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Angel Dream Symbol – The Angel is a positive dream symbol that represents goodness, purity, protection, and comfort in a time of need. It is important for you to look at what the angel was doing in your dream. Was it looking after you while you slept and trying to tell you a message or was it symbolic of something?

To see an angel in your dream is often a good omen and a sign of intervention in a time of need. Many people believe that angels are there to protect us as we sleep and guide us through life. Depending on your beliefs, the angel can either represent a guardian that is watching out for you or it can reflect your self-image and guidance from within.

The angel may also represent someone in your life who has gone above and beyond to help you throughout your journey. This angel could represent a loved one, friend, or mentor who has helped guide you and picked you up when you have fallen.

Angel dreamIf you dream about a fallen angel that has turned from good to evil, it can indicate that you are heading down the wrong path in your life. Maybe you have fallen astray in pursuit of money, instead of focusing on more important things like building stronger relationships with your family.

If you see an angel of death, it can indicate that there is something about to go wrong in your life. This can also indicate that you have a deep worry about your future and need to spend your time focusing on things you can control.

Additional Angel Dream Symbols

Dreaming of angels is a good sign. They come as messengers from God. They bring good luck and guidance as well as heavenly protection. They symbolize heaven, protection, and all things good. Angels visit to let you know you are protected by all that is good in the universe. They come with messages to look deeper to find what is hidden. When you dream of angels you need to also look at what is happening in your own reality. They bring messages of joy and warnings to prepare for tough times.

Angels all in white symbolize purity, renewal, peace, and love. They may visit when all is well in your life. They can also visit when you seek inner peace. It can be a message you need to concentrate on being the best person you can be to attain it. Dreaming of all black angels is a warning. You may feel guilty about something. You may have to take action to put things right and heal yourself. It can also be a warning you are in danger of some sort. Colorful angels represent joy and happiness. There are things in your life to be grateful for. You are looking forward to the positive changes.

Dreaming of an angel holding a sword or staff, ready for war, can mean your life is in emotional turmoil. There may be things going on you try to understand. But you are not clear how you got involved. Angel items that represent knowledge, such as a book, is a sign the path to your future will soon become clearer. This will give you confidence in your decisions and actions. Angels eating and drinking in a dream is a message your spirituality needs sustenance. Everyday responsibilities may be getting you down. Along with the daily struggles of work and family life. This can be a message you need some time out for yourself. You may be run down. If you do not look after yourself, you will need others to look after you.

Seeing a single angel brings messages to focus your attention and take action. Do not allow others to distract you from your path to achieve your dreams for they are trying to destroy them. Three angels represent harmony and balance. The message can be about your mind, body, and soul. Many angels indicate prosperity, emotional toughness, and support from God. They bring messages that you are protected. This is a good sign of an abundant future.

Dreams of male angels symbolize protective, aggressive, and warlike energy. Female angels represent prosperity, love, and fertility. Angels that are calm can mean that is what you seek in your real life. Calmness and peace. Your life may be too hectic and you may need a time out from the daily grind of responsibilities. It may be a time for inner reflection.

Happy angels indicate your confidence about your life and where it is heading. This can also mean a recent achievement or you expect good news any day. A sad angel brings messages of possible lost love and challenges crossing your path. You have a guardian angel protecting you. Helping you make it through the hard times. Angry angels in a dream indicate you have done something wrong or made a mistake. This is a message that you need to take responsibility for this and make up for your mistakes.

More Meanings

Angels bring good news to your dreams. They can represent a desire for stability. Have you lost your way? Do you search for answers? Angels bring happiness, protection, and love from the universe. They can symbolize, good luck, and bring death and rebirth to someone in your waking life. Angels are a sign of spiritual growth and the attainment of wisdom.

Angels are messengers bringing you answers from the universe and your subconscious. They serve as a reminder to what you have locked away in your soul. The more angels that appear in a dream, the more important it is you listen to their message. You have the wisdom within. You already know the answers.

Seeing an angel means you will solve the problem easily or recover quickly from an illness. Seeing an angry angel warns you could have a huge loss. Several angels signify joy and happiness will enter your life. Being guided by an angel warns there may be a separation of some kind in your waking life. Walking among angels confirms you have loyal friends who are there when you need support.

Angel Dreaming

Angels visit your dreams to bring protection and good news to your life. Angels are a good sign. They may bring you disappointment when you wish to harm another. A dream of an angel approaching is a message of good news. This will come soon and will change your life in a positive way. Be prepared for prosperity to enter your life.

Seeing a guardian angel or touching its wings means there will soon be peace and harmony in your waking life. All the stress and anxiety will melt away as your problems simply disappear. Has this been a time of great worry and stress for you? This is a message to let you know you are protected by universal powers. Have faith and all will soon be well.

Dreaming of being an angel is a sign there are people close to you who need your help and support. It is a reminder you are in a position to help. They may not have the ability to ask you for help. A crying angel is a warning to take a look at yourself and the way you are behaving. Have you been treating others with selfish arrogance? Is there something you have done that you regret? A smiling angel brings news you will soon find your soul mate. This is great news if you are single. If you are in a relationship, this can mean you rekindle the romantic flame.

A black angel in a dream reflects the torturous thoughts that fill your mind and heart. You may be filled with self-doubt. This is a sign that you should not doubt yourself. There is nothing to fear. Remember the old saying “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”? This is a stark reminder to listen to your intuition for perfect guidance. Have faith in your gut instincts.

A woman dreaming of an angel in human form symbolizes a husband and a happy marriage and family life. You have a lot to look forward to. A man dreaming of an angel can mean he is craving for a romantic relationship. This can mean you need to be more open with your feelings.

An angel carrying a sword warns there are evil people you trust simply working against you. It can also warn you are about to do something evil that you will regret for the rest of your life. Stop and consider what you are about to do. Is it worth it?

Christian Interpretation of Angel Dream

If you are a Christian then the angel can indicate that God is watching out for you and protecting you while you sleep.  It can reflect your guardian angel that has your back even when you are not awake. God could be reminding you that you are not alone, and someone is watching out for you.

You may see more than one angel in your dream. This is a very positive sign and a symbol of the harmony that you have achieved in your walk with God.

Questions to Ask?

  • Was the angel there to protect you or was it simply playing a passive role?
  • Does this angel represent someone in your life who has gone above and behind for you?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. Francine Tognotti (Frannie Rhodes:)) on

    What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Ceramic Angel Statue?:) With PINK Wing’s?:)

  2. Jessica Bratcher on

    I had a dream a couple years ago that seems a little different from most I’ve read & would love some input on what you gather from it. Mine started with me looking out the window in my home and I noticed that the sky was really dark and then all of a sudden there were multiple tornadoes on the ground. After a little while I noticed the tornadoes were gone & so I walked outside to look around at the damage and to check on people. As I was walking around all of a sudden I stopped and looked up and there was an angel that didn’t seem bad, but was made of flames. She was holding a bow and arrow & it was also covered in flames. The angel feast in the air flying in one spot and was only staring and me and I was staring at her as well.. This seemed to happen for several minutes and then all of a sudden she took her bow and arrow & while still looking at me shot it into the sky. After that she stared at only me a minute more and then took off quickly. I personally feel she was warning me that something was coming.. maybe like a big war and major end time Biblical events.

  3. I had a dream that I was an angel, like a good angel. I was dressed in white with gold pieces here and there like armor type but it didn’t cover my whole body. I was flying in the air fighting against other angels that were also dressed the same I was. Does anybody know what this means?

  4. I dream I was an angel and it was like I was sparring with a friend. I felt so much energy and I made the ground shake with just spreading my wings. I kept talking to myself as well like I was trying to remain in control. Me and my friend seem like we were having fun

  5. I have dreamed about me being a fallen angel but at the same time I was not sure if that was me but then there was normal angles,angels with swords and kind of angel and I don’t know what that means.

  6. What about statues of Angels. I dreamt of dark solemn angel statues, they all looked as if they had died and were preserved in their final moments. Giant statues on a snow covered field. Pretty weird.

  7. Midguard Convictions on

    I had a great dream of an angel minus all the details catching me as I was falling ! I figured it out eventually… But it didn’t help me when I had spoke to people of certain faith background about it, only to have them demonise me an say it was the devil haha! it wasn’t believe me, but like I said had already figured it out I wanted to share my encounter an revelation!, my best advice don’t let others spoil your blessings and messages you receive because you receive them for a reason.
    Peace&love everyone

  8. I remember waking 3 times during this dream. Also the angel I fell in love with took the form of someone I use to know who was very beautiful inside and out. Before the angel was bit we were hugging like lovers (except we had not made love only spiritually) on a couch to which I loved her with all my heart. After she was bit we were on the same couch but she was sad, more worry that we were going to lose each other.

  9. I dreamt I was visited by an angel on the beach. White robe with a soft golden sash. Felt female, and had a calm expression. She handed me a small quartz, which I believe is clear or smokey quartz. Then she flew off. I’ve been praying for the Angel of animals to watch over our flocks recently, and have asked God to charge his Angels to keep watch over our animals. What does the ocean/beach, Angel, and quartz mean?

  10. I dreamt an angel came to visit me, she was beautiful and dressed in a clean cut white fashionable outfit. There was three of them yet I only spoke to her. I remember them telling her to leave me to which she replied that she would not. She came and said to me I have been very good of heart and that I too could become an angel if I played my cards right, we hung out a while and quickly fell in eternal love. While we were on a roof she was bitten by a huge poisones spider, for some reason we figured out it was a toad spider. I held her in my arms as she sobbed while I broke down and tried to comfort her while being strong for us both. After all of this the next part of my dream was them showing me what my life would be like if I decided to be a evil person. In the end I committed suicide and after that all I remember is flames, red and darkness. I then awoke feeling like I lost the love of my eternal life.

  11. I dreamt of a female Angel dressed in white, with blonde short hair (mid neck length), piercing blue eyes. She stood in front on me, saying nothing -but starring into my eyes. I immediately thought it was the Angel of death and started begging for my life, but staring into her eyes, I quite talking and started to feel calm and peaceful. She never said a word and never made an facial gestures…. I then woke up, feeling conflicted & confused, but know it was an Angel

  12. I had a dream of a black angel behind someone I didn’t know. They cut their throat then flew away a with them. Does anyone know what this means?

  13. Cristene cadiz on

    I had a dream of a man that looks like a black angel and another black angel who took the wings of the black angel man

  14. Being chased by evil I’m running through the lane and houses of both side of this lane were decorated with many angel statues. At the end of the lane a house where 6-7statues of angels protect me under their colorful wings an DC make me a part of the statue. Please interpret my dream.

  15. I dream i was in the church and in front of me there was two person want to close to me but there was a shield when he step to me… And when he held that shield there was a small angel in the buttom…. What it means?

  16. I had a dream I was an angle lying down with white wings around me, as I snuggled my feathers, I caressed and felt every part, like they were apart of me. I can still feel how they felt, and I was happy and at peace in that moment. What could that mean?

  17. Sammy Mwangi on

    I saw a very white object flying directly above me at the clouds.. I realized it was in form of a human with white wings.. I haven’t seen the meaning of this..

  18. Mid early morning I dreamed very clearly of being in a simply room designed like mid century English Abbey with some modern touches.
    I walked across as to go to bed and standing there was a catholic monk dressed in light brown robe. I asked him his name and why he was here. He said he is an angel named Bruce and he was here to hold me. He asked what me my needs were. I said I’ve been in terrible physical pain. My body aches so bad I feel debilities from joys of life. He held me as I slept in soft green sheets. Still dreaming I woke and in a very passionate rush I headed across the room to pray to God, I kneeled in front of a mystical big round mirror leaning on the floor, praying frevalently to God for my wellbeing, tears pleading for relief and healing. I put all my soul into this moment and felt I crossed into God’s Heart.

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