Air Conditioner Dream Symbol


Air Conditioner – Air Conditioners are a symbol of wealth and status. In a world where most first world citizens do not even own an air conditioner, these devices represent corpulence and greed. Air conditioners are seen as a necessary appliance to some, but they are not. To dream about a broken air conditioner is symbolic of freedom from the enslavement of modern energy and financial and corporate dictatorship into a more natural and carefree lifestyle, which is closer to the earth.

To dream about installing a new air conditioner is symbolic of a windfall, probably financial, which you are about to enjoy. It is important to remember that life is not all about money or possessions and to take care of one another by using the bounties of the natural world in a conservative and ecologically responsible way.

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  1. I have many dreams and visions that i have many questions of. I guess starting with the cold air conditioner outside blowing air into my hand is something. I need true help i can’t sleep and having all these memoirs of visions and dreams don’t help. It’s like i never truely sleep. Well i hope to hear back.

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