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Angel Dream Symbol – The Angel is a positive dream symbol that represents goodness, purity, protection, and comfort in a time of need. It is important for you to look at what the angel was doing in your dream. Was it looking after you while you slept and trying to tell you a message or was it symbolic of something?

To see an angel in your dream is often a good omen and a sign of intervention in a time of need. Many people believe that angels are there to protect us as we sleep and guide us through life. Depending on your beliefs, the angel can either represent a guardian that is watching out for you or it can reflect your self-image and guidance from within.

The angel may also represent someone in your life who has gone above and beyond to help you throughout your journey. This angel could represent a loved one, friend or mentor who has helped guide you and picked you up when you have fallen.

Angel dreamIf you dream about a fallen angel that has turned from good to evil, it can indicate that you are heading down the wrong path in your life. Maybe you have fallen astray in pursuit of money, instead of focusing on more important things like building stronger relationships with your family.

If you see an angel of death, it can indicate that there is something about to go wrong in your life. This can also indicate that you have a deep worry about your future and need to spend your time focusing on things you can control.

Additional Angel Dream Symbols

Dreaming of angels is a good sign. They come as messengers from God. They bring good luck and guidance as well as heavenly protection. They symbolize heaven, protection, and all things good. Angels visit to let you know you are protected by all that is good in the universe. They come with messages to look deeper to find what is hidden. When you dream of angels you need to also look at what is happening in your own reality. They bring messages of joy and warnings to prepare for tough times.

Angels all in white symbolize purity, renewal, peace, and love. They may visit when all is well in your life. They can also visit when you seek inner peace. It can be a message you need to concentrate on being the best person you can be to attain it. Dreaming of all black angels is a warning. You may feel guilty about something. You may have to take action to put things right and heal yourself. It can also be a warning you are in danger of some sort. Colorful angels represent joy and happiness. There are things in your life to be grateful for. You are looking forward to the positive changes.

Dreaming of an angel holding a sword or staff, ready for war, can mean your life is in emotional turmoil. There may be things going on you try to understand. But you are not clear how you got involved. Angel items that represent knowledge, such as a book, is a sign the path to your future will soon become clearer. This will give you confidence in your decisions and actions. Angels eating and drinking in a dream is a message your spirituality needs sustenance. Everyday responsibilities may be getting you down. Along with the daily struggles of work and family life. This can be a message you need some time out for yourself. You may be run down. If you do not look after yourself, you will need others to look after you.

Seeing a single angel brings messages to focus your attention and take action. Do not allow other to distract you from your path to achieve your dreams for they are trying to destroy them. Three angels represent harmony and balance. The message can be about your mind, body, and soul. Many angels indicate prosperity, emotional toughness, and support from God. They bring messages that you are protected. This is a good sign of an abundant future.

Dreams of male angels symbolize protective, aggressive, and warlike energy. Female angels represent prosperity, love, and fertility. Angels that are calm can mean that is what you seek in your real life. Calmness and peace. Your life may be too hectic and you may need a time out from the daily grind of responsibilities. It may be a time for inner reflection.

Happy angels indicate your confidence about your life and where it is heading. This can also mean a recent achievement or you expect good news any day. A sad angel brings messages of possible lost love and challenges crossing your path. You have a guardian angel protecting you. Helping you make it through the hard times. Angry angels in a dream indicate you have done something wrong or made a mistake. This is a message that you need to take responsibility for this and make up for your mistakes.

More Meanings

Angels bring good news to your dreams. They can represent a desire for stability. Have you lost your way? Do you search for answers? Angels bring happiness, protection, and love from the universe. They can symbolize, good luck, and bring death and rebirth to someone in your waking life. Angels are a sign of spiritual growth and the attainment of wisdom.

Angels are messengers bringing you answers from the universe and your subconscious. They serve as a reminder to what you have locked away in your soul. The more angels that appear in a dream, the more important it is you listen to their message. You have the wisdom within. You already know the answers.

Seeing an angel means you will solve the problem easily or recover quickly from an illness. Seeing an angry angel warns you could have a huge loss. Several angels signify joy and happiness will enter your life. Being guided by an angel warns there may be a separation of some kind in your waking life. Walking among angels confirms you have loyal friends who are there when you need support.

Angel Dreaming

Angels visit your dreams to bring protection and good news to your life. Angels are a good sign. They may bring you disappointment when you wish to harm another. A dream of an angel approaching is a message of good news. This will come soon and will change your life in a positive way. Be prepared for prosperity to enter your life.

Seeing a guardian angel or touching its wings means there will soon be peace and harmony in your waking life. All the stress and anxiety will melt away as your problems simply disappear. Has this been a time of great worry and stress for you? This is a message to let you know you are protected by universal powers. Have faith and all will soon be well.

Dreaming of being an angel is a sign there are people close to you who need your help and support. It is a reminder you are in a position to help. They may not have the ability to ask you for help. A crying angel is a warning to take a look at yourself and the way you are behaving. Have you been treating others with selfish arrogance? Is there something you have done that you regret? A smiling angel brings news you will soon find your soul mate. This is great news if you are single. If you are in a relationship, this can mean you rekindle the romantic flame.

A black angel in a dream reflects the torturous thoughts that fill your mind and heart. You may be filled with self-doubt. This is a sign that you should not doubt yourself. There is nothing to fear. Remember the old saying “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”? This is a stark reminder to listen to your intuition for perfect guidance. Have faith in your gut instincts.

A woman dreaming of an angel in human form symbolizes a husband and a happy marriage and family life. You have a lot to look forward to. A man dreaming of an angel can mean he is craving for a romantic relationship. This can mean you need to be more open with your feelings.

An angel carrying a sword warns there are evil people you trust simply working against you. It can also warn you are about to do something evil that you will regret for the rest of your life. Stop and consider what you are about to do. Is it worth it?

Christian Interpretation of Angel Dream

If you are a Christian then the angel can indicate that God is watching out for you and protecting you while you sleep.  It can reflect your guardian angel that has your back even when you are not awake. God could be reminding you that you are not alone, and someone is watching out for you.

You may see more than one angel in your dream. This is a very positive sign and a symbol of the harmony that you have achieved in your walk with God.

Questions to Ask?

  • Was the angel there to protect you or was it simply playing a passive role?
  • Does this angel represent someone in your life who has gone above and behind for you?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. Melissa Apodaca on

    I have always been in love with my dream state, more than my awake living state, in the world, universe. I have been through many trials since September 2015. Today, my daughter and I actually have a warm place to call home and are becoming stable and beginning to love our lives again, although our road has been paved with sharp edged rocks and unfortunate events, what I (we) have gained Spiritually, is so Immense, it is overwhelming at times. We are so very blessed and grateful!!!
    So, Nov 1, 2017, recently, we, moved in to our 1st rental home since 2015, and are safe happy and sound! Praise to God!
    Two nights ago, I dreamt I witnessed a dull black, steampunk era style, dragon. The dragon seemed to be frozen, metal and nails holding it together. The dragon was not mean nor happy and wZ emotion less because it seemed to be fake. The dragon was Large, a white male, dressed in all black, descended from the clouds, sitting atop the dragons back,,he resembled a train conductor, but in my dream, he was dressed in black, except for his undershirt was white dressy men’s top, buttons,
    The man sat on dragon and looked at me as if her were ready to tell me something, than Boom,, he was gone…would anyone like to help me find out what may or may not be in my future??!! Thank you so much!! I know its a message, but what type? Good , bad indifferent?? Awesome, can’t wait to hear back!!!! Mimi

  2. I never see dreams where someone is FIGHTING the Angel.

    I had this dream.

    The weird thing?

    We were in heaven. I had broken into Heaven to bring back a loved one to earth with me. And anyone who got in my way were knocked aside.

  3. I was dreaming that I was in room not my own room. I was looking trough the patio window.seeing. that angels were waiving at me. I stood up went to the window the one angels was a female with white wings. I waved Back at them not sure if it was for me. Outside there were a pool.or river.They all swam in the crystal clear water. Only the female angel was an adult.the others were. Children.I don’t know how many of them were there. All that I remember that I could see right through the water to see their legs. I felt at peace and happy. I am still wondering what it meant.

  4. So last Monday I had a dream or OBE I was in a deep sleep and was having a regular dream I was walking through a store and all of a sudden I was sucked out of that dream out of my body and was flying up in to the sky and stopped and I was floating in the clouds and I look down I can see my body asleep and I looked back up and seen a beautiful mans face and he had white wings he was just looking at me he had armor on he didn’t really say anything but fly around me I felt safe and like we met before it was a good feeling and I woke up because my son was crying and I had to make him a bottle the whole morning I just couldn’t forget what happened..

  5. I had a dream that was very powerful and very vivid and didn’t quiet find anything above exactly pertaining to what I dreamt. I had this dream in late August 2016. But what happened was that I was very sick in this dream and was saying goodbye to everyone. The strange thing was, was that I was laying in my bed and family and friends were visiting to say goodbye. Then out of nowhere it was like I was sucked out of my body all the way up into the sky. This is where it got very interesting when I got to a point I was floating looking down at myself/house at the same time. But floating there with me were too angels (I did not look directly at them but could see them out the corners of my eyes and were shinning really bright) The emotion that I felt was so immense and felt as though I had actually died but was so emotional at the fact I didn’t want to leave and say goodbye to everyone?

  6. Just woke up from a dream where 7 angels were praying protection over me as I walked down a road. The last one sounded to be an older African-American lady. I could not see them but I heard them and felt they were dressed in white.

    I was woken up by my son and husband as the last (elderly lady) one finished. It was hard to wake as I felt so drawn to the spirits.

  7. I had a dream of two female angels teaching me to fly. I was in a beautiful scenery of trees and bright colored flowers. At some point while flying I became nervous of being in flight and I grabbed a hold of high structure that had a long pole at the top of it. The female angel closes to me laughed and told me to let go and to not be scared. I did but began to fall. I fell in a grassy field but the fall wasn’t long and the fall didn’t hurt. The angel laughed, took me by my right hand and told me to keep trying. She walked me toward a cliff where the scenery was beautiful and told me to jump. As I looked back at her I noticed a male angel, very huge standing in the distance, watching me. I asked the female angel who he was. The angel told me not to worry and that I would meet him tomorrow.

    The two female angels suddenly was in a house, cottage like. We were standing in a room. At this point they no longer had their wings. The larger male angel walked past the room we were in. I was so taken by him because he was beautiful but I also felt intimidated by him. I looked down the hall and watched him enter into a room and close the door. I asked the female angel again who he was. She again told me not to worry, I would meet him tomorrow. I looked back at the door where the male angel had entered and I noticed my dog (who is still alive) laying outside that door.

    I was then awaken by my son.

    In my dream the angels didn’t have a face but I felt they were beautiful and very friendly. I felt safe and very loved. I have no idea what I was wearing so I can’t assume I was an angel. I did not feel threatened by the male angel. I was intrigued by him mainly due to his size and he felt powerful!

    If anyone can interprete this dream I would like to know.

  8. hi, i would also like to share about my dream. it’s been a week now and i still can fully remember everything about that dream.

    it started being me as one of the angels inside a church or some kind of an auditorium where angels gathered. i was standing at the very end of the auditorium together with my angel friends(which i can’t recognize who) .we were wearing some kind of a dirty white long dress, we also have wings. it’s kinda big and feathery.

    it just happened that i was already at the very front of the gathering and some of the angels saying i was the strongest of them. there were two angel leaders who wanted to punch me, grab my collar or something but the other angels behind them was stopping them, then i snatched there necklaces and flew.

    yes, i was flying. and while i was flying, there were angels following me, the thing i was carrying is telling me that it is some sort of power, so to stop them from following me, i decided to make it explode and so it was torn into small little pieces falling from the sky. the angels who were following me started to catch those pieces and took it for themselves.

    i continued flying but in my dream i am still learning to fly. i sometimes touched the ground but still managed to fly again. i also noticed some of my angel friends was following me from a distance.

    we arrived in an old building, we nolonger have wings. we walked inside that building together with my friends, i recognize one of my high school guy friend. we continued walking, we started seeing people in the place, someone led us to an audtitorium and while entering, my highschool buddies was accompanying me inside. and when we arrived, we fall in lined and was told to be sitted. i was looking for a seat but all the benches where occupied. i saw a bench space fitted for only just one person but i was hessitant to sit there because i will be sitting next with my very strict aunt, but then decided to just sit there. she was actually baby sitting with a baby boy about a year old or 2. i was just about to sit and told my aunt that “this boy is so spoiled” like i know him very well. the boy looked at me, just staring.

    my dream ended there when my boyfriend arrived and started knocking on the door.

    it was then that i realized that the baby boy looked like just my boyfriend! it was a younger version of him! i just can’t stopped imagining the face of that little boy. me and my boyfriend was already trying to have a baby for more than a year now. i hope and pray that after everything about that dream, it just means one thing! a blessing from God, a baby boy! that would really make us very happy.

  9. Camille edwards on

    Last night I dreamt I was walking on a road in the forest and decided to take a shortcut, it was dark out and when I took my shortcut I started falling,I asked God to send an Angel to break my fall and when I landed it was as if I was caught and placed on the ground, I did not see an Angel but I felt the presence. Anyway my dream went on but nothing spiritual,..

  10. I dreamed about being an angel…
    I was falling…
    Struggling over something that is not there…
    Thinking that whatever happens i will live…
    While screaming the words;
    “I’ll make sure all of you will regret doing this!”

    I’ve been dreaming this since I was a kid, I was around 4 to 5..
    And since then, I keep dreaming about it once in a while..
    I’m now 16, the last time i had this dream was when I was 15..
    That was the time I finally understand my dream..
    The dream doesn’t have any visual on it..
    I can’t hear or see anything but I can feel it..
    As a kid, I never knew what was that strange feeling..
    But after I dreamed about it again last time..I began to tremble and I almost cried..
    It was so scary..

    I began questioning myself..

    “Does this have something to do with me?”
    “Is my dream have something to do with my past life?”
    “What does this dream mean?”
    “Why is it so vivid?”

    “Who am I?”

    I know it’s just a dream but repeatedly dreaming about since I was a kid, the fact that the angel is me and most of all I can feel alot of connection with it..

    pathetic but I want to know the EXACT meaning of this dream..

    and if possible, i want to quit dreaming about it again.

  11. Hi the others night I was a sleep in bed and 3 lady angels came long hair, talking in a muffled voice with slow heavy breathing, saying that had come for my son and it was his time, and I had to wake up, struggled to wake but managed it, ran to my son and he was choking on his own vomit

  12. I just woke up from one of these dreams. The angel was neither male or female, and was attractive. It had black wings and an outfit also black. There was a family in the house it came into but it was after one of the family members but treated me as an old friend. It went into the main room of the house where a circle cleared up and inside was the angel (someone in the dream called it angel of death but I was never afraid of it) as well as me, the girl it was after and a sister. I did not know any of these people in real life. The angel gave us one sword and told us to fight it with it.

    The two sisters did really well the one the angel was there for was the best. But when it came to my turn, all of my coordination was off I couldn’t grab the sword or keep it in my hand and I kept missing it when I tried to hit it with the sword. In the dream I felt guilty, because I had done this several times before and this time something happened and I couldn’t do it, embarrassing myself.

    I told it that I was sorry I wasn’t strong enough. It gave me comforting words before disappearing with the person it was there for. I don’t get it.

  13. I just woke from a dream where a woman was following, not chasing me. Every time I looked directly at her, she was in a passive but out of place position. (Ex. Reclining as if at a picnic, standing as if leaning against a wall) The final time I looked back, she was in a incredibly white pant suit w/a gun. The whole time she felt non threatening, but the following statement was made in a low toned voice, “I need you dead.”, like making a statement, still non threateningly. There was a lot more going on around us that I don’t have time to put down here, just wanted to get some thoughts on this. Thnks

  14. I had a dream I received a book of Angels in the post
    I can remember colours of white light and dark purple and there wear two angels in flight through clouds
    Please can anyone help in telling what this means
    Thank you in advance

  15. Hi
    Early this morning I had a dream that I was in a friend house it was old and visually haunted, but a smAll white angel saying she was my guardian angel came and landed on my hand when trying to ask her questions she spoke so quietly I could not hear her, what could this mean?

  16. I had a dream where I had black angel wings that were kind of burnt and only appeared in my shadow. Any idea about what this could mean? In my dream I had thought I was an angel. I was fighting off an evil spirit which I trapped in a doll and put a circle around so it couldn’t leave the doll. It was such a weird dream.

  17. I’ve been dreaming about merrying a angel with pink wings for over a year her name is aelita what does it mean please tell me.

  18. I’ve been dreaming about merrying a angel with pink wings for over a year her name is aelita what does it mean?

  19. Last Night I dreamed of golden Angels. Gold you cannot describe. I was very emotional before I went to sleep last night, battling with my inner peace that was never a problem for me. I dreamed about this perfect golden Angel wings in the sky, moving gently and very calm, and there was One Angel flying above me, It was so beautiful, but with the dream I had with the angles I also dreamed that me and my fiancé was fighting, we couldn’t get along. My emotional madness was about him last night, I had a sharp sad pain in my heart shooting though my body, actually crying myself to sleep. Having a dream so indescribable after such horrible feeling is something I cannot explain

  20. I dreamed a male angel sitting on the chair wearing a white dress and he has feathers.I’m crying and sitting on the floor bending my knees and kept crying…then angel said ” don’t worry ” that the words he spoken and I just looked to his eyes. Then when I returned my face i saw my husband looking at me behind him is the girl ( his x wife ) then another 1 girl …it shows even how my husband dressed a boxer under wear with the white shirts….

  21. Last night i dreamt of killing angels we were in some kind of war and im still asking my self what it could mean

  22. Betty Duran on

    Last week i had a dream an angle came to my back door. I opened the door got scared when i realized it was the angle of death. He told me he came for me that it was my time. I told him I’m not ready. He said are you scared i said no but I’m not ready. He said don’t worry I’ll be here with you through it all. So i started having a heart attack and i keep telling him im not ready. He said it’ll be fine. I woke up and my chest felt like I was having a heart attack.

  23. Yvonne gomberg on

    I normally do not dream and if I do, I don’t remember them. But last nights dream I remember the end clearly right before I woke up a little scared. I saw a gold angel, it was a statue and it was broken from waist down, laying down on its face. There was a little gold bird just flapping it’s wings kind of protecting it. The bird almost looked robotic, not a real bird. There was either me or someone without a face trying to enter a door near the broken angel. I felt a strong presence of my mother.
    Any ideas of what this all means?

  24. Last night I had a dream where I was looking out of my window and up to the sky and in the sky I saw something move between the clouds and when I looked again at the cloud I saw a dark angel appearing and flying back up to the sky and out of my view. Then I cried badly in my dream because I got scared after seeing it… In my dream itself I told my mom and dad about what I saw and started crying in front of them. What could it mean? Why was I scared? Is there any answer to it?

  25. I dreamed about three kinds of groups in our society. First group was common people like us doing our routines on our Earth, second group was smaller in numbers of “powerful and greed” aristocrats who will take every opportunity to devour common people’s money or even their lottery and try to take over all control of land. Third group was a very special group of angels? People chose by God? To stand firmly on the land and block any attempts of aristocrat’s powerful attacks on anything. Angels?? ( they looked much like people but are given the authority to prevent anything that would damage the common people) The aristocrats were very afraid of doing anything against the third group of people or angels??The angels?? designed many buildings that looked like Greece’s pantheon ( a safe place) for the common people. I was shown a big word that described the third group: AXIOM. I never saw the word before and was puzzled by the dream. Could u help interpret what the dream is trying to tell me?

    • Your dream… it is showing you what you already know. There are four “types”. 2 of them are like children in a playground. Good children and bullies. The third “type” are the watchers. They protect, guard the children. Then there are the Deceivers, who look like you but are there to harm the children. Like predators circling prey. All the children are kept safe from the predators by the watchers.. But, if the bullies become say, influenced by deceivers… Then the watchers will protect the good children. Watchers are allowed to influence but not interfere unless the children in whole are in danger. This is why we can not stop wars. Children fighting amongst themselves, we can not interfere. But when the whole of humanity is at risk along with the Great Mother, then we have no choice. We must protect the children. Our Cities are hidden from greedy eyes. That is why you were able to see them.

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