Air Dream Symbol


Air – Air is one of the four sacred elements of nature. The other three are water, fire, and earth. To dream about air is a symbol of all the multiple things that this particular element symbolizes. Air can symbolize spirit.  Plato wrote: “So it is with air: there is the brightest variety which we call aether, the muddiest which we call mist and darkness, and other kinds for which we have no name….” It is exceptionally rare to dream specifically of any of the elements divorced from all other relationships within a dream.

You cannot, for example, say that you have dreamt of air simply because in your dream you climbed a mountain and felt a breeze. Not even a dream of falling from the sky would count as a dream about air. These dreams are about climbing a mountain and falling. To dream about air means that all other things in your dream are null. There is only the air; only the spirit. If this is true for you then it is a great sign. It is probably because you have real magical powers.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the magical elements are calling out to you and trying to get you to commune with them and make spells. They are sending you their envoy to your spirit, the Lord of Air. Go with them and fulfill your destiny in reality or metaphorically.

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