Adultery Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Adultery Dreams – A dream about adultery is an indication of betrayal or insecurity in a relationship. It could also indicate a fear that you are not as trustworthy as you would like to believe yourself. It may be a subconscious revelation that you are not treating someone as you should, or are not as attached to that person as you would like to believe yourself.

It may also indicate a state of dissatisfaction with your circumstances and a feeling that things would be better if you could simply get away from the things and people that you feel confine you. Finally, it may be an indication that a relationship is toxic or harmful to you, and that you need to examine whether you have given someone in your life power to make you feel inferior.

Adultery Dream Symbols

Dreaming of having an adulterous affair symbolizes unrequited sexual desires. It can also signify betraying yourself. Have you done something that you do not believe in? Maybe you have committed an illegal offense or a criminal act and are being eaten up inside with guilt. Are you having trouble forgiving yourself? Do you now find yourself in an awkward situation in your waking life? There is no point blaming yourself over and over again Learn the lesson and move on.

Seeing yourself enjoying sex with a stranger indicates your own self-doubt. Maybe you struggle with being consistent with your own values and what you mean by integrity. Do you wonder if others find you worth loving? Seeing your partner committing adultery, and it makes you angry, can mean there is someone attacking your relationship from within. Look to those who are close to you to discover the truth.

Dreaming of being someone’s mistress is a sign of your insecurities within a relationship with the one that you love. It can also signify you are stressed out about something you are expecting to arrive or happen. Watching yourself resist adulterous advances in a dream can mean you are struggling with your sexuality. It can also mean you will find the solution to the current trouble in your life.

When you dream of being in an adulterous relationship and you are in love with this person, though they are not you partner, signifies you need to openly express the truth of who you are. Have you been suppressing your truth for fear of being judged harshly by others? It is a time to express your feelings to the one you love.

Dreaming your partner is cheating on you can mean you feel they are taking you for granted. Do you feel ignored? Do you feel you do not get the attention you deserve? Maybe this is a good time for you to initiate some quality time to spend together.

An adulterous dream can mean your self-esteem is low. Do you feel as if you cannot measure up to others’ expectations? Maybe you are starting to fall out of love with your partner as they cannot meet your needs.

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