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Africa Dream Symbol – Africa is the motherland and home to the first homo sapiens. To dream of going to Africa can be symbolic of going home to your roots and trying to find yourself again. It may indicate that you have been trying to be someone that you are not.

Additionally, Africa is the home to some of the Earths most beautiful and ferocious creatures. Dreaming of going on an African safari and seeing these beautiful animals, may indicate that you have a sense of adventure and want to go exploring.

Perhaps your life has become mundane and you are dreaming of doing something different. Africa is a place that is untamed and represents letting go of your inhibitions.

The continent of Africa is also home to some of the most abundant natural resources of Gold, Oil, and agriculture. The land can either be extremely fertile or extremely dry. Depending on your dream, it could either indicate the abundance of wealth or be struggling for survival.

It is important to remember that the context of your dream is important for the interpretation. if you have good memories, feelings towards Africa, then this dream is a positive dream. Conversely, if you associate Africa with starvation, war crimes, and other negative traits, then it could be a negative dream.

If you have African heritage in your blood, this dream can indicate your desire of self-discovery. Perhaps your unconscious mind is guiding you towards growth and trying to help you to move forward in your life.

Alternative Dream Interpretations for Africa

Dreaming of Africa can represent that no matter how hard you work to achieve something, it remains, and will remain, unattainable. You may be setting your goals too high. Are you focused on the impossible in your waking life? Being in Africa can also mean you are an eternal optimist. You never lose hope no matter what life throws at you. This helps you make your way through life’s obstacles with a positive attitude.

Africa in a dream can also mean you are always out trying to prove yourself. You may want to beat others at something. Is there something you are trying to be first at? Are you frustrated when challenges stand in the way.? You may need to consider how hard you actually work to achieve your dreams. Do you do more dreaming about achieving success than working towards it? Do you feel threatened by the loss of someone or something? You probably need to take some positive action.

Dreaming of African people can represent placing too much on happiness and avoiding conflict at the expense of all else. This can reflect how you think in your waking life and what it is you want. It can also mean keeping hope alive when all hope can be lost.

Being prepared to risk it all to stand up for the truth. You may be trying to rise above the negatives and challenges when you know you have everything to lose. This may be a message that you need to risks when there is nothing left to lose.

Negatively, an African person in a dream can refer to giving into temptation. Do you give in to wishful thinking rather than making achievable choices? Do you make hasty decisions on the spur of the moment you may regret later? Are you behaving selfishly by expecting others to fall in line with how you feel? Is someone or something threatening you with a total loss of something dear to you?

There may be something or someone that purposely sets out to make you jealous to cause more drama in your life. It can also warn someone is out to get revenge. This can be you or someone close to you. You need to take time out to think things through so you can see with greater clarity.

It can also mean you are either avoiding taking responsibility for something in your life or you could be cheating others to win at all cost. Do you have an “all or nothing” attitude to something? Dreaming of African people can also refer to your feelings of hurt at not being the center of attention. Are you feeling spiteful because you did not get your own way? Or, are you a good loser?

Dreaming of having sex with an African person can indicate something in your waking life that is proving successful. Your work is being highlighted. Expect exciting news about your job or career. Dreaming of a bald African person can warn you to fear losing everything you care about and have worked so hard to attain. It can also symbolize a dangerous temptation you may be having trouble resisting in your waking life. Consider the risks and cost of giving into temptation.

Being robbed by an African person can symbolize a choice you or someone close to you make in your waking life to avoid failure and embarrassment. It can also signify feelings of loss caused by another’s jealous thoughts and actions designed to upset your life.

Dreaming of African people can occur when you are distracted by the events of your life and you get blindsided. When you cannot see the risks or dangers in your path. It can also signify your pursuit of pleasure and happiness at all costs.

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  1. I dreamt my bedroom was full of frogs, jumping all over the room to extend that I closed the door en went out to get help cz they were even coming to the living room. When I finally got some guy to help, they disappeared.. WHT does this dream mean?

  2. My brother dream that I am building my house. I would like to know what is the meaning of this dream.

  3. I dreamed that my husband got a new job and we were going to have to move to Africa. I was very upset about it and was crying in my dream. I could see a map of Africa and the general location of our move. I was not happy at all about it.

  4. I have been having the same dream for a year now and I have no clue what it means , I keep having a dream that I’m in Africa with this African girl and all the sudden Iam lost and I can’t find her and I have no service on my phone and I’m just trying to go back home but I can’t, like I’m going in a circle then I wake up . Help me find out what this means please .

  5. Africa and the color black holds great wealth and beauty. So, why is your description of them so dark and hopeless?

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