Aliens and UFO Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Aliens and UFOs Dream Symbols – Aliens and UFOs in a dream are sign of your connection to a higher wisdom. You maybe someone who enjoys an unconventional lifestyle and you may need to bring your life back into balance. This may be a time where you feel lonely, disconnected from the rest of society. You may need to make an effort to reach out to reconnect with others.

Dreaming of having an alien baby is a sign certain parts of your life is full of confusion. You may feel you are at a crossroads and not know what direction to take or what you want at this time. Seeing beams of light from an alien ship indicates you have new opportunities around you. It is a time to relax. Enjoy the pleasures in life.

Being chased by alien zombies is a sign you need to stop running from your real-life responsibilities. Maybe you have not been living in the real world but now it is time to face reality. If the aliens chasing you are ill, this indicates you may get sick. This will be a minor issue and you will soon be well. When aliens multiply, this is a message there will soon be much support around you. Hang in there. Help is on the way.

Being kidnapped by aliens can indicate oppression or being overpowered by a relative sometime in the near future. Feeling victimized can mean you have trouble understanding some assignment at work. It may be too complex or you are ill-equipped to deal with the challenges it presents. Being abducted by more than one alien can signify there are people close to you who wish to destroy you. This is an important message you should not ignore. You need to discover who these people are and cut them from your life before they cause irrevocable harm.

Dreaming of transforming into an alien is a sign of harassment by someone close to you. This is a warning to broaden your social circle to start making new friends before you become alienated. Being examined by aliens is a sign you are disappointed with your current life. You may feel depressed and at a loss of what to do. Being tortured by aliens can indicate you may ignore your responsibilities in a difficult situation.

Being raped by aliens after they abduct you could be because you are upset that someone close to you is going through a traumatic time. A young woman seeing this can represent minor challenges in her relationship. It is a positive sign if the rapists are caught and punished. Seeing yourself beheaded by aliens is a sign there is a disappointment or failure sometime soon.

Seeing a UFO flying across the sky in a dream can represent the carelessness of others and their impact on your life. This could be to do with your job or career. Going for a ride in a UFO is a message to let you know you need to moderate your behavior at work. You may tend to be overly animated in the way you express yourself, and may need to find better ways to communicate.

Additional Alien Dream Interpretations

If you are an alien, it can mean you feel like an outsider among your friends. It is a sign you need to widen your circle of friends to include more like-minded people. Being transformed into an alien is a warning there are people who will go out of their way to harass you. Make sure you put quality time into your friendships so you have support if this happens.

Seeing a UFO in the sky can mean you may be negatively affected by the thoughtlessness of others. This can be in relation to trouble at work. Seeing the triangular shape of a UFO in a dream is a reminder there are people around you with much wisdom to share. All you need to do is ask and they will happily give you support. Being taken to a UFO is a message to take a look at how you interact with others at work. Your forward, forthright approach may offend other team members. You may need to take into consideration others’ feelings.

Seeing aliens attack a city is a sign you can resist change when you need to. Being kidnapped by aliens warns there may be someone in your family trying to oppress or control you. Being victimized by aliens can mean there is something at work you find difficult to understand. Being abducted by more than one alien warns you have enemies close. They may be among those you trust most. They are plotting your demise. You need to keep counsel close to you until you discover the truth of who deliberately sets out to destroy you.

Dreaming of alien probes can mean there are opportunities about to cross your path that bring positive new beginnings. This is a time for rest and relaxation. Enjoy your life. Being examined by aliens is a sign of depression. Is life getting you down? If you are wounded or tortured by aliens this is a warning you will soon need to face consequences of some sort.

Dreaming of alien surroundings is a sign it is a good time to make the changes you long to make. There is a good chance you will have success. Seeing police in alien surroundings is a sign you will overcome all obstacles and rivals to achieve success. Seeing your abductors arrested can indicate you will receive a financial benefit for your part in a project.

Being beheaded by aliens can mean you may have a minor disappointment or failure sometime in the future. Being raped by aliens is a sign that someone close is in trouble. It warns you will feel shocked at the trouble they are in. If you are a woman with this dream, it can mean there may be misunderstandings in your love life. Dreaming of the rapists being arrested and punished is a sign things will turn out well.

UFO Dream Meanings

Dreaming of a UFO can symbolize that you are currently taking the time to look deeper into your inner self. This may be a time for meditation to allow communication with higher powers. Being taken in a UFO can mean that you are open minded and show much understanding of everything that occurs around you. You may enjoy being on your life’s journey. Seeing a UFO landing can mean there are parts of yourself that you do not understand very well. It is a time for you to face these whether what you discover is negative or positive.

Seeing a UFO flying across the sky in a dream can symbolize independence and freedom. This can be in all sorts of ways including finding financial and emotional independence from someone or a situation. A metal UFO can bring you messages that you will soon have justice and protection to light your way. A white UFO can mean there are people out to get you at work You need to get to the bottom of this to protect your integrity. It is a time where you need to put personal protection in place to protect you from these people. Dreaming of a gold UFO brings news of future abundance and prosperity. Your hard work will bring your much financial success. A red UFO can signify that soon you will face danger. You may need to double check your security to protect yourself from a burglary.

Seeing a UFO that is not round brings news that you will face at least one major problem sometime during your life. You will overcome this so you can keep moving your life forward. If you do not, this can mean you may be lost and left alone to fend for yourself. A bright light illuminating a UFO is calling you to spend time growing your spirituality.

Dreaming of a hurricane and a UFO together brings news of world travel. Traveling through space and time in a UFO can warn you may become depressed. You need to pull yourself out of this if you want to achieve success.

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  1. I had a dream of A picture at first like a news paper clipping showing 2 figures, then later on in the dream i was standing outside with some family members and the 2 figures appeared now I saw them and strated to do a maori haka a war dance or a challenge now there was onenother person with me doing this challenge , during the challenge the 2 figures approached us and confronted us now youncould see the alien features but as the challenge finished they transformed into humans and walked away then i dreamt of a part of my fathers funeral and xwoke up a short time later

  2. I had a dream that I found out my old best friend was actually an alien, and she was trying to leave in a spaceship, because she saw her people’s ufo, and she had been on a mission to observe mee for the last 7 years, but the spaceship wouldn’t start and she was blaming me for making her late and she missed her chance.

  3. felt relieved when it jumped out the passenger window. The frog or toad made me feel uncomfortable.

  4. I had. A. Dream that. I was. With my. Family. And. A bunch of small little. Aliens were trying to. Get. In side they did. But. Only came. After. Me . and. My godmother came. And. Fought. Them off (I was under a bed she came under too) then we finally stopped them . then my glasses were broken both handles broken into different directions and my godmother broke them whiles she was fighting them off. After this the small blue aliens came back this time we were standing at a front door that was open and waiting for them to come in , we fought them off but one was remaining , I was the one who kille thitd it and before I killed it I got this feeling that it was the leader. Anyway I killed it then I wanted to take the body (the size of a light bulb ) but someone started talking I got distracted and it came back to life. This time I got a knife and stabbed it , then thinking it would come back to life again (it turned Green) I sliced the body in two then chop off the head (waiting for blood to come out but a water like substance came out (I the dream I didn’t want to touch it because I thought it was acid ) Then I asked my mother what that meant (still in the dream) she said . Her: that means something demonic- … Me:•cuts her off• What? Her: That means someone is going to be baptized. Then I woke up. I find it weird how at the end she was going to say something bad then switched it to something else that sounds better. Please help me understand .

  5. I dreamt I was in love with an alien on their planet and we were trying to get married and have babies. I also dreamt that we were preparing to the the planet for going into fighting another species.

  6. I was dreaming how i went up on a roof with other people and we were taking down red alien spaceships with weapons.

  7. I had a dream last night, and it was me outside on my back porch in the middle of the night, dressed in my PJs(exactly like I was last night) and I was staring at a UFO, I screamed and when I started screaming, it screamed like a little girl, and now all I hear are noises, just random noises, in my house, I feel like it’s just a ghost (cause I watch way to many ghost movies and shows, and I’m a strange little girl) but before that a UFO was just shinning it’s light at my back door, like it was waiting for me…..what does this mean ?¿?¿?¿

  8. Is it strange that as a 28 year old male i had a dream about being frozen in bed and presumably raped by aliens. Only to wake up less than 30 minutes after having lied down? To me the strangest thing about it is it happened the night my mother died, before i was even informed. I dont know that the meaning changes being male not female, but i am very confused and concerned by this nightmare, less because i think it really happened, i dont, in the least, But rather because it has me literally afraid to go sleep in my room in the dark, and i have not been this afraid to sleep since i was a child. When i am laying in bed trying to sleep i imagine seeing the same strange figures that were in the dream, but nothing happens. When i fall asleep i sleep poorly and wake up with minimal rest. In the Dream they didnt appear as typical Greys rather tall slender ones with very thin very long heads. I have no idea what any of it really means, just that i am avoiding going to sleep before the sun rises with every fiber of my being. Its been over a week a miserably week i might ad….

  9. dreamed of alien spacecraft that were triangular and stealth shaped flying over a town, and alien humans that i was shooting but weren’t dying. dream felt really real. crazy

  10. Skye O'mara on

    I had a dream that I was chasing a frog or toad out of my new friends car. She was not bothered by it but I felt relieved when it jumped out the passenger window. The frog or toad made me feel uncomfortable.

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