Alligator Dream Interpretation and Meaning


alligator dream

When an alligator visits your dreams it can indicate that something in your life makes you feel unsafe. There may be imbalance in your life you struggle to deal with and feel uneasy at what lies hidden or is unknown. Alligator shows it is time to confront what you fear and to not be afraid to speak your mind.

What holds you back may be your fear of confrontation and the consequences this may bring. When things weigh on your mind like relationships, work and every day issues, this can come from a fear of loss. The alligator is strong. She lies in wait before making decisions, so she considers her options carefully.

When alligator appears and you are troubled, take time to consider what bothers you and what proactive action you can take. Leave your fears behind and take the action required.

Maybe it is you that is the problem and alligator appears to reflect the threats you make to others through your thoughts, words and actions. And, maybe you need to use alligator’s warning to your advantage to help you deal with your personal issues. By alligator’s pure presence, the thought of her brings fear into many hearts. You can achieve the same thing by simply letting others know the consequences of their actions and words.

Dreams of eating alligator at a feast or for survival can symbolize a consuming your fears to overcome them to succeed. Take note of how the dream leaves you feeling for greater depth of understanding.

Being chased by alligator can symbolize your fears chasing you. Wherever you go these fears chase you and you cannot let them go. Alligator can remind you need to stop, take stock, and stand tall and face them to set yourself free.

When an Alligator crosses your path

Alligator visits to remind you that you have the strength and wisdom to see hidden truths. Remember to use your emotions to create new opportunities by shifting your perception. Alligator empowers you to see others people’s manipulations to understand the truth when you do.

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  1. My dream was several cars, people. cars were parked on a sunny day, on rocks by the water. I was screaming for the others, mostly children, to stay away. I did not see myself. I was viewing through my own eyes. I was awakened before anyone got hurt…

  2. Cathy Preciado on

    I dreamt of alligators out to get me, they looked so real. They were in a swamp and I was skiing pass them. The biggest one almost bit me. Towards the end of the dream, it turned out they were fake. Computerized. Harmless, but it still felt scary….

  3. Anonymous lady on

    Dreamed that two Alligators were swimming with a married guy I used to see. What could this dream mean??

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