Artemis/Diana Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Artemis/Diana Dream Symbol – Artemis and Diana are symbolic of primal instincts. They are both goddesses of the hunt but from different legends and times. Dreaming of them is a reminder to trust your gut instincts. Do not ignore your primal knowledge or things that you just know. Follow your intuition. It will never fail you.

These women bring messages of independence, and taking action for a better life. You do not need a partner to be a complete person. In fact, it is more likely you will find the right person when you are already complete. You are a warrior in your own life. Stand up for your beliefs. Reach for the goals in your heart. Have the courage to walk your truth. You can do it.

Dreams of Artemis and Diana remind you are not defined by who you are married to. Is this what worries you? You have the self-confidence and ability to achieve what you need to do as an independent, strong woman.

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