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Antelope dream SymbolAntelope Dream Symbol – When an antelope visits your dreams it symbolizes you can achieve whatever you want as long as you put in the hard work and come from a place of integrity. Nothing in life comes for nothing or without effort or challenges to overcome. Depending on the situation when the antelope visits, it could be warning you to run from a situation or someone.

To understand what an antelope is trying to tell you, you need to take a deeper look at the details of your dream.

Dreaming of antelopes confined in a zoo can symbolize your sense of confinement by relationships and situations. You may feel that fulfilling your desires is futile.

Wild antelopes grazing on your lawn can signify the coming of financial gain as a reward for your hard work. And, if you dream of catching an antelope at home this can signify the fulfillment of all you wish for.

Dreaming of a dead antelope can mean whatever is bothering is you is frustrating, and this can boil over to your relationships and cause frustrations there as well.

A female worried about her relationship that dreams of an injured antelope, indicates her love is unrequited and maybe it is time to put an end to the relationship and move on with her life.

When you dream of being the antelope of your dreams it can promise success in new ventures, love, relationships, and family. The hard work you have put in is about to pay off.

Dreaming of killing or cutting the meat to eat can mean antelope’s message you will have enough to provide adequately for you and your family.

Beware of stampeding antelope herds as they can lead you down the wrong path if you follow blindly. Stampeding antelopes are not watching where they are going so you never know where you are going to end up.

When Antelope crosses your path

Antelope crosses your path when you feel lost and confused, and not sure which way to turn. Antelope counsels to take time out to make choices from wisdom rather than frustration to have abundance flow into your life.

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  1. I have a dream that one person died and then I saw snake on a tree trying to bite one boy I shouted the snake went back then a man with me was trying to kill the snake with a big stick then end up hitting the stick on an antelope which he carried on his head and was talking with fear while walking around as I was watching him then I woke up

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