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Advice Dream Symbol – Advice in a dream is a very powerful element. The speaker may take the form of various sages in your life, or it may even be you giving advice to someone else. It is always your subconscious giving you a message or a lesson that you need, though. The advice you receive in a dream should always be taken seriously; however, it should not always be followed blindly.

It is possible for a self-judgment to take the form of advice, or for dream advice to detail an easier path that would not actually bring you to the goal you desire. It may also have to do with a recent choice about which you feel strong emotion, such as guilt. If the advice is unexpected and something you truly have not considered before, then be open to the possibility that it is a solution to a problem from your subconscious.

Additional Advice Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of giving or receiving advice is about making a stand in your real life. Giving advice can refer to a casual attitude towards a family problem. You may need to take this more seriously. Receiving advice is a clear message that you already know the answers. Listen to your intuition. Let your gut instincts guide you.

Receiving advice from someone in authority can mean you need to spend time in meditation to ask for guidance from the universe. A man dreaming of receiving advice is a sign someone needs to hear your sort wisdom. Giving advice to someone you know reminds you to have patience with someone who pushes your buttons. Giving advice to a stranger reminds that you should give them the best unbiased opinion you can.

Receiving advice from a lawyer warns there are friends you cannot trust. Giving advice to someone can also warn of a relationship break down in your real life. This can be with family, a friend, or a partner. Seeing good advice means you need to take immediate action for success. You may want others to appreciate you so you want to be the best person you can be. Receiving advice can also mean there is trouble in your life. This may be an attempt to intentionally mislead you. This can also warn that you are wrong about something or you could suffer a loss of some kind.

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  1. I had a dream of a Muslim priest giving me advice. I wanted to seek it multiple times a day in the dream and he would be very kind consistently giving me very wise words although I don’t remember them now.

  2. Hi I had a dream wherein I was walking and many people are telling me to be careful and they always wish me luck. What is the dream interpretation all about?

  3. I just had dream in which my crush’s friend is saying to me that ” I know you like him, you have to two more year. Just make a move towards him “

  4. oscar isaac and his partner gave me advice in a dream. they also comforted me. i had been crying at in this room full of people, including my flatmates and him and his partner happened to be there. i do believe it was a film screening. i got upset, ran out of the room and he and his partner followed me, acting very paternal/maternal towards me.

  5. Hey I had a dream today…. In my dream first I was talking to a child playing with him n then I found some of his bad habits and I suggested him not to do them…. Then I saw myself cry over how I wanted my life to be exact opposite of what it is now. I had tears in my eyes. Then dat very child consoled me and he gave me prashad (since I am Hindu we offer food to our God n after a while we eat that as His prashad or you can say His blessings) …. I don’t remember anything after that but I think I stopped crying after it…..

  6. I dreamt been advised.

    Am a married man, and after 2 months of my wedding, I dreamt seeing myself wandering about, found myself with some football players, i was trying to play the ball with them, but my legs or any part of my body did not touch the ball, then move on to found myself thinking of moving my office or my business from one half room to another place.

    In that dream I saw like there was a building seems to belong to a known person, though part of it are not in used, and I was thinking of looking for the owner to speak him in order to move my company into it, leaving there I found myself with some people in a white garment church, it was like am looking for my wife, not really know what my wife went there to do because in real life, my wife will not go to a white garment church.

    And someone in white raiment told me thus “pray for your own wife, all the women you have been with are a deceiver” and I wanted to voice out that she was lying, but I don’t know what caused me not to talk, and I left there, from there I woke up.

    But I don’t understand, after waking, I now remember two things,

    1. During my courtship with my wife she said if she did not conceive in time, hope I won’t stop loving her?
    2. And I inquired after some days later that she has aborted in the past, and that how many times, and she said yes she has but just once.

    Please someone that understand this should advice me better in this wake world.

  7. A had a dream long ago that I couldn’t forget. There was a man, we were in the same room, he was looking out of the window at the red planet. He said something about after him winning or finishing something he would give me this planet (red planet).
    And then he turned to walk towards me and asked if “they” have been feeding me properly. Then his hand reached to my belly and made circular motions to it. While he did that, I was feeling warm and fuzzy and I woke up still feeling like that. I didn’t know a dream could do that. And I don’t think I have felt that way before.
    I would like to know if there is something you could tell me about this dream.

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