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Advertisement – If you dream that you are placing an advertisement, it means that you will need to work outside your comfort limit to reach your goals. You may need to ask others for help or perform tasks that you would not usually agree to. If you dream that you are looking at advertisements, this is a subconscious message about a factor that is currently missing in your life.

To dream about advertisements for food indicates a need for stability. Advertisements for transportation symbolize a feeling that you cannot achieve your goals on your own. Advertisements for entertainment paraphernalia indicate that there is some unidentified lack, often relationship- or spirituality-related, which you have not identified yet, and perhaps are actively trying to prevent your subconscious from noticing.

advertising dreamThe goal of any advertisement is to sell a product or a service so if you see an ad in a dream it may be reminding you that you need to focus on selling yourself better to others. The type of ad you see is often a reflection of how you see yourself. If you see a shady advertisement that is selling false hopes and dreams, your sub conscious mind could be telling you that you need to stop deceiving others about your objectives and goals.

If the advertisement is very clear and concise, convincing you in the dream then it means you have set clear goals and objects for yourself in your waking life. An advertisement that is confusing often means that you don’t have a clear outline on your ambitions in life.

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