Airplane Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Airplane Dream Meanings – Dreaming about flying in an airplane, while being a symbol of travel, is much more than simply an airplane. It is a symbol of determination and excitement mixed into a drink of events more powerful than ourselves. Until the twentieth century flying was a myth and dream. Traveling across the world in a day or less was impossible.

Flight has made the human race like miniature gods and we are responsible for all the things that are under our power. If you dream about an airplane crash it represents the loss of that great power that makes you a part of the human race of gods. It is important not to lose yourself in the power that is represented in the modern airline.

Aircraft Dream Symbol

Airplanes symbolize parts of your journey through life. You can travel the world in an airplane. Planes represent the people, emotions, and things you experience during your life. When feelings run deep they are harder to resolve; come to terms with so they have further to travel to your consciousness. Flying in airplane is a sign you have used your life’s experience to gain wisdom.

Dreaming of the plane being hijacked can mean you need to deal with a current problem. Taking off represents how important your freedom and independence is to you. This can be a message you may be too dependent on someone or something. It is a time for more independence.

Because you can travel around the world on a plane, this can represent new ideas and starting new projects. Negatively, it can also represent your fears if the dream was scary. Do you fear success? Do you self-sabotage? Sort this out, or there will be serious obstacles to overcome in the future.

A plane crash means your life is out of control. If the plane is actually crashing in the dream, this can mean you have failed at something important to you. Dreaming of airplanes being bombed or a devastating crash scene, can mean powerful repressed emotions are fighting to come to the surface. You need to sort these out. You may even need professional help to move through them.

Seeing war planes indicate there will soon be arguments you need to deal with. This will bring unrest to your family for some time. Being trapped in a plane represents your need to escape someone or something in your waking life. Dreaming of military airplanes can mean you need to take a firm stand with someone in your family or circle of friends. Dreaming of jet engines means you probably need to listen to others. Are you guilty of being too busy to hear what others have to say?

Dreaming of flying through air turbulence signifies there are new opportunities on the way. Seeing an oxygen mask on a plane can mean you are in for a surprise soon. This can also mean you are not overly concerned about other people’s opinion of you. Flying the plane can represent your need for better clarity and understanding of the issues so you know best how to deal with them face-to-face.

An airport suggests there are many choices and decisions you will need to make soon. A busy airport indicates you have many people who support you. If the airport is empty and silent, there is little support for the decisions and choices you make.

A plane falling out of the sky signifies the ending of a difficult situation. A commercial plane is a sign you will have a successful journey through life. Jumping out of a plane signifies major life changes. You may feel as if you are jumping into the unknown in your waking life.

Flying above 50,000 feet means your expectations are too high. It is a sign you need to lower these to be more realistic. Set goals that you can achieve step-by-step. Travelling in a plane flying upside down can mean you are bored in your waking life. It is a good time to set yourself some new goals and challenges to achieve. Make sure these are achievable short-term goals to inspire you to keep going.

Seeing an airline hostess means there are changes about to occur in the coming months. Being served airline food is affirmation that your partner is a good fit for you and you will have a positive relationship. Watching a movie while flying is a sign new possibilities will come your way that will help you change your lifestyle.

Stepping from a plane in a foreign country symbolizes your positive involvement in community activities. Seeing the cockpit is about your sense of control about the future. Are you starting something new? Are you taking a risk to help you achieve success? Are you taking a gamble on a new idea?

It is important to consider the ending of the dream. If it ends negatively then this can mean you need to please yourself before you can please others. Do you find yourself often keeping the peace to avoid conflict? You need to stand in your truth and speak your mind.

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  1. I had a dream of boarding a airplane. My boss handed over my ticket to me. And one famous comedian gives me sigapore money. Though i reject he asks me to keep it. I walked inside the airplane where the seating arrangement is totally different. It looks like spacious and comfortable seating arrangement. Flight attendants are so kind and attentive towards me. When it took off i felt slight fear and leaned on an old lady near me who slightly resembled my dead mother. Then the travel was so happy and comfortable and i was thoroughly enjoying. The staff are giving utmost care for me. They served food and i was enjoying a movie. And to my wish the movie was playing. I had the right to choose which movie to be played. I landed in a new country, where i go for shopping with my friend.

  2. I had a dream of very colourful red,blue ,yellow mixed colours, airplanes appearing in the sky, I was with people , especially remember a lady with a camera, I looked up and see planes, but everything I want to take pictures with my phone, I struggled with my phone and eventually I got it on camera the clouds hidde the planes ….but the lady took pictures…they appear again but as soon as I want to take a picture they disappear in the clouds. My first thought when I saw them was to message my daughter and say look in the sky quickly….I could never took the picture….then 3 bouings fly over, like in the sunset ,was so beautiful, that pic I could take…so it bother me and I was so mad at myself that I didnt take the pic. Do i borrow the ladys camera, and take pictures from her camera screen with my phone so that I have pictures…I waked up…

    • I had a dream I was flying a mini one person airplane. It was so fun I bought the plane to take home to fly anytime. It was exciting and I really enjoyed it. I also dreamt in the same dream riding a mini motorcycle and buying it as well.

    • I dreamt I was on a plane and the pilot missed the runway so we had to circle around but we were already so low that the wing scraped the roof of a skyscraper but we landed safe. I’m terrified of flying and at one point panic set in but as we circled around I saw a new foreign city behind me and my panic stopped as the wing scraped the building; the point when panic would make the most sense…

  3. I had a dream where I’m watching a plane fly over attached to the back is a u haul truck, the pull k8nd, it’s on fire and it crashes off in the distance, I don’t see the crash but know it went down, I was standing with my niece at the time.

  4. I had a dream where i was woking in an office that was like a control tower.
    The one side of the office was a huge clear window from side ro side. The view was nice and I could se all the planes below.
    We gathered to see an airplane testing. The plane was big like a boeing. It took off succesfully and stated climbing. Then all of a sudden navigations melfanctioned and it stoped clmbing up. It steered with it’s nose towards me and was heading on the glass in the office.
    I grabed some blonde woman and got us out of the planes way.
    The plane crashed the glass and came in the office where it kind of landed unharmed at the other side of the window side.
    We were all safe.
    Boss started to wonder whatwe did wrong with this plane.
    Then i look at the pane in the office and it’s not so big anymore. It’s smaller and it’s size fits exactlly in our office.
    The blond woman thanks me for saving her and we are heading to the coffee maschine to make some coffee and we talk about what happened, maybe flirt a bit and we laugh.
    That was the dream and i cannot interpet it no matter what i look on the internet.
    Please help?
    Thank you

  5. I dreamt of a plane trip and there was a snake I wasnt scared of it and was holding it It wasnt trying to hurt me

  6. I had a dream about being on a plane last night. At first the plane rise was smooth..then all of a sudden the pilot is avoiding all the asteriods. The pilot was able to avoid all of it and we landed safely but there were only half of the passengers left. I think my mom, 2 brothers and sister are there too. Now that i think of it.. I had similar dream the night before but one of the wings hit the asteriod so we crashed.. I can’t remember what happened next though.

  7. I had a dream of flying with an ex husband and friends in a very small private jet. The flight was smooth and we landed safely. But, the pilot had an accident and only had the right side of his head and we were taking him to the hospital after landing. I even made a silly joke about it to help him feel not so afraid. That was it.

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