Alphabet Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Alphabet Dream Symbols – Dreaming of the alphabet can refer to following processes to work through different stages to move your life forward. This could be studying new skills or learning more about yourself. It can even mean changing jobs or starting a new business. Remember each letter in the alphabet is a sign of material gain of some sort in your life. Alphabet letters remind that by working hard and facing your responsibilities you use your skills to make good decisions.

Seeing an alphabet in a foreign language reflects the difficulties you have overcoming obstacles in your waking life. Understanding the alphabet indicates you have little understanding of the problems you face. When you see individual letters this can be a reminder to think about the things that are important to you before making a decision.


Seeing the letter A highlighted in a dream represents complete new beginnings that will bring much success. It also can mean you have new creative ideas that you put into action.


Seeing the letter B indicates new beginnings coming into your life soon. It may be a time where you need to walk through your life without pushing too hard for what you seek. The letter B can warn to just let things be. Seeing the letter B written on paper is a sign you are not following you dreams. It is a time to reassess what you want out of life and how you can achieve your goals.


Dreaming of the letter C is a sign you need to follow routines. This is a sign there is something your need to see. This is a dream warning you need to take notice. Listen to your intuition. Take heed!


The letter D in a dream symbolizes being nothing more than average. You will have to work hard to achieve success, but you will be rewarded and have fun along the way. Seeing the letter D can also mean you have put up barriers to protect from emotional harm. It is a time to take them down.


Seeing the letter E can mean you have the ability to learn from your experiences and turn them around into profitable financial matters. You may be popular socially. This is a time where you may be caught up in many social engagements.


The letter F in a dream can signify disappointments and failures. It can represent the stress and anxiety in your everyday life. Or you may have just had enough of everything and wish it to all disappear. Seeing a gold letter F means that you will have short periods of happy times throughout your life.


The letter G in a dream is about the pleasures in life and working to improve your standard of living. This can be a time where you are searching for what you desire. Are you thinking of planning for the future?


Seeing the letter H signifies family life and cooperation. It is a reminder that you have many people in your life to support you when you need help. You just need to ask. It can also suggest you may need to be cooperative with the wishes of your family.


The letter I in a dream can be about how you feel about yourself. Are you down and negative, and need help? Are you always doing things for others? This is a warning you need to take better care of yourself.


Dreaming of the letter J reminds there is something you need to keep. Is there something you are thinking of selling or of moving on? You have the ability to see things from everyone’s perspective. You may need to consciously do this at this time. It may also be a time of new creative projects. A time where you showcase your creative talent. The letter J can also signify the coming of good luck.


The letter K in a dream symbolizes being okay. This is a time in your life where everything is working out well.


Seeing the letter L in a dream is a sign that loss is coming soon to your life. It is a reminder to have faith in yourself no matter what happens or what others say. When challenges and obstacles cross your path, persevere until you achieve success.


The letter M in a dream signifies something you cannot stay silent about. You may have been told something in secret, but you just cannot help yourself. You have to tell others. Dreaming of the letter M can also mean you are concerned about job security. Is there a reason why you feel unsafe in your job?


Dreaming of the letter N can mean you finally end an annoying or unhealthy habit. Or, a friendship or acquaintance will end. It can also bring news of new beginnings.


To see the letter O is a sign you need to make a presentation about something to a group of people. This can be about addressing a conference with your original ideas or you may have creative ideas for new projects at work. This is a time where you will find recognition.


Dreaming of the letter P can mean you need to watch how you react to what goes on around you. Have you been behaving childishly lately? Or, is someone close to you showing a lack of maturity? You need to both grow up. This can also be a time to start new projects.


When you see the letter Q in a dream this means your hard work is rewarded. You will feel a sense of pride for achieving this success and all that it means. It is a great feeling when you achieve success. You have the right to feel proud.


Dreaming of the letter R symbolizes rest and relaxation. It is a time where you need to take time out to rejuvenate. You need to take a holiday.


When you see the letter S in a dream this is a sign you need support and advice about something in your life. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Do you always find yourself trying to deal with things alone?


Dreaming of the letter T symbolizes your resistance to something or someone. It can also signify your refusal to change your perspective and outlook on life. However, no matter your attitude you are someone who always plays to win. But, this is a time where it may pay to change your perspective.


To see the letter U in your dream symbolizes you. This is a warning that you need to take action to raise your profile about something. Someone is trying to upstage and beat you. It can also mean you need to revisit or renovate something again. This can refer to a relationship that has been going through troubles, or it can refer to your job or even your home.


Seeing the letter V is a sign of success and of peace. It can also stand for the number 5, if the V was a Roman numeral. This is a message that you have what it takes to achieve the success you need. You just need to go for it.


Dreaming of the letter W can mean you enjoy all the things that money can buy. Do you enjoy the finer things in life? It can also mean you are a perfectionist about some things. Does being perfect sometimes cause your troubles in life? You may need to learn to go with the flow more.


When you dream of the letter X it is a sign that your intentions will play out. There will be success. Seeing it written down means you will soon receive reimbursement for something you have fought. This may be more than you thought you would receive. Seeing the letter X warns that you need to take action. If you are focused on achieving something, then you need to work hard to achieve it.


Dreaming of the letter Y indicates you may soon need to make a major life decision. It may be a time where you stand at a junction with choices to make. It may also indicate money coming unexpectedly into your life soon. Seeing the letter Y can also be asking you to question ‘why’. You need to listen to your intuition. This is a time where you may need to question things instead of taking them at face value. Beware. You need to be completely honest with yourself. Avoid hiding the truth for, if you do, it could be your failing.


The letter Z appearing in a dream is a warning you need more rest and relaxation in your life. You may be having negative thoughts, but you can choose to turn them into positive opportunities for your future. When negativity creeps in, it is important to consciously wipe it out. Through negative thinking we bring about our worst fears instead of the positive we need. This is a dangerous time where you need to think things through thoroughly before making a decision. And, when you may need more understanding, you need to ask. Support is always there. You may tend to be generous and warm-hearted wanting to help everyone you can. Beware. You need to look after yourself to be of any use to those you support.


Dreaming of random words can reflect the confusion in your waking life. There may be too much going on in your life. It is a time to step back to think things through. It can also mean you have given your word and you need to follow through with your commitment. Did you fully understand what you were doing when you made the commitment? Specific words in a dream can be your subconscious awakening you to someone or a situation in your waking life. It is urgent that you listen.

Word Game

Dreaming of a word game like a crossword puzzle can mean you are being mentally challenged in your waking life. It can also be a play on words. Are you having cross words with someone? Playing Scrabble warns you need to put the pieces together. Your thoughts, ideas, and feelings need to be put into perspective. Take a closer look at the words you see in the dream to get a better depth of understanding. Is something confusing you in your waking life?

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