African Dream Symbol


African – The meaning of your dream about an African depends largely on your own identity and worldview. It may reveal thoughts or prejudices related to race. In first-world countries, Africa often is synonymous with poverty and under-privilege, so the dream may be related to ideas of charity work or an instinct for compassion. Alternatively, if your heritage is from Africa, the dream may have to do with connecting to your roots, embracing your genuine inner self, or acknowledging your instincts.

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  1. when people refer to achieving their dreams, a number of things come into mind . Like Sweat, planing, implementation, sacrifice, achievement and celebration. And therefore no one can achieve dreams if they fail to drive their aspirations as opposed to wait for charity.

    How do we define an African? Kwaaaaks!
    Rightfully you alluded that poverty, lack , scarcity, unskilled, etc characterizes Africa and Africans.
    So what is the magic in putting the two words together, is to get Africans taking their rightful place in deciding their own fate achieve Skills , contribute and impact meaningfully in the economy. I’m running a Skills Development Centre in Soweto For the past 15years.and have a passion for the subject.

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