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Alley Dream Symbol – Alleyways in a dream mean the relaxing times will soon end and you will have to work hard to keep ahead of things. A lady walking in an alley can indicate confusion about your relationships. Do you go hot and cold with your friendships? Are you consistent in supporting those you care about? Are you a good friend? Do you gossip about others?

Be careful of how you behave and treat others for you may gain a negative reputation. A man accompanying a woman in an alley is a sign that your feelings can help you deal with the issues in your life. But, you may need support from those you love.

Dreaming of a dark alley symbolizes being approached for your input into something that may conflict with your integrity. Have you said no but they still pursue you? Walking in a dark alley alone can indicate that someone is gossiping about you behind your back. There may be someone close who deliberately betrays you. Who can this be?

Twisted, gnarly trees growing in an alley can mean disappointment when someone tries to fool you. Brambles in an alley warns that your feelings are confused. Lush vegetation and exotic trees can symbolize travel to far off places. Beautiful trees in a clean alley means you will soon be rewarded with abundance through your business.

Plants in bloom indicate you will soon fall in love or your success in business will surpass your dreams. Shrubs can indicate the worry and stress in your waking life. It can also be telling you that the way someone treats you is not worth the time you spend worrying about it. It is a sign it is time to end this relationship and move on.

Dreaming of running down an alley means you want to escape something in your real life. Watching people walking in an alley indicates you have felt disappointed by love. Dreaming of an alley usually brings warnings to proceed with caution.

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  1. Trevon powell on

    I need help please , I have a strong correlation with Almighty and the Divine, I slept and dreamt of 1 old man (spanish/foreign) wearing green shirt speaking unknown language, I’m in a alley way nearing my home as I walk he is looking at me and pointing to the ground as is he’s saying come here I just keep walking and looking 3 women were in front of me all( spanish/foreign) the elder man had a green shirt . 1 of 3 women which I knew because Worked with her also had green(dress like clothing) she glanced at me and keep walking, as I turn around the elder man in green is now following and speaking as if he’s getting my attention, I was nervous so I turned fully around looking his direction and walking backwards still looking at him walk my way. Nothing bad happened and it was daylight please help me

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