Androgynous Being (Hermaphrodite ,Transvestite) Dream Meaning


Androgynous being (hermaphrodite, transvestite) Dream Symbol – Dreaming about an androgynous person indicates the balance of the male and female attributes within you. It can indicate the union of both sexes and the harmony of both. These dreams are often not sexual in nature, representing the balance of your inner and outer self in the world.

The interpretation of this dream is based on how the dream made you feel. If you were comfortable with the androgynous being, it can indicate a balance of both sexes in your life. If you were disgusted at the transvestite or hermaphrodite, you may have disharmony in your life.

Your views towards transvestites in your waking life will often determine how you interpret the dream.

Questions to Ask

  • Are you comfortable being around transgenders or do you find them sickening?
  • Are you open to other people making decisions that you don’t agree with?
  • Does the person in your dream represent an aspect of your own personality?

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  1. Parker G. Jamieson on

    19-Nov-2018. Last night I dreamt of an androgynous being – I walked through a shifting home into a soft yellow room. The being was a woman with clothing on, sounded like a woman, they were cramped up in the room and seemed like a prostitute at first glance; as I approached her – she was wearing a navy blue outfit, and had red hair – I realized it was a soul mate or at least a being I was very connected with and related too. They were homey. We began to have sex, and the scene was sleazy to the outer world and I recall recognizing that and overcoming it because the outside was a gap that rarely reached the inside.

    – What I retrieved from this mentally was serenity in self-unity – serenity from the contentment of connecting outer love with inner love. Being a dream the character was a highly metaphorical, the way we connect with the outer world is through the union of our inner passions and inner rejection (rejections being what is unnecessary to our linear persona, not our contemplative or reflective faculties). Our inner passions and rejections create the whole body or our inner selves, we must consciously accept them if the dream is of one rejecting them or disliking certain characteristics of our selves. Obviously, the majority of the figure was a woman, so you can imply I’m male – this feminine character represents my ‘anima.’ For a woman it would be their ‘animus,’ their masculine inner-self.

    This is as much as I have reflected so far. I’m glad to help if I did; if I didn’t, sorry I couldn’t help. Have safe, keep dreaming.

  2. In my dream the road was filled with transvestites and crossdressers , some were pretty badly beaten up, those I nervously avoided in the dream because the blood made me nervous , the others just sorta walked nothing else.
    They didn’t say or really do anything .
    Just there was a ton of them.

    I personally have no real opinion about trans people or hermaphrodites, aside from the usual frustrating circumstances of how to address them without offending them.
    He /she/ him/ her/ them uff
    And frankly aside from that I find them facinating and I envy their openess ,boldness and courage in life .

    So what does my dream mean?

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