Alcohol (Drinking) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Alcohol Dream Symbol – When alcohol is highlighted in a dream it can mean you are trying to find a solution to something but you just keep chasing your tail. This can be the prompt you need to ensure that the way you approach things is correct for the situation. It is important to acknowledge how you feel about things. Alcohol can also mean that you may have a boring life.

drinks on a barAlcohol has no nourishment. It is destructive rather than a positive pastime. It is not good for you and can lead to depression. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to all sorts of diseases. Consuming alcohol can indicate a block to your creativity. It is a time where you may need to consider whether you are taking life too seriously. It can represent feelings of regret. You may even be hiding a secret from the world. Do you hide the truth of who you really are? Do you drink alcohol to escape from reality? Do you use it to cover up feelings of guilt?

Drinking spirits like gin or whiskey is a message of peace and contentment. You can enjoy the success that comes from hard work. Drinking in moderation indicates you control your impulses which can bring success. Drinking too much may mean you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation. You may find yourself apologizing for being a fool.

Seeing yourself drinking in a bar is a sign you have fun, happy, social times ahead. Drinking white wine means you will have a period of time where there is peace in your life. Drinking red wine is a warning you could find yourself involved in a scandal if you do not keep control of your desires and pleasures. Celebrating with an alcoholic drink means you feel good about the choices you have made and look forward to a bright future.

Seeing others drinking is a sign you will have to work at something to achieve success. Do not let obstacles stop you. You can find solutions if you dare. Dreaming you or someone is an alcoholic indicates you have repressed your emotions, thoughts, ideas, and sense of self. These are fighting to come out. Until you allow them expression there is no way forward.

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  1. Dreamt about seeing shots of green liquid alcohol on the table. I felt I wanted it. But I never went to get one. The shots were all gone. So i missed out on the green liquid shot. Or was it blue???

  2. I had a dream in which my father gave me bottles of beer and whiskey. I opened the bottle of beer but it was very soft to drink.

  3. I had a dream today that I left my parents house bc that’s what I want to do but I’m not sure if it’s the Right thing to do. these two females I follow on ig that I must look up to, took me into their apartment as a roommate. they had so many bottles and I just wanted a shot but always got delayed. we went out and one of my roommates pulled out a bottle of light brown liquor and I pulled out my flask. I pulled the flask out to take a sip but I lost the damn thing! ugh…I became lost and shot poke man kidnapped me and I became a shotipokeex slave…I escaped and flew away over a green field of trees to my roommates. why wasn’t I able to drink the spirits in my dream?

  4. I wouldn’t call myself a dream junkie or anything negative like that . I find dreams are very important and they tell you something important something u should know . Me and my love are trying to get pregnant and he leaves to basic very soon and so this is our last month to try until he leaves . That’s really on my conscious. And I feel a little different . More nauseated / more energy/ more hungry . & of course were trying so I’m not supposed to drink . I expressed that to my love that I’m aware of that and told my sister that I can’t drink . And I HAD A DREAM THAT I drink 2 shots with out even thinking about it and I yelled at my sister saying I can’t drink and she yelled something back and that’s all I remember but I thought I drank and I was sad that I did that

  5. I dream of been given a cup of gin to drink while someone I have some reservation for was sitted by me.
    What could it mean.

  6. ok so I need some thoughts about this please…

    About two and half months ago my husband decided to stop drinking after an extremely bad day that literally ruined my life and caused my husband and I to not be allowed to even be together and was seriously the last chance I give my husband to change or I had to leave after 9 years of being emotionally, physically, and mentally destroying. So to shorten the story as much as possible my husband decided on his own with out me ever saying that he had to stop drinking. So he stopped drinking which was something he really loved but had a problem if he drank out of anger or depression but not when he would have a few drinks after a long work week to relax and to give himself a well deserved treat. Anyway he said he never wants to hurt me again or ever let anything ever let his mind not be as clear as possible. Fine but now it’s 2 and a half months later of no drinking after drinking for 15 years at least 4 days a week… he says he doesn’t miss it or think about it but I feel like he just doesn’t want to tell me or show me any weakness about it but last night he had a dream that I was forcing him to drink wine…. I would never do that to him but what would make him dream that? I am sooo worried about my husband and his stress that he used to help relax with by having a glass of whisky and some good times. I am worried he might resort to other things or even break down and loose his control…

  7. I question the use of the alcoholic drink photograph for this topic and audience. Seems insensitive to anyone in recovery and could be triggering …

  8. Hellloooo, so ive had like from three to five dreams of drinking any type of alcohol. I have never drank a drop of those in my life, though one dream I remember vividly is drinking half a whiskey out of desperation? I felt a hard temptation and resistance before drinking it, and regret afterwards. Then the dream shifted.

  9. I dream that dranker was dancing and at the same time buy me big bottle of drink and I was happy,please what the meaning

  10. I dreamed I was at a wild party, drinking wine all night and meeting new people. I haven’t been taking alcohol for about five or six years, save a small glass of wine on two or three occasions. Recalling my dream was exhausting. I was trying to escape into a quiet room to get some sleep, and at one point I was the only one attempting cpr on someone (although it was represented in strange symbols, rather than actual CPR). I felt guilt at times (a boss had left a voicemail) and felt horrible for doing that to my body. I believe this comes from the fact that before sleeping, I used a harsh tone and words with words my child, and this made me feel terrible. It’s that same feeling of regret that would come if I were to party like that. Makes me realize that, in life, feeling guilty and regretful for actions is not productive… but realizing we have much room for self improvement, and that every moment is new- that’s a good place to start working from.

  11. Donald Meek on

    Hi Mr. Klein! I had a dream that I was drinking Roxx(an energy drink). And the drink was twin (attached to one another ) after I had finished drinking the other first can, I continued with the second. Please, I want to know the meaning. Thank you for your time.

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