Ascension Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Ascension Dream Symbol – Dreaming of ascension represents your spiritual growth and awareness. Ascension comes from an altered state of seeing through meditation and other spiritual methods. This can mean you have received honors for your achievements in your waking life. Is there something you are proud to have achieved?

Ascending into the sky is a sign you will gain the respect of your peers for what you achieve. Dreaming of climbing a mountain without wavering from your task, can mean you will get what you work so hard to attain. The road may be long and littered with difficult obstacles, but you persisted to achieve your dreams.

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  1. Mine was white dove sitting on an olive branch in the center of an olive tree. Then the dove accended. The tree was beautiful and had many green leafs. It was a vision not a dream.

  2. Alexis VanCuyk on

    I have a dream that I am a witch and I have to ascend to become the personification of air, water, fire, earth, and spirit. I have to die from each of those elements and then the elements make me a new body. What does any of that mean? I don’t understand this at all.

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