelings and emotions about someone or something. You may be being challenged to resurrect your creativity. Seeing someone being attacked indicates your anger towards another. You may need to take a break from your partner to resolve your feelings of anger.

If you are the attacker, your actions are a positive sign of not sitting passively by waiting for whatever happens. You are tackling the conflict around you head on. It is a message to get up off your butt and start expressing yourself creatively. It may even be you need to see with a new perspective to help you move forward.

Alternative Meanings

If you dream that you are attacking someone then it can indicate you have underlying anger or frustration that is being expressed in the form of aggression. If you are attacking someone you do not know, it can indicate a general anger that you have towards society or a specific situation that you find yourself in.

If the person you are attacking is someone familiar to you, it can indicate a hostile attitude towards that person. Perhaps you have underlying jealousy towards that person and do not want to see them succeed in their endeavors. Maybe that person has slighted you in the past and you are still holding on to old grudges.

Another interpretation for attacking in a dream may indicate that you feel vulnerable to people around you in your waking life and your subconscious is trying to lash out your anger that you have bottled up inside.

Do you feel powerless and unable to express your thoughts? It is possible your unconscious mind is encouraging you to speak your mind and stand up for yourself.

Sometimes dreams that feature violence and attack can indicate an underlying desire to have power and control over your waking life. It is important to try and identify what you were trying to attack in your dream and why.

If you dream that you are being attacked it can indicate that you feel vulnerable people around you who maybe in a position of power. You may feel unjustly victimized in your waking life by someone or a group of people who have put you down. This dream may be symbolic of bullying and negativity that you have been receiving from the people around you.

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  1. I had a dream i was flying and performing and a little girl was trying to mess me up so when i was done i flew down and tackled her. I took her by the neck and started bashing her against the grounf with rage. Then i got mad when i was kicked out and i said that she shouldve been kicked out for messing with my performance. It was her fault not mine. I dont know this girl in out of dream life but she was young maybe 6 or 7.

  2. Billy Montgomery on

    I dreamed i was chasing someone in my dream. This was a very bad guy, he was hurting everyone around that would go against him. He was cutting off fingers, limbs, and even a young guys head. Everyone in the dream was so afraid of him they wouldn’t help the victims even though he would have been greatly out numbered. I was the only one he was afraid of. He somehow knew I was out to get him, and stayed clear of me. One time i even passed him in a crowded hallway and he was directly looking at me when i saw him and he ran out and i wasn’t able to catch up to him.

    I knew I was the one that HAD to catch him, and put a stop to him and his evil ways. I wanted to stop him and i knew when i caught him i would be very violent with him… We both knew it would be the end of him… I had not one bit of fear of him, and would not feel bad in the least, to end his existence because he was pure EVIL… I was the only one that was capable of stopping him, and yet i wasn’t able to catch him.

    I have never had a dream like this in my life. But i know this evil has to die…

  3. Had a dream waz at a fancy party..and guys where trying to chat with me but didnt pay no afttention to them..then one guy pulled me out of the crowed and started to pull my clothes off and was going to rape me..he pulled out a knife and started to cut my left upper arm chest area it hurt but i didnt scream..i froze and never felt so scared and woke up in a sweat and breathing hard what does this mean…

  4. I have a recurring dream. My ex and I were married for 2 years before I found out they were cheating. In hindsight, I ignored the signs. I do feel I got closure, however, many of my friends and still friends with them.

    In this dream, our mutual friends are all hanging out. The ex is there, with a close family member, and I walk in on them. I hold my anger back and just scream at them….until I find out that nearly everyone at this party (my friends) had been with my ex while we were in our 4 year relationship. I take it out on my ex and beat the shit out of them. In general, this dream disturbs me. Last night, it moved into me bringing my current SO to their place and having sex with them in their house. So strange.

    I don’t know what to make of it all.

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