Apples Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Apples Dream Symbol – Apples represent wholeness and temptation, and is a sign of good luck. Seeing an apple tree in your dreams can be a sign this is a lucky time for you. It can even mean an upcoming marriage or the purchase of an expensive item. Seeing apples being planted is a sign you will have a lucky, fruitful life. Watering apple trees can mean you do not really want to attend a social event.


Peeling an apple means that you will overcome any challenges no matter how hard it is to do. Slicing peeled apples means you do not take difficulties too seriously. You spend as little time as possible dealing with them and then move on without a second thought. Eating an apple means you may need more time to overcome any challenges at this time.

Distributing apple slices to children means you will witness the success of a child. This will make you proud. A worm in an apple is a warning that someone is gossiping about you. Eating an apple with a worm in it can mean though people are talking about you behind your back, it does not affect you.

Selling apples means everything in your life is going well. It can also mean you bring luck to your close friends and family. Buying them may indicate you are soon to take a business trip.

Sweet apples indicate romantic love will soon come into your life. And, if the apple is bitter, it means you may have trouble with a child that is part of your life. It may even be the child of someone close to you. Seeing dried apple pieces means that you are a big dreamer. You need to slow down and plan each move step-by-step.

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