Apricot Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Apricot Dream Symbol – Dreaming of apricots represent the feelings of joy you have for someone or something that has not been easy to achieve. This is a time to be proud of what you achieved. It is most likely this was an achievement against all odds. You like to work hard. And, you enjoy challenges. And, now you enjoy the rewards.

apricot-dreamAlternatively, it can mean that something you loved as an indulgence is no longer attractive to you. Doing something too often, overindulging, can make something boring if you do it too often. It can even be that you settle for things as being less than perfect.

Seeing an apricot tree can mean there are some family members that try to stop you from being happy. Picking apricots means that you may have a long, difficult journey ahead very soon. Dreaming of eating an apricot means there is success on the way. And, if sharing one with another, you will have support succeeding in your dreams. Eating a raw apricot means you will live a long life but, seeing someone else eat a raw apricot can shorten your lifespan. Drinking apricot juice is a warning that your staff may not be all that they seem.

Tasting a sweet apricot indicates there may be problems at work that could even hurt you. However, if the apricot is sour, there may be problems at home because of your spouse’s behavior. Only one apricot means you may be rich and many apricots can mean you will meet someone who gets money through untruthful means.

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